The Zodiac Veils - The Thirteenth Sign

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Eleanor - Chapter 11

Eleanor's head was swimming. Surely he hadn't just told her what she thought she had heard. She must have banged her head, she had concussion or something, and she was in shock. That’s it she was in shock. She stared at him in disbelief and all he did was look back at her.

'So your saying I'm a mermaid' her voice full of incredulity

'Yes my child that is what you are' he said it in such a manner of fact voice. As if he had just told her it was raining or the sky was blue.

He had told her his story, how her mother had sought him out many years ago whilst bearing a child and begged for his protection. She had turned up on his doorstep cold and alone with nothing to her name but a locket and a heavy stomach. She had heard of his existence and need all the protection she could get.

'But why you, assuming all this is true and I really am Ariel or something, no offence but you’re just an old man'

'My child appearances are not always what they seem.' His voice full of amusement. 'Surely from what I have told you, you must believe that there is more in this world. I am what you might call an oracle, that is a guide to the mystical.'

Her mouth fell open. She'd heard of oracles in films but to be told that this old man was one was pushing it, even if he did believe she was a mermaid. He head was spinning. Her mother had been kidnapped by god knows who. She was supposed to believe that she was a mermaid and now there are such things as oracles.

'So if I'm a mermaid and you’re an oracle, 'what was my mother?' She had to ask in whispered tones.

'She too was a mermaid my child. And to be precise you are part mermaid.'

'If I'm a mermaid where's my tail.' The words spilled from her mouth before she even had time to think about them. He smiled at her.

'Ah modern children. You are all too focused on TV. Mermaids do not exist as you are led to believe. Mermaid do not sit on rocks and sing at passing ships, well not anymore, they do not have tails of which to speak, but you do have magical shall we say' and he waved his hand 'characteristics'

'Magical characteristics' she quoted him. 'What do you mean magical characteristics?' He smiled at her. He picked up the saucer of tea in front of him and took a small sip. Then without warning he threw the contents towards her. The semi warm liquid hit her full in the face and she screamed, blinking the tea out of her eyes.

'Are you bloody mad' she a said sweeping her wet fringe out of her eyes in time to see him ready to throw her own cup at her. She threw her hands up to shield her face and braced herself but nothing came. She gingerly opened her eyes to see she was coving her own face with her hands. Cautiously she moved them away and saw what looked like a small sheet of coloured glass inches from her face. The brown glass appeared to move and ripple, she could see Mr Constavalos smile through it. Without any warning the brown sheet dropped from mid-air and covered the table between them. The liquid dripping off his tarot cards and seeping over the edges onto the wooden floor.

'You see child, you are a child of the water, you can bend and control it, with practice or provocation that is.'

This was too much. What the hell was going on?

'I can see you have many questions my child and I will do my best to answer them honestly.'

She didn't know where to begin, but there was one thing she needed to know.

'Who took my mother' her determination was written all over her face.

'Alas Paidi mou, the first question you as is one that I don't think I can answer, all I can say is that I believe it is the Directive.'

'W what's the directive?' her words stumbling to find their way out of her mouth.

His face turned grim and she knew that whatever it wasn't it wasn't good, but she already knew that.

'The Directive my child is an agency whose sole purpose is to round up any mystical beings and well take all they can from them'

'Take all they can, her voice once again a whisper.

'Yes Paidi mou, experiment, extract and take all they can for their own financial gain. I do believe that they are responsible for a number of medical advancements in recent years all at the expense of some poor souls.'

'If you’re saying that they do medical testing on mermaids, why doesn't anyone know? Why doesn't the government stop them?'

He looked at her through sorrowful eyes, 'my child, it is the government doing it?

And there it was, her mother was some lab rat for the government to do as they pleased with.

'No that can't be true, they've banned animal testing for god’s sake and you’re telling me that there are secret labs with mermaids in cages.'

He nodded at her with a slow movement of his head.

Her mind raced trying to place her questions in the right order for her to ask.

'So if I'm a mermaid, and you’re an oracle, does that mean that all the rest exist, vampires, and werewolves and, and angels?'

Her question hung heavy in the air between them. The realisation that a world full of magical creatures was something she couldn't wrap her head around.

'Heavens child no, vampires, there are no such thing. There are a few creatures that do however feed off blood, but not human. But the other two yes.'

She had to do a double take. 'Angels exist?' Her voice barley a whisper for a third time.

'Yes child, but not exactly angles, they are called Seraphs, and you shall be meeting on very soon, I summoned her while you were sleeping. There is a lot more you need to know and I will need help to fill in the gaps.

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