Claimed [Book 3 of Sacrifice Series]

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She was finally back to me but she wasn't truly mine. She was the Demon King's. But fear not, I'm coming to claim her. Soon, little soul, soon. "The words I wanted to say, And the words she wanted to throw, died with my mistake, But as this is the story of a sadistic and a stubborn, We might have time to change everything, before we all lost ourselves." I had finally found my fairy tale. When people's story ends in declaring their love, mine started there. When people dream of their soul mate, I feel nightmare. Cause she finally returned but this time with the demon king Xavier with no memory of us. So it's time to rewrite our story. It's time to reclaim my possession.

Fantasy / Thriller
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“Promise me everything will be alright,” I yelled out over the thunders that were covering our voices from each other. His face was filled with worry and concern but the emotion that shone in his red eyes the most was love.

Love for me.

For his Queen.

“I promise, love.” His hold on my hands tightened with the promise that was shaking from the power I was using.

“I’ll see you on earth, love.” Reaching for his hair, I titled his head to kiss him hard but felt nothing. No shiver or feel of his plump lips. I was numb; we were numb, void of any physical feelings.

“Go, Keira! The gate is closing!” He pushed me forward and watched me like a prey.

“We’ll meet again!” I promised and with a thunder, I was gone.

Everything has changed. I, Keira Deshayes am finally on earth. But then why does it feel like my heart is void? Why does it feel like a hollow when my fiancé Xavier is with me?

And most importantly why does it feel like I’m not truly a demon?

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