The Zodiac Veils - The Thirteenth Sign

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Helena - Chapter 15

By the time Joshua came back to the room the afternoon sun was flooding through the window. Helena had eaten the junk food that was packed into the rucksack but hadn't wanted to venture out of the room and she was starving. He handed her a plastic container.

'There's a small Chinese in the village down the road'

Despite how hungry she was she needed to apologise to him. He fiddled with a corner of the bed sheets his back turned to her and his head hung low. She tried to stand but found she had to rock herself back and forth to get up. God damn baby.

She froze, she'd called it a baby. This realisation hit her hard. Despite what they had done to her this was her baby. She would do whatever it took to protect it and keep it safe. She didn't want this child to have anything to do with any of the mess they had gotten themselves into. No mythical creatures, no Directive and no danger.

Shaking her head she shuffled over to Joshua. She rested one hand on his shoulder gingerly unsure if he would pull away. Instead he grasped her hand and cupped it in I his own.

'I’m not sure what I feel for you but I know that I wouldn't hurt you, you know that don't you.'

He looked up at her, eyes red from crying. His face was full of such sincerity that she knew he was telling the truth. He kissed her hand and held it too his cheek.

'I found this' she croaked, her own emotions getting the best of her. She handed him the letter from his father and watched him read it. His shoulders shook slightly but he managed to keep it together.

'Why didn't you tell me what your father had done for us' Helena asked him.

In a quiet voice he told her 'I just couldn't stand to think of what he had done. But if now he's saying that they killed my mum I'm glad the place burnt to the ground. After I'm done they'll be nothing left.'

'No!' She shrieked rather quickly and he looked at her in shock.

'I want it over, I don't want them coming after me anymore. I want this child to grow up normally, or as normal as it can. No werewolves, no mermaids, no Seraphs, no powers or the Directive. No more being chased or looking over our shoulders. I know what they did and what it has cost but we can't run forever. I can barely walk at the moment.'

He smiled at her knowing that she was right. They had to live as normally as they could. He wanted the same, he wanted to build a life with her. Raise this child. He knew they couldn't have more, she was a mermaid and he was human. The thought of a family with her was enough. But it wasn't enough, not at all, a small voice inside him didn't just want the happy life it wanted revenge. It wanted to find and twist and hurt and punish the people who had caused all this heart ache. But he also knew that he couldn't tell her this.

Sitting on the chair in front of the dresser she ate her Chinese food, fried pork, while Joshua went through the plan. He had rented a small apartment in the city. They could hide out there. He told her it was better to hide in plain sight. If and when they did come looking for them they would first try all the small back water places. And if they did come to the city, it was huge, there were millions of people. He'd already seen the money his dad, the wonders of mobile banking, and had already withdrawn it the previous day. He had also used this to arrange some new ID. He told her they were to meet a rather dodgy guy tomorrow evening to pick up new passports and documents. Whilst chewing on a gristly piece of meat she looked at him and wondered. Why was he doing this for her? He could have just walked away once they had left. There was nothing tying him to her. She was a fugitive mermaid pregnant with a half werewolf baby. God even she had trouble wrapping her head around that. He really must have feelings for her. She had wondered whilst in her cell had she imagined the slight glances she had caught from him. But with his charts and apartments and money and passports, god the amount of effort he had put into this whole thing. She couldn't doubt his feelings for her. But would he stay around when he sees what this baby looks like? Would he still want to be part of their family? Come to think of it. How do you out even begin to start a family in these circumstances? She was eight months pregnant with another man’s baby. They were on the run, they couldn't just go to the local Italian on a date. One thing going she did know was that with everything this man had sacrificed she wasn't going to let him go. That's why she wasn't going to give him the second letter from the envelope.

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