The Zodiac Veils - The Thirteenth Sign

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Helena - Chapter 6

Her voiced echoed in his mind,

'We have our ways of getting what we want.'

Was she just admitting to what he thought she was or was she trying to scare him. But he didn't even have to think he knew what she meant. He had always had the little voice inside telling him that they had something to do with it but he refused to even entertain the idea. The thought of it scared him and sent a chill down his old bones. He knew they were capable of this kind of thing. Everyone had heard about Genevieve leaving and then mysteriously vanishing. Everyone also heard how her sister had kicked up a huge fuss and then, such a tragic affair. It seemed the whole family where caught up in a gas explosion at a BBQ. It was all over the papers but it stopped the family asking questions as there was no one else to ask them.

But had they really caused the accident. His dear sweet Lizzy, his soul mate. Even the 10 years that had passed didn’t make the pain go away he had simply got better at hiding it. Taking out his wallet he stared at the picture of the bright warm brown haired woman in her white wedding dress. The large white meringue gown, large ruffles sleeves, the train which she had demanded to be as long as possible. A radiating smile which you couldn’t help but smile back at her. Her one blue eye, one brown eye. It had been what first made him talk to her at the dance all those years ago. Such an interesting feature. Heterochromia iridium he had told her and they spent the rest of the night dancing.

His own smile faltered. Those monsters! He had no doubts really, he never had he just choose not to think about it. Of course they had caused the accident, the logistics would have been simple for them. Easy enough to stage. He had found out some truths a number of years back and set about to destroy the Directive, even started a fire but then they found a way to subdue him, it would have been simple for them to control the broken man and his young son. His blood began to rage. He could feel his cheeks flushing and tugged at his collar. How dare they play God in this way, taking lives, capturing, torture, no enough was enough!

Hammering on the bathroom door he shouted to his son, 'get ready we’re going out for a drink.'

They sat in a booth in the corner of a local pub. A pint stood in front of each of them. Joseph didn't usually drink, not since his mother’s death, but he knew something was bothering his father so didn't want to upset him.

'I’m through with it all Joe' he whispered in hushed tones. He still didn't trust them not to be following. That's why he choose this place. It had karaoke and some sad bastard was murdering what sounded something like Bruno Mars. They wouldn't be able to hear over that racket.

I've seen the way you look at the girl, just tell me now, do you have feelings her'

His father’s brown eyes stared at him, he looked rather whimsical. His eyes gleaming.

Looking into his pint he answered. 'Yes’ in a small muted voice but then quickly trying to justify himself. 'I can stop it, I'll push it away I'll stop going to her, I get reassigned'

'No son' his father’s voice was stern, 'once you have made a connection with someone you should never let them go, you must do whatever it takes to make that person happy.' He thought of how he had told Lizzy that her eyes meant that she had a mutated gene and thought the scene in a recent film he had scene which made him laugh. From that day on he knew that he wanted to be with that woman and would have and did do anything possible to keep that beautiful smile on her face.

He looked at his father in shock, 'but how can I, it's not like we can just stroll out of the place hand in hand is it?'

'That’s exactly what you are going to do my boy' and he downed his pint.

They spent the remainder of the night plotting ways they could help Helena and escape the Directives compound, but the more pints they drunk the more absurd their plans became. One issue the kept coming up though, no on matter what plans they concocted, what about his father? Even if they could succeed in getting him and Helena out, what about his dad. His father stared him in the eyes.

'Hic, my boy I would do anything for you, hic, b but we need to face facts, if you escape they will kill me anyway, hic. I want you to have the life I didn't, to grow old, protect her, look hic after her I can’t come with yous I would only slow you down boy'

His father swam out of focus and back again, his vision doubling, 'but you can't dad, I need you'

'And she hic needs you me boy, don't worries about me, I know I'm doing the right things, and I'll be with your mother again... No no don't try and stop me, I need to do this, I can'ts let you continue working for them, I can see it cr crushing hic you in side. Don't worry I have a Walter White up my hic sleeve.'

He looked at his father who was willing to sacrifice himself for him. To help him escape the Directive and their tyranny. He looked at the old man seeing parts of his own face back, the same shaped eyes, slightly protruding ears. His vision was still blurred but he was sure he was crying.

'I love you dad'

'And I love you my boy'

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