The Zodiac Veils - The Thirteenth Sign

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Helena - Chapter 5

Andrea, in her heels stood behind him tapping her foot impatiently. She had that habit when she didn't like waiting and Marcus wasn't yet ready to sooth her impatience. He busied himself with more clipboards and charts until she finally gave in.

'Dr Braithwaite' she snapped

'Oh I'm sorry Andrea, I didn't see you there, and no glasses you see I’m forever losing them'

She looked at him with such bitter contempt.

'Do we have any idea how successful the transplantation is?'

'Well she's six months I would say it went pretty well Andrea, surely even you can see that'

He liked to wind her up, it was about the only fun he could get any more. He knew how they monitored him and his son at home so he pretty much spent his time thinking of ways to wind the woman up. It was his little hobby.

'You know full well what I meant Marcus, have the desired characteristics been produced?'

Unfortunately all scans have still been inconclusive, we are unable to take any samples from the fluid as we cannot penetrate the embryonic sac. Until the child is born we will know nothing'

Andrea huffed and left the room, before the door had swung shut his son came in. His face was pale and eyes wide.

‘Dad, I can't do it anymore. I can't keep going into her, in what 12 weeks they are going…to…kill…her.' He placed much emphasis on these final few words.

He'd known he son had developed feelings for the girl, he knew and expected for him to confess them. Living their lives they did, Joseph didn't come into contact with many other woman, and she was indeed beautiful, but all her kind were. He had watched the furtive glances Joseph gave her, the tender looks as he inserted needles into her skin to take blood samples. But he'd written it off as impossible no matter how much it would break his son’s heart.

'There's nothing we can do my boy, you know what happened to Genevieve and she was one of the best, they hunted her down, killed her and slaughtered her family, I mean a BBQ explosion.' He tutted shaking his head.

Joseph knew this but he still knew he needed to do something. He let the matter drop and they headed towards their room. Joseph slumped into the bathroom shoulders slouched. Marcus heard the shower burst into life. He poured himself a whiskey and sat back into his armchair.

The buzzer on the door went off, he got up to open the door but it opened on its own accord and Andrea Westwood bold as brass stormed into his home.

'What do you think you are doing woman?' her sudden appearance angered him.

'Need I remind you that I am in control of this program and I can go where I want Marcus'

'That still doesn't give you the right to charge into my house' his fury exploding and he slammed his whiskey down smashing the glass.

'I need better results Marcus this simply won't do, the Board of Directors are demanding more conclusive evidence'

'I can’t give you what I don't have, and there is not much more I can do without harming the woman' Marcus argued back. Whiskey poured down his hand mixed with a slight amount of blood. It tricked down his palm and the brown liquid had splattered his lab coat which he hadn't yet removed.

‘The little freak is meaningless, she's what six/seven months, I'm sure with our technologies we could deliver the baby right now, we have no need for her once this is all over' she sounded almost giddy at the thought and it made Marcus's stomach churn. Such disregard for life, such a lack of compassion.

'Regardless of what you think, It will be best for her to have the child until full term, not only will it ensure a strong child, but it will ensure that it has fully developed' he was having to think fast. It was true that they could probably remove the child now, but he couldn't think of what would then happen to the poor woman.

'Marcus you are testing my patience, do you need any more encouragement to work better, provide better results' her glare hit him head on.

She stormed across the room opened the door and stopped, spitting through clenched teeth she lowered her voice’

'Need I remind you we have our ways of getting what we what’. She turned away to leave then turned back her face distorted by a wicked grin, 'Oh Marcus I would cut back on the drinking, we wouldn't want a drunk at the wheel would we, we all know how that ends up'

The door slammed behind her and he couldn't catch his breath. Had she just said what he thought she said? A drunk driver, but it couldn't be. The gate flew open on the dark path in his mind that he had locked away. They had flown open and he was racing down them into the shadows.

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