The Zodiac Veils - The Thirteenth Sign

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Helena - Chapter 18

'No tell me, something's wrong, I can feel it? Helena half sobbed half screamed.

Joseph looked her into her eyes, ' I think something has torn' he told her. 'But don't worry. I think the baby is fine.'

He hated lying to her, but it was only a half lie. The amount of blood led him to think that something had torn but he thought the placenta had unattached. Luckily she was pretty much fully dilated now so she could begin to push.

'Right Helena' he said without looking at her. 'On the next contraction I want you to push ok.'

'Hmmm' that's the only reply he got, he looked up and saw the dark eyes where gone and she looked pale. Very pale.

'Shit' he swore to himself. She must have lost more blood then he thought.

Helena opened her eyes. 'I’m fine, just get my baby out.'

She screamed, an ear crunching scream and he knew it was time.

'Come on Helena push, breath deep and push.'

With that he felt her muscles tense, he could hear her breathing between pants and moans.

'Huff, huff, urrgh. Huff, argh, huff, huff.'

Helena let out another scream and as she did the baby’s head crowned. He looked at it in awe. Granted it was pink and covered in mucus but he could see a fine dusting of hair cover its head.

'Right that's it he told her, the heads out. Deep breaths and let's try again.'

Helena sighed a deep breath and through a mixture of screams and puffs she pushed again hard. She felt so faint yet so alive at the same time. Thinking to herself, she was a week early but she knew that didn't make much difference. She remembered watching the DVDs with Joshua as they sat on the sofa with his arms around her and how safe she felt with him. She knew he had a lot more questions but she didn't want to bring the subject up. She liked living this normal life. Waking up, watching TV. Seeing him cook for her as she sat at the table. Putting shopping away. Making the bed. She hadn't been able to do these simple things for nearly 9 months now and the little things made her feel normal again.

Another pain jolted through her and brought her back to the present. She heard Joshua say that the head was out. Not much more now. Just a few more pushes. The pain was excruciating and she tried to concentrate on her breathing again. Calm herself down and get back into a rhythm. She felt dizzy, her head felt light and fuzzy but even she could guess at it was from the blood loss and felt grateful towards Joshua for trying to not worry her. She didn't have a degree but she knew that much blood wasn't good, but it didn't worry her. She knew she could heal. She just needed to focus on her baby for the moment. If it was only half mermaid. She didn't know what kind of healing abilities it would have. She remembered Joshua telling her the werewolves could heal to. But with their genetics mixed together, who knows what it would create.

She screamed again and with a feeling that she couldn't quite describe, she felt her baby leave her body. She imagined trying to push a bowling ball threw a hosepipe and laughed to herself feebly. For a second she just lay down in exhaustion before she realised what had just happened.

'My baby, is it ok, why is it not crying?'

'She looked from Joshua to the bundle that he held wrapped up in a fresh towel in his arms. His face showed nothing. No happiness, no sadness, just still like stone. He looked up at her and as he did a small but loud wail filled the bathroom.

Helena let out a sigh of relief. A dull ache spread from her stomach but she knew she'd heal quickly enough.

'Joshua' she called out quietly. 'Josh, how is my baby.'

'Everything seems fine' and he smiled at her a full wide grin that seemed contagious as she found herself grinning back at him.

'Ten little fingers and ten little toes and no more than the average amount hair. No fur, no fangs, no tail' he laughed.

'Is it a boy or a girl' Helena asked and when he told her she let out a small sob.

Helena held her hands out towards him. 'Please' she asked and he knew what she wanted.

'Here you go' he said handing her the small wrapped up bundle. He placed the child into her arms and watched her face as she looked down in to the child's face. He moved beside her and removed the rubber gloves throwing them into the bathtub. He put his arm around her shoulder and kissed her on the cheek. 'Congratulations mummy' he smiled at her and she smiled back. She lent forwards and kissed him on the lips with such ferocity that he almost forgot where he was. He could feel all her passion and warmth in that one kiss and remembered that she was his.

'He pulled back slightly and whispered in here ear 'I love you Mrs Baxter'

Helena looked at him. Shocked but feeling warm inside. 'I love you to Mr Baxter, and this little on loves you too.'

They both looked down at the baby who had stopped crying and flexed its small fingers around Joseph’s thumb. 'I’m going to look after you both you know' he whispered, he looked to Helena his eyes locking with hers, she could see tears welling up in his brown eyes, so full of pride,. He moved his lips to her ear and almost silently his breath brushing her neck

'it's just you me and our son.'

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