The Zodiac Veils - The Thirteenth Sign

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Helena - Chapter 14


If you are reading this than I can only guess that you made your escape. Well done my boy I knew you could do it. Please don't worry about me, I know what I'm doing and I do it for you. I can no longer let you work for these monsters. You asked me why now, well I believe they killed your mother. They used her death to warn me and envelop you into their system. I couldn't let you carry on working here for these psychopaths. They are no longer after answers, all they want is power and they will do anything they can to get it. All these experiments they have conducted on those poor creatures is sickening and I won't have it any more. I can only hope that your escape and my fire will destroy everything they have tried to build. You will probably have noticed by now that I have transferred my savings to your account and only hope that you withdraw it soon so they can't trace you.

I paid the price for letting you work here and I should have tried harder to stop you. But now my death will set you free. Don't trouble yourself over this my boy. I have never been a God fearing man but I know that I will be with your mother once again and we will both look over you and watch out for you from wherever we maybe. Just knowing that I will see Lizzy again lifts my heart and my soul yearns for her.

You made me a promise and I want you to keep it. I have seen how you look at the girl, and how she looks at you. I lost my love, now protect yours with all your heart. You must be ready to do anything for that girl as there is going to be a whole load of obstacles for you to overcome. I have done everything I can for you my son.

Be safe my boy. I will always love you.


A tear ran down Helena cheek. She didn't know. How could she? What Marcus had done for her and for countless others? Who knows how many others they had experimented on? That's why Joshua had left her. He knew what his father had done and it pained him to be the reason for his father’s death. He truly had left the Directive and wanted her. She needed to let him know about his letter.

She looked at the other page she held in her left hand. As she read it her right hand covered her mouth in shock and she had to sit back down on the bed. She felt bile rise in her throat. The utter twistedness of it all, so barbaric and horrifying. If what Marcus was saying was true then, well it wasn't worth thinking about.

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