The Zodiac Veils - The Thirteenth Sign

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Helena - Chapter 4

It was a few days before Joseph came to see her again, he came with a tray of food balanced in his hand and a stack of books in the other.

'I thought you would need something new to read'

She knew he was trying to ignore their last conversation but she hadn't forgotten. For the last few days she had done nothing but think about it. She had to question her own feelings towards the thing. The fact that it was half hers changed a lot of things. She had wanted kids, she always wanted to be a mother. Pass her own knowledge and heritage, to teach a child in the ways of her kind. But that had all been taken from her when she was captured the first time and had to live a life on the run and in constant hiding. How can you have kids without having a man? Well the Directive had found a way around that little detail.

As her interactions with Joseph came more frequent she had grown to at least like him. He always did his best to try and make her forget the situation she was in. As well of the books he brought her general knowledge of the world outside. Earthquakes abroad, the latest movie, which celebrity was dating which celebrity and other scandals. She knew he was doing what he could and she appreciated him for it. She had to guess him at a few years older than her 26 maybe 27 but he can't have been much older. There was no grey hair, no wrinkles on his smooth face. He was never clean shaven but seemed to maintain a uniform length of what she supposed was called designer stubble. He had a small scar on the nape of his neck which she could only see when he leaned down to pick something up. On warmer days when he didn't wear his tie she could see a slight trail of hair beneath his shirt collar. But still every time he came in it was to do their work. Another test, another sample. Measuring her heart rate, cholesterol levels she was just a glorified lab rat.

She lay awake at night wondering what the other half might be. She very much doubted it would be human, why would it be human, the Directive had done all the testing they could on the human genome. They had their own labs working on unlocking human DNA and had managed to find out everything before the real scientists where even starting. She knew it had to be something else, a true cross breed. But how was that possible it was almost impossible for her kind to breed with another species as difficult as it would be to breed a cat and a dolphin. How had they managed it? She had to stop herself of thinking of the thing as a mongrel. A half breed, a mudblood she thought to herself but then recoiled. It might only be a made up words about a non-existent person but she knew better than to judge someone on their parentage. She had decided to stick with thing for the time being until she truly decided how she felt about it.

'I got you a selection thinks time, I managed to convince them that you dying of boredom wouldn't be good for their program' he heaved a pile of books onto the end of her bed.

She quickly glanced at the titles

Harry potter and the Philosophers stone, she read that one many years ago and almost laughed to herself in regards to her Mudblood thoughts.

Great expectations, she looked forward to trying to dull her thoughts with that one.

The Northern lights, she'd not heard of this one but liked the bright gold compass on the cover.

The Girl with all the gifts, this one made her snort, she was the girl with the gifts, well a gift for the Brothers anyway, it's all gift wrapped and ready in about 3 months.

She nodded her thanks to him and turned her attention towards the tray. She had to admit she was hungry, and constantly hungry. The thing seemed to have a high appetite. Grabbing the plastic fork she began to tear her way through chicken covered in some white sauce. Within minutes she had devoured it, barely touching the vegetables. She had no hunger for vegetables just meat. She refused to think what that might mean.

His father had joined in on a few occasions into her cell. He stood and watch as Joseph babbled on about nothing in particular trying to make her comfortable. General Doctor nonsense. Marcus saw how they would both steal glances at each other when the other wasn't looking and to an extent it amused him. But the sadness was more than he could bare. He guessed that's why he didn't like to visit the woman anymore. He knew her fate. He knew that regardless of how many sideways glances they gave each other nothing would ever happen. He wasn't even that sure if they knew themselves the way they looked at one another. They were just two young souls each on the wrong side of the fence never to come together and this saddened him. Since his wife had died and the hands of a drunk driver, he didn't think that Joseph would be happy again. Of course it had hurt him but Joseph seemed to take it so much more badly. But his wives death had seemed to spearhead Joseph into his work and completing his education. Deep down Marcus wondered whether the Directive had any hand in his wives death but he refused to let himself wonder down that dark path for fear where it would take him.

Marcus looked at the woman, her face had become gaunt and sallow, her skin seemed too grey and stretched over the contours of her face but somehow she still managed to remain beautiful. Actually he knew how. His level 7 clearance meant he was one of the few people who knew the true work the Directive did and he didn’t want to terrorise his son. He looked at her she seemed in good health, one thing that did bother him about her though was her stomach which was huge for her trimester. Where her shirt raised a little because of the size her could see the blue of her veins through her swollen skin. Like a fine network made even more shocking and visible by the contrasting pale skin. He rested his hand against hers feeling her cold skin.

Helena barley flinched at his warm touch. His hands felt so gentle and smooth to her. It sent a thrill of some long forgotten emotion through her body. She looked him square in the eye now and Marcus turned away and left the room, his hand replaced by Josephs. She turned to look at him and startled herself to find she was barley inches from his face. She could smell his breath on her cheek. For a second she looked into his eyes and knew he was truly sorry and then she cried. Huge rolling sobs of exhaustion, sorrow, anger and fear broke the surface. Her eyes streamed with tears accompanied by her silent wails. Her hair lay matted against her temples with sweat and her body trembled.

Unsure as to what to do he took her in his arms. He knew what needed to be done and at what cost. He felt her sigh and heave in his embrace and he leaned to whisper in her ear.

'Don't move and don't react, I can't let this happen anymore. I don't know how and I don't know when, but I will get you out of here'

With that he hugged her tight feeling her chest against his. He kissed her neck with such tenderness even he didn't know where it came from and he left them room.

The last she heard was the sound of the metal locking clicking into place.

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