The Zodiac Veils - The Thirteenth Sign

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Eleanor - Chapter 5

Helena smiled as she heard the two of them in the hall. She liked Sebastian, how he cared for her, but never seemed to look at Eleanor in that I'm gonna have you teenage boy kind of way. She assumed he was gay for a while, she'd never known of a boy and girl friendship that didn't have at least one unrequited feeling. But Eleanor had told her of his flirtatious ways with others girls and she guessed she wasn't surprised, he was after all a handsome boy. All dark curls and dimples.

She looked at the pair as they strode into the kitchen.

'Hi Mrs Baxter' he almost sang in his bright voice.

'Good afternoon dear, she replied.

Her eyes went straight to the bright towel wrapped around Eleanor's hand.

'My god what have you done' taking Eleanor's hand and unwrapping it to revealing the large but thankfully shallow cut.

'Ella, I mean Eleanor fell on some glass' that was one of the few things about Sebastian she didn't like. Calling her daughter Ella and his flirtatious ways with other young girls.

'Sorry mum' Eleanor chimed in 'I've stained my shirt and my jeans'

Helena looked down noticing the dark read stain on the right knee and the dark splatters on her trainers.

'You'll live' and she grabbed the first aid box from the cupboard. 'I don't think you'll needs stitches either, you are a clumsy mare, nothing spring rolls can’t fix’ she looked at Sebastian. 'Do you wanna stay for Chinese too Sebastian'

He grinned at her, 'that's the only reason I walked Ella to the door'

Helena run herself a bath and handed her order to Eleanor to place, Crispy fried pork. Standing in the bathroom something felt wrong. She couldn't place her finger in it but it was like electricity hung in the air. She knew better to ignore these kinds of feelings, she learned that the hard way. Easing herself into the bath tub, she looked around the small bathroom. It was a small apartment but it suited their needs. Although one bathroom for two women was quite a feat in itself every counter held some kind of bottle or spray or tube. They owned half of boots between them. The window sill was packed with yet more sprays and perfumes, she could see the outline of a pigeon on the other side of the frosted glass, beyond that the sun was setting casting a faint orange glow over the white tilled walls, she shuddered. White walls always had that effect on her. She closed her eyes trying to relaxing her nerves. Letting the warm water wash her anxieties away. Or wishing it would. Unable to find any kind of peace, she stepped out of the bath. Towel wrapped round her, on the way to her room she passed Eleanor's room. She could hear the bedsprings groan. Most mothers would have had a panic attack, but she knew nothing would happen like that, walking away she heard Sebastian talking in hushed tones, she stopped listening,

‘Human eyes though Sebastian'

'Well there's not much else it can be'

Deciding they had dropped into one of their conversations about magna which she had never understood, she left the hall to get changed.

Twenty minutes later she heard Eleanor call her as the doorbell rand for the second time.

She grabbed her purse and went downstairs to the communal door.

'£18.25 please love' she looked up surprised,

His accent threw her, she could hear that even though the city dialect had begun to creep its way into his voice there was that unmistakable northern twang in his tones. She stopped herself from asking and handed him a twenty.

'Keep the change' she smiled at him and half closed the door. She loved a northern accent it reminded her of….

‘Come on mum we’re starving’ Eleanor called down the stars breaking Helena out of her daydream.

Helena stood on the doorstep peering through the gap, watching after him. The small back street was the home to a number of old Victorian houses which had been split into flats, from what she knew they were all apartments now. A few cars lined the street, not many, no one really had the need for a car in the city for the nearest underground was a five minute walk away. She gently closed the door and it clicked shut. Had she not been so shocked by the familiar accent she might have paid more attention. A number of trees ran down the far side of the road and the last rays of golden sun shone through the leaves illuminating the many shades of green. In each tree, on each branch, more than a few pair of eyes stared at her. Watching her as she shut the door and then they waited.

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