The Zodiac Veils - The Thirteenth Sign

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Malachi - Chapter 4

Malachi sat in his office with his things packed up in to the brown cardboard box that sat on his now empty desk. The speech had gone swimmingly and he had the confidence of almost the entire party. They simply lapped up his words and he had them in the palm of his hand. He was making history as their youngest party leader. He didn't have the full 100% but 91% was by no means too shabby. He grinned as he remembered his dismount from the stage. The feeling of euphoria was something that he liked and that he wanted more of. He couldn't go back to being that snivelling little boy crying because he got pushed in the water. He didn't want to be the boy who was ignored by his own mother as she wanted to keep up appearances. He wanted to be in charge. To be in control. To be the one giving the orders and thanks to last night that was now him. He could still hear the cheers and cries, the hands that clapped him on the back in congratulations. The people determined to shake his hand and wish him all the best, telling him he was the right man for the job. But he already knew that, beside his dubious motives he was the only clear candidate for the job. He was in charge and come the next elections he was the contender for prime minister and he loved the rush of even saying it. Prime minister. It had such a ring to it that filled him with pride and power. He was to run his campaign on the public’s fear of losing their national identity. In the current climate he knew he could spin anything to his advantage. Corruption within the government, the Brothers provided help on information about that. Immigration being at an all-time high under the current prime minister, the lack of jobs, a rise in taxes yet massive spending cuts. He could see the path before him right now and it ended with him at the top. Then once he was in a position to do something he could finalise the Brothers plans.

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