The Zodiac Veils - The Thirteenth Sign

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Helena - Chapter 11

It seemed to take her forever to dry her hair with the little wall mounted hair dryer, but she looked at least half respectable. It was now her turn to do his hair. She held the clippers and began to remove his thick dark hair. After they had finished they stood I front of the mirror, her bright red hair made her skin look even paler. She had complained that pregnant woman weren't supposed to dye their hair but under the circumstances she thought it best. His closely cropped hair made him look less like a scientist and a lot more rugged. He had removed his glasses and had put in contacts. She did have to admit they did look very different.

He took in a deep breath bracing himself, 'Helena, if we are to continue together there are a few things we need to talk about, some truths we need to get out in the open, from both of us.'

She looked at him and stared, she knew he was right, plus she had too many questions. She nodded, that seemed to be her default setting at the moment. Full of questions but unable to ask them. He led her back to the bed where they both sat. His bath robe wrapped around his body and hers barley covering her stomach.

'I think its best we start from the beginning.'

She nodded again and realised. That meant she would have to go first.

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