The Zodiac Veils - The Thirteenth Sign

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Eleanor - Chapter 9

She woke up, she didn't know how much later. She must have exhausted herself as she had passed out not moments after to tears had begun. Mr Constavalos stood at the window peering through the net curtains.

She looked around the room more closely now. Each jar on the shelves held, from what she could tell was dirt and sand, but in so many colours, reds, browns, greens, blues. She tried to read a few of the nearest books but their spines had warped and faded, the words she could see weren't in English. The small coffee table was clustered with strange artefacts. A huge round glass paperweight held down old browning parchments. A pack of playing cards covered in strange pictures lay spread across what space there was. A few delicate metal instruments seemed to move of the own accord releasing small plumes of green smoke which reflected back in the glass orb. Above the fire place stood against the mantelpiece where thirteen small frames. Recognising a few of the pictures she tried to figure out the rest. She could see the Roman numeral for two, the number 69 and what looked like a letter m with a tail. But she didn't know what the rest where.

Mr Constavalos turned as her movements caused the old chair springs to creek.

His warm face smiled at her with such affection it troubled her.

'Don't worry child' her told her reading her expression. 'You are safe with me, your mother trusted me'

'What do you know about my mother, you've never spoken' and she realised she sounded more aggressive than she would have liked.

'Let me assure you Paidi mou, you are safe no harm can come to here, and no one can sense, smell of find you within these walls, it's only a shame I can’t re-extend the charms to the whole building' this last part seemed more to himself that to Eleanor.

'It seems that all this time your mother has shielded you, but it's now time you know the truth, it's only a pity that I shall be the one to tell you and not her'

She didn't like the sound of this, what did this strange man know about her. He stood in grey trousers and a brown woollen tank shirt jumper thing claiming to know about her mother and her. What surely could he know about her?

'I’m leaving' she announced standing.

'I can't let you do that little Ellaitsa, it's not just for your safety, but for us all'

She looked at him again, was he crazy, he made it sound like it was some film script. But then again was it so crazy, after the last few days she wasn't so sure. The bird with the eyes, her healed hand, her mother’s abduction, the strange police woman on the phone.

He knees buckled and she collapsed back onto the armchair whose springs groaned in protest of her sudden decent.

He came to sit opposite and picked up the playing cards. Shuffling the deck expertly between his fingers he began to assure her.

'Don't worry, they did return but found nothing and left. They do now know of your existence child. They found your room, they have your things, and they have confirmed that you are the child they are seeking.'

'What do you mean seeking, cloaked? I need some answers'

'You will child you will, I will read your cards then explain all you need to know.'

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