The Zodiac Veils - The Thirteenth Sign

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Eleanor - Chapter 14

Eleanor just looked at them. Not quite sure what to do with that information. They looked at her as if they expected her to bow but all she wanted to do was laugh. Laugh at the absurdity of everything that had gone on, laugh at all that she had been told. But she also wanted to cry. Cry for her mother.

'Hold on.' she said. 'How can my mother be Pieces, she was born in June. She's a Gemini.

They both smiled at her.

'It is a human condition to assign a zodiac based on your birth.' Mr Constavalos told her.

'You see Eleanor' Astrid added. Your zodiac is defined by your species. Well that's the way it is for us, and each species portrays characteristics of their zodiac.'

She spoke in such a way that Eleanor felt like she was being taught her a b c's again and that it was preposterous that she didn't already know. But why would she know, her mother had never told her any of this and protected her from it all. She didn't want to be the thirteenth sign. She didn't want to be having a conversation with and angel or a satyr. She just wanted her mother to tell her everything was going to be ok.

'And what about my mother?' Eleanor asked.

They both looked at each other with grim expressions. Eleanor didn't like that look.

'If the Directive have her Paidi mou, there is not much we can do.'

'No' she shouted, 'no that's my mother you're talking about. I can't just leave her. They'll experiment on her, torture her.'

'Eleanor' Astrid added, 'we have no way to even know where they are taking her and if we did, how could we even try to get her out?'

'She escaped before, you said yourself'

'Be that as it may she....'

Eleanor didn't give her time to finish.

'You said I'm the thirteenth sign, you said I have powers, I'm the most powerful. If it's me they want they can have me I can't just do not thing.'

'We can't let you do that child. You are a far more important than you know and your mother would say the same thing.'

'Don't you tell me what my mother would say' she could feel her temper surging. Swelling within her. 'I’m going to save my mother and I'm going to destroy the Directive with or without your help'

Astrid looked to Mr Constavalos. 'I was afraid you would say that.'

'Ah Paidi mou, I'm an old man, I'm not sure what kind of help I can give you.'

'Eleanor, if you are sure that this is what you what, then we are honour bound to help you. Zodiacs law dictates that we must assist when required by another Zodiac. And we all have a few scores to settle with the Directive.'

'So what do we do? Where do we go now?' Eleanor's anticipation consumed her.

'First we must meet with the Zodiac leaders' Smiled Astrid.

They left Mr Constavalos flat after he had assured them that it was safe. Eleanor wasn't sure what she should expect. Some kind or chariot or at least a grand car. But no, like her expectations or the angel before she had arrived she was totally surprised. By the curb outside the building was Astrid's car. A small blue, very beat up Honda civic. The bonnet wasn't quite the same shade of blue as the rest of the car and the rear wheel arch was red. The back bumper looked to be hold on by string and a small rust hole in the passenger rear door certainly wasn't what Eleanor expected. Astrid seemed to see the look of disappointment on Eleanor's face.

'Being a Zodiac doesn't pay anything Eleanor. I must make do with what I have. Get in.'

Eleanor slid into the back seat, pushing aside an empty Burger King cup and an old newspaper. The paper had three faces staring back at her. The same paper Sebastian had been reading only a few days ago. A flood of remorse washed over her at her last encounter with him and she needed to speak to him. As she pressed call the car pulled away leaving as dark cloud of fumes behind them. No answer. She hoped he wasn't still mad at her. She tried again but still no answer. Fingers crossed she called again. Third time lucky and all. Nothing but it went through to voicemail.

'Sebastian I'm really sorry, I shouldn't have shouted at you before. I really need you something has happened and I need someone sane to help me sort it out, please forgive me, call me.'

The car turned at the street and she looked out of the rear window in just in time to see her house disappear. She was going to meet the Zodiac leaders and again this was all new for her and she didn't know what to expect. She sat in the back of the car in silence. Let the events of the day run through her mind. This morning everything had been so normal and now, she didn't even know what normal was any more.

Back on her street. Just a few doors down from her flat, beside Sebastian's blue front door a small beeping sound could be heard. You would have to be walking right passed to hear it. It came from within the bushes that Sebastian's step mum had planted the previous year. The noise had happened three times before but this time it was to let someone know that a new voicemail had been left. Only there was no one to answer the voicemail as the phone had been dropped when Sebastian was knocked out and thrown into the back of a black transit van.

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