The Vampyre Legends

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Chapter 2

The air grew cool as Kane stood high on a hilltop looking down, the wind blowing his hair back in gentle waves as he looked down upon a house in the distance. In the air rang the echoes of children playing somewhere ahead.

“OK this can’t be right” Kane breathed quietly “I’ve been here before”

He moved up through the meadow and made his way down the hillside towards the house, the structure seemed to grow in size the closer he got, in truth it was more a mansion than it was a house. He noted the air had also gotten a little warmer, not that weather manipulation was beyond people like him, but this instance was as if the mansion itself controlled its own environment. His mind had become no more than a tangle of thought and emotion the closer he got the more jumbled his thoughts got; it seemed the mansion had some direct effect upon him. All the more reason to not be here he thought. The second distinct thought he had was this scene couldn’t be real, and yet in the same breath it felt as real as anything could.

“You would think after all this time people in the Everlands would have heard of a fence or a wall to keep unwanted guests out” he thought as he scanned the surroundings he was sure the treelines and high hills would provide a great sense of safety to those who lived here, the crackle of something almost majestic in the air told him any assault upon the mansion would, in the end be a bad idea.

Kane stood at the edge of a tree line; he now had a clear view of both the mansion ahead and the children that were now playing in front. The children looked very familiar to him; The problem with that was he couldn’t place why or even how he knew this place, it was a strange sensation that rippled through him now, even more disconcerting was the fact his mind was too jumbled for him to pluck the information he needed yet the scene in front of him was clear in every detail.

It was somewhere in that moment that the ice cold realisation set in, a figure emerged from the house and this one he knew well. The figure was around six feet in height, long silvery hair fell about his shoulders. His eyes a piercing emerald green, his face was long and drawn and yet handsome in the same respect, his face wrinkled with time and wisdom, he was wearing a long dark red cloak, which hung about him with an impressive posture. He was clearly a man of power and an intelligent one at that.

Kane took a moment to study the figure a few years younger than the man he knew but in that moment he was sure, the man ahead of him was Lord Ceremon, ahead of him with children was the most hated and feared man in the Everlands, leader of the Fifth Vampire Army.

“Time for dinner boys” Ceremon called

The boys all chorused ‘yes father’ and then tore off up into the house behind their father. Kane leant on the closest tree, the ice cold feeling in his stomach tightening. In that moment an even colder realisation set in, the rumours were beginning to make sense; it was also in these moments he remembered what had drawn him back to the castle.

Kane made his way to the fountain the flowed just beyond the edge of the trees placing his hands into the cool water scooping it up and wiping it down his face, the next thing he felt was been shoved aside as a man on horseback tore past.

“Good day sir, I do apologise for my haste” The man called as he and the horse vanished into the town, Kane scrambled quickly his mind hunting for the answer he so desperately needed, after a few seconds the awareness set in. This was Afranfield, the town he had been resting in before his return to the castle.

It took a moment to settle in but this was another twist to the odd dream he was having, he was unsure of the ultimate point of things, but aware enough to understand there was a deeper meaning to what was unfolding before him, he moved away from the well and made his way along the street.

“Good day Kane, I have finished the repairs to your blade, a fine piece of crafting to begin with, took a while to match, but I assure you in the heat of the moment, it will not fail you” The young man called from outside the blacksmiths

“Thank you William, I appreciate you taking the time” Kane replied as he took back his, a curt nod of thanks for the effort the craftsman had done for him “I know where I shall come for future repairs to my weapons”

“It’s no trouble Kane, be safe always my Lord” With that the young man made his way back into the blacksmiths shop, Kane looked over the blade a moment then returned it to its place along his back, even in a dream the feeling of control his weapon gave to him was worth the confusion he felt in this moment.

He made his way through the town and then into a small house, as he was about to close the door a hand caught it, “Pardon the intrusion Lord Kane but I bring news from Elvera, the Fifth plan to attack, Ceremon is preparing a full assault on the castle” it took a moment but Kane opened the door, the messenger a strange sort of fellow, looked exhausted as if he rode for some time without pause. Kane stepped back to allow the messenger to enter, this allowing him to close the door behind him and offer him a seat by the fire “Please, tell me everything you know”

Another moment saw another scene come to play, two young children locked in combat, blades flickered as they connected in a shower of sparks, the blonde child squealed in frustration before tumbling back into the dirt “You’re dead … again” The darker haired child crowed “It’s not fair you used magic” The blonde haired child snapped in reply “Father says that’s unfair” The blonde child sat and reached for his weapon then stood and took another stance “You must always watch your enemy Krys, but he is correct using magic is unfair,” Stated the silver haired man as he strode from the house “Kane you must be fair in combat, it’s one of the fundamental rules our family has held true to for many generations. Honour above all Kane, even if it means your life”

Kane stirred sitting bolt up the cold feeling still buried deep in his stomach as he looked to the storm that raged beyond his chamber windows. The only sound was the thunder in the night skies beyond the castle walls.

Kane made his way back to the main hall and settled beside the fire, the warmth allowing his mind to finally clear of the fog the dreams had created, before settling back to the reasons he had returned, the rumours that Elvera was in trouble.

“May I help you Sir” a young maid questioned as she made her way about her nightly duties

“No Alice I’m fine, just need time to clear my head” Kane replied, it was odd to think there were people still about at such an hour but that’s how the castle was, it was rare the castle was ever truly quiet “And a little warmth from home is helping”

“Yes milord forgive the intrusion” Alice replied with a gentle curtsey, though such things often irritated Kane it was tradition within the court

“No intrusion, as I keep reminding you” Kane replied with a soft smile, and with that she was on her way about her duties, Kane may have been forgiving but there were those who were far less forgiving. His attention now slipped back to the flames watching them as they danced in the fireplace, a subtle dance of amber light.

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