The Children of Genesia

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Erica ordered Leila to wait and knocked. The boys had continued their way and the corridor was now blissfully empty. Leila pressed her body to the wall as Erica had told her to. The grey stones felt rough and chilly against her skin. Her mouth was dry and her heart still raced with shame and fear.

Erica stepped inside the spacious room. Class A welcomed her with cheers and whistling.

“Erica.” The boy who had been casually lounging on the window sill, gracefully jumped off and postioned himself at the centre of the others. He seemed taller than the rest of them, and though the others all oozed confidence and charisma, this one was the diamond among shiny treasures of gold.

“Boys.” Erica smiled widely. “And it is still ‘miss’ for you too, Cayden.”

“And here I thought I was special”, he joked. “What’s the big news, Miss E?”

“I heard you all did well on your final trials. Congratulations.”

The class exchanged grins and shoulder claps. Someone rubbed Cayden through his messy black spikes. Cayden returned the congratulatory gesture with a friendly punch in the arm. He fixed his gaze back on Erica.
“Did we win a price, Miss E?” A sly little smile played on his lips.

“As a matter of fact, you did,” Erica replied cheerfully, “but there’s only one, so you’ll have to share among the seven of you.”

Leila shifted uncomfortably against the wall as Erica came back out to fetch her.

“Come along, Cunt.” Erica commanded.

Leila had a dreadful idea of what awaited her inside the room and hesitated. Erica moved up behind her and pushed her hard against the stones.
“Move, or I will let them have you here in this hallway for everyone to see.”

Leila’s felt her heart throb in her throat as she realised there was no way out.
“Yes, Milady”, she whispered.

Erica released her, and Leila moved slowly towards the door. Her trembling hand pushed it open. Seven teenage boys clapped and cheered as she entered the room. Erica beckoned Cayden. She spoke loud enough for all to hear, but to him specifically.
“This is a loan. I have use for it. Bring it back to me beyond repair and I will personally ensure your 17 year old cocks never rise to the occasion again.”
The threat was more for the others’ benefit, but she trusted Cayden make sure Leila physically remained in a reasonable state.
“You have untill sundown”, she said to the group.

Cayden accompanied Erica to the door.

“I want her back tomorrow morning at the latest. She’s yours alone for the night if you want her. Congratulations, Cayden. Your trial was the best we’ve seen in years.”

Cayden looked quite pleased with himself.
“Thank, Miss E.” He gently kissed Erica’s cheek.

Cayden stood before Leila and pointed at the others one by one.
“Jonas, Elliott, Ryann, River, and the twins are Corran and Key. My name is Cayden. What name did Erica give you?”

Leila remained silent.

“I think you better speak”, Cayden said. “The twins are particularly allergic to disobedience.”

“Cunt”, Leila said softly.

Cayden turned his back to his classmates and leaned in close to Leila, his hand resting on the back of her neck.
“I am here to make sure they don’t kill you. What’s your real name?”

Leila whispered it to him.

“Alright, Leila. Whatever you do, don’t try to get away.” Cayden faced the group again. “Begin.”
The group slowly circled Leila, except for Cayden, who had once more positioned himself comfortably in the open window and carefully observed the situation. Jonas was the first to touch her. His hand slowly moved down her spine. He stopped behind her and pulled her long hair back, removing the last illusion of protection from her chest. His hand clasped around her neck as the other pulled her hips back against the bulge in his trousers.
“Take a look at those perky tits, guys”, Jonas snickered.

Corran and Key looked at one another and took to stroking a nipple each.
“Let’s get that cunt wet!” Key shouted to the rest of the group. He turned his head to Leila. “No fun in fucking a dry cunt, love. You’ll thank us later.”
He twitched her nipple hard and Leila squealed. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she kept her eyes fixed on Cayden, the only insurance for her safety Erica had left behind. In her mind she begged him to stop them. She thought he looked almost worried.

Cayden watched as his brothers held a race to see who could make Leila orgasm. The honor was River’s. He saw her break down completely as her body betrayed her through the wave of contractions forced on her. He heard her scream as River bent her over the desk and took the first turn savagely raping her. He almost felt sorry for the girl. Corran moved around the desk, pulled Leila’s head up and pressed against her lips. Leila struggled and refused to open her mouth. He held her nose until she gasped for air, and thrust into her mouth. Leila choked. He slapped her hard as he repeatedly burried himself at the back of her throat. She couldn’t breathe and started gagging.

Cayden leapt forward and pushed Corran back.
“Do you want her to suffocate, Corr?” he reprimanded him.

Corran shot Cayden a foul look. Outside, the sun set over the ocean.

“Enough!” Cayden bellowed.

The group instantly let go of Leila, who remained limply whimpering over the desk. Cayden ordered them out. One by one the boys trickled out of the room, back to their quarters. Cayden helped Leila up. He cupped her face and searched her eyes. She noticed his were deeply charcoal.

“Let’s clean you up”, he murmured. He set Leila down on a chair and removed his shirt. He gently tugged her arm. “Up.”

Leila absently raised her arms and felt the soft cotton kiss her skin as Cayden pulled the shirt over her head. Her tears crashed in harder than before and she convulsed uncontrolably with violent sobs. Cayden hoisted her up in his arms and carefully carried her back to his chambers.

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