The Zodiac Veils - The Thirteenth Sign

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Malachi - Chapter 5

'you have a meeting at three with the campaign managers Mr Turner'

'Thank you Theo, you may leave once they arrive, I'll be busy for the rest of the afternoon.'

Malachi couldn't risk anyone overhearing this meeting. The Brothers were sending their representative to discuss the coming election and he needed complete privacy.

He sat back in his chair and stared out of his window, which had a view across the roof tops of the centre of the city. Standing he moved over to the window and looked out. All those little ants he thought to himself. They have no idea, not a clue about powers greater than anything beyond their comprehension. He'd always had a distaste for the common man. The ones who just meandered around like cattle. Doing what they are told. Buying what they are told to because it was on TV. Wearing what they do because someone famous wore it. Nothing but cattle to be lead to slaughter.


Malachi jumped round in surprise. Standing before his desk was a rather unassuming gentleman. But even still he hadn't made a noise entering the office.

'Good afternoon Mr....'

Realising he didn't know that man’s name he paused for him to fill in the blank.

'I am simple known as the Medium, no need for formalities.'

Gesturing towards the empty chair opposite the desk both men sat. Malachi looked at the Medium taking him in. The man wore simple plain black clothing from head to foot. Black shirt and tie, black trousers, black shoes. He had a fair completion, made even paler by his dark attire. A silver wristwatch glinted from his wrist and he had a silver loop through his right ear. The hoop being his most defining characteristic Malachi thought. When he stood he was taller than himself by a good few inches. But only enough to make him tall, not abnormal. His dark thin eyebrows framed his almost black eyes and as he looked into his eyes Malachi felt a sense of unease. There was something different about this man. Something that wasn't quite right. As they now sat across each other the light that shone in through the window gleamed off the man’s head. Not a single hair grew on the man’s scalp and from the look of it wasn't shaved, he seemed naturally bald.

Sensing that Malachi was taking in his appearance the Medium coughed again.

'I have been asked here today by the Brothers to assure that you know what to expect in the coming months. They want you to know that they will do everything in their power to achieve their goals. They simply need you to be the face of the operation, the mouth piece as it will.'

'But of course, and I can...'

Malachi was interrupted before he could carry on.

'They do not need your assistance in this, they will manipulate all proceedings from now on. They have many resources at their command to ensure a smooth victory.' The mediums droll monotonous voice continued.

'Surely I can play some kind of part?' Malachi interrupted feeling slight confused. Had it not been him who had gotten them where they are now. Granted they had provided some information from time to time but he had done the leg work. The constant smiling, the late nights the rallies and meetings. What now, they just expect him to sit back?

'That’s exactly what they expect you to do Mr Turner, regardless of who has done the leg work’

Malachi stood quickly, 'how did you?'

'Like I said my Turner I am the Medium. I have gifts of my own.'

Malachi stared at the man, he knew he had felt uneasy when he had appeared. He was reading his thoughts. And he wondered what a great tool it would be to know the thoughts of your other peers. To know what they planned what they intended to do.

'It’s not as enjoyable as you might think Mr Turner. And for you I have a warning.'

'What could you possibly aware me about' the arrogance returning to his voice at the thought of this man telling him what to do, medium or not? He had never liked being out right told what to do.

'When you ask your request you will be turned down Mr Turner. For your own safety just leave.'

'What, what question? when?'

'Just leave that is my warning to you.' The dreary voice warning him.

Malachi turned to look out the window. 'What is this request I demand you tell me' turning back to the Medium but he had gone and the room was empty once again. He had to admit to himself. That was a good trick. But standing in the office on his own he still felt like he was being watched.

Maybe Malachi should have trusted his gut feeling a bit more as he was being watched. Well at least listened to. For down the hall sat in one of the meeting rooms Theo sat in front one of his computer. Head phones in, he had listened to the entire conversation and was saving it ready to send.

From [email protected]

To [email protected]

They sent in the Medium. The puppet is becoming disillusioned with the Brothers. He will not relinquish control to them. See attached conversation recording.

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