The Zodiac Veils - The Thirteenth Sign

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Malachi - Chapter 2

Malachi sat at his desk, fingers pressed to his temples.


He ignored the intercom, it was only Theo. Reminding him for the third time that his fellow colleagues where ready for the weekly meeting. He told Theo on his return to the office not to be disturbed as he was feeling ill.

Beep. 'Sir, you might want to take this call'

'Who is it' he snapped back rather harshly.

'It’s Iain Charter sir' Theo’s slightly bored voice answered

Well this was unexpected. Iain rarely bothered him, not since Malachi had shown him the pictures of him and his secret toy-boy and threatened to take them to the press.

'Put him through' he barked through the intercom 'and then go home I have no need for you today'

He picked up the receiver composing himself.

'Ah, Iain to what do I owe this pleasure, how is Julia and the girls, well I assume, and little Justin, I gather he’s enjoying your little safe house'

'Don't start with me you son of a bitch Malachi'

'Dear, dear sir whatever is the matter' he could hear the own smugness in his voice. He'd known he couldn't be seen to out the leader as that would harm his own chances but a recent opportunity had arisen which he had leaped on.

'There are press swarming my house, questioning my wife on my expenses, on my second house'

Malachi simply smiled to himself. It had been a stroke of genius. Knowing the public’s outcry of MP's expenses, he had accidentally allowed an anonymous email to find its way to one of the papers in regards to Iain Charters secret second home, the home he shared with his toy-boy.

'I know you had something to do with this, and I will find out and I will crush you'

'Is that before or after your world crumbles around you, your job gone, your wife gone, your kids gone' he ticked them off his fingers as he went on, 'you will be a nothing, the constituents will want nothing to do with you, such a scandal, I have no doubt it will be in all the papers tomorrow'

'You bastard' was all he heard as he hung up the receiver not hearing the second receiver be placed down gently.

Feeling much better he stood and decided he would go to the weekly meeting, they always had such good coffee. He left his office taking his notes of Theo's desk. Whistling to himself he closed the office door.

Within the room, there was a stationary cupboard. No bigger that a closet it had a metal racking shelf unit on one side full of post it notes, printer cartridges, ball point pens and paperclips. Three huge water bottle sat on the floor in the corner ready for when the water cooler ran out. Perched on one the water bottles was Theo Gellar. His mobile lay in his palm as he quickly text the recent updates back to his true boss.

From [email protected]

To: [email protected]

The puppet has succeeded.


Malachi strode into the meeting room with such high spirits. He knew he was late and already missed the minutes of the last meeting but he felt like he was floating. His own rise to power was imminent.

'Good afternoon Mr Turner, so glad you could join us'

He turned to see Hillary Temple glaring at him. She had always been Iain’s number two and reminded himself to add her to the list of people he would fire once he was put in charge. She looked like a old pig in a bad wig. Grey curls clung to her plump face and looked like they were damp, more like too much hairspray. She appraised him with dark grey intelligent eyes. She had never like him, never taken to him and she was right to Malachi thought to himself, I’m going to take down this party from the inside and rise as the new leader. Hopefully stepping on that sows face on the way up.

'Afternoon Hillary, yes I am sorry for my untimely arrival, I was feeling rather unwell but I have received some rather good news which has somewhat cheered me up'

'Well it has to be better than Mr Charters' Elaine Cromwell piped up, 'dirty old dog'

A ripple of amusement swam around the office.

Acting as nonchalant as he could he pushed her for an explanation?

'Haven't you heard Iain's been having an affair, he's got a secret home and everything and he's been charging it all to his expenses, the public’s going to tear him a new one, I always knew he was a funny one, didn’t I say Lara, didn’t I say it’s the eyes, untrustworthy eyes, too close together'

He starred at her with what he hoped was shock on his face. But Elaine and gone into a full blown conversation with Lara about never trusting a man who plucks his eyebrows.

'An affair, how has he managed to keep two women on the go?’ he asked out loud.

This time a giggle circled the table as the younger members looked at him with wide grins.

'Not another woman, it's a man' Elaine sat back leaving everyone to feast on this piece of tasty gossip. She liked being the first in the know.

Malachi decided to add her to the keep list, even though he knew it first. It always handy having someone else know the gossip, plus she spared him from having to reveal it. He also knew she had a thing for Theo but he suspected Theo batted for Iain's team. But then again Theo didn’t seem interested in anyone. Maybe he was just a professional, like himself. Too busy for matters of the heart and focussed on the task in hand. Yes he would absolutely keep Theo on. A man after his own morals.

'Well the does give us something to do' he mused aloud. 'We are no doubt going to have to find ourselves a new leader

Murmurs of admiration began to flow,

'It will be you surely'

'The public love you'

'No doubt about it'

With his best bewildered look on his face he stared out across the room. It had fallen into place better than he could have hoped. Through the see of smiling faces and compliments he could see it everything settling out before him. Only the dark thunder cloud that was Hillary Temple seemed to mar his bright political future.

Malachi rode the wave over the following months. He won the title of local MP and now resided in the position he felt he deserved. He hadn't heard from the Brothers since his last meeting. The thought of the metallic smell of the blood that hung in the air still gave him chills. The first morning when he had stepped into his new office as local MP he found a simple tall glass vase with flowers. Not noticing the woman sat in the corner he took the card from the flowers. Hillary coughed a pathetic little cough to make herself known and Malachi with a slight jump span round to face the grey woman. Yes that was an apt description for her. Not quite the Iron woman, strong and unyielding but the grey woman. A poor replica. Grey hair, grey tweed jacket over a pair of grey trousers. Grey looking skin, grey eyes and a grey personality to match. She sat on a chair in the corner crossed legged bouncing one leg off her other. With a look of pure hatred she stood slowly and walked over the prominent desk in front of the window and she had handed him a sealed envelope. Instantly knowing what it was he grinned, no not grinned he smirked at her and thought that it couldn't get any easier.

'I know you had something to with Iain's downfall and I can't work for a piece of scum like you, you might have everyone else fooled but not me, and not whoever sent you them flowers either, don't you know what amaryllis's and dahlias represent'

She threw him a dark look and stormed out of the office, her grey curls bounced with her walk.

A quick google search brought his elevated mood down somewhat. Amaryllis's meant success in a new job. After sifting through a few pages he knew what the message was, dahlias symbolised a warning. He looked at the card from the flowers, knowing what would be there, a lightning bolt and an arrow crosses within a circle.

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