The Zodiac Veils - The Thirteenth Sign

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Eleanor - Chapter 6

Waking up Sebastian stared at the familiar cracks in the ceiling above his bed. Scratching himself he realised that with all that had gone on yesterday they had never made it to the clinic. Knowing that on Saturdays Ella's mum didn't work he didn't want to bother her and resigned himself to going on his own.

Sebastian’s room was the total opposite to Ella's and he couldn't understand how she could live in such clutter and chaos. His room was immaculate. Not because his step mother did it but he himself was a bit of a self-confessed clean freak, something he had picked up from living with his step mum for a while.

Every drawer had its own contents all of which was neatly folded. He even folded his socks and underwear, neatly covering his older brother’s dirty magazines which he had been left when Andrew had moved away. He didn’t know why he kept the magazine, considering that his mac on the desk gave him so much more possibilities but it was more nostalgia, his first dirty magazine. Andrew wasn't his true brother but they had grown up with each other, he was three years older than himself. Andrew was Tanya’s son from her first relationship, he couldn't remember his own mother. Sebastian had pictures, but just wished he could remember her. The way she smiled, the smell of her hair. He'd been just a baby not even one. It was something him an Ella had in common, a missing parent, growing up without knowing the other. His dad didn't like to talk about her much. On the occasions where he'd come home and find his dad on the sofa, a glass of whiskey in his hand they had spoken about her. He knew their origin story from a few of these one way drunken conversations with his dad. They'd met at university, they were both on the same architecture course. They almost didn’t end up together but he had won her from the arms of another man. When they left they both got positions at a small firm. They didn't plan to have kids and he was an accident, but a very welcome one. They'd made the decision that she would stay at home at he would finish working. His dad kept a small picture of the two of them in his wallet. His mother had red hair and very blue eyes, he had her eyes. His gran used to say that to him whenever she came around and it made him feel like Harry Potter, just without the exciting life and magic and stuff.

Sitting up in bed trying to wake himself up he looked around his own room, his neatly organised tidy room. In the wardrobe hung his clothes categorised by colour and type of clothes. On his desk lay his MacBook at perfect angles to his note pad and pencils. He knew he was a bit OCD but at least he didn't have to turn the light switch in and off 14 times to stop bad things happening. He chuckled to himself and went to clean himself up before going to the doctors. You never know it might be a hot nurse.

Deciding he didn't want to take the bus on his own he grabbed his iPod and jumped on the tube, it was only a few stations and a short walk away. He sat in the dark listening to music watching the shadowy walls of the tunnels whiz by. Being this far underground made him uneasy, he wasn’t too keen on the dark either. In the middle of listening to Katy Perry, man she was hot, he rose to get to the doors. Winding his way through the white and green tiled tunnels and up the stairs he broke into the cold air. Autumn hadn't quite kicked in yet and summer this year and been rather cold.

The waiting room in the clinic was a dreary and terrifying as ever. Posters hang on the walls warning about the dangers of unprotected sex, gonorrhoea and several very disturbing pictures of what could go wrong. He waited patiently for his number to be shown on the electronic screen and watched a few guys his age disappear into the little room. He looked up quizzically when an older guy, around 60 was called in for his turn. Surely people that age still didn't do it, well good on him he smiled to himself. Then it was his turn, lucky ticket number 96.

He glanced at the woman on the desk as he passed and only hoped it wouldn't be her. She could make even his gran look pretty. Sagging jowls and a rather bulldog looking face. Her eyes scowled and he quickened his pace, almost as if she had heard and was coming after him. He made his way to the third room as the electronic monitor had dutifully informed him. Taking a breath he knocked and waited to be called in. A male voice responded. God damn he cursed himself. Just my luck to get my junk out for a bloke.

He sat on the crinkly paper on the bed with his trousers round his ankles. The cold from the plastic underneath the paper seeped through his boxers. The doctor had asked him to remove his trousers and sit on the bed. He had had to go through the embarrassing questions of

‘Have you had unprotected sex?’

‘You do know the dangers of unprotected sex?’

and ‘how many sexual partners have you had Mr Cole?’

He had struggled with the last one and knocked a few off before giving his answer. The doctor then left the room and he continued to sit there scratching himself and swinging his legs over the side of the bed. The door opened and the doctor returned and he was followed by, yes! A hot nurse.

He felt like jumping and punching the air, at least there was a fit girl in the room.

'Do you mind if Nurse Peters stays to watch over my examination' Dr Patel asked.

Sebastian shook his head and smiled at her. She can't have been much older than him. Besides he had been with older.

Dr Patel asked him to remove his underwear, and Sebastian had no issue with this part. You'd think someone would be nervous about getting there bits out in front of strange people but not him. He knew he didn't have the biggest, but he also knew that by no means was it anything to be ashamed of. He'd measured it after watching embarrassing bodies and was happy to know he was above average. Well he'd had no complaints any way.

'So you've been complaining of scratching Sebastian' Dr Patel questioned.

'Yes sir' was all he could manage, it was one this getting it out in front of the man, but to have him hold and move it whilst he checked was another thing. He swallowed and told the doctor,

'I might have done something unprotected with a girl on holiday, I think I've got crabs'

Dr Patel laughed 'my boy, I think you have been very lucky, I see no sign of crabs, merely dry skin, possibly some kind of allergic reaction, most probably washing powder.'

Sebastian remember his step mum buying some strange washing powder on holiday to wash some of his shorts, it was her way of saving money on not over packing the cases. He heaved a sigh of relief.

'I will however be ordering a blood and urine sample young man, you did still have unprotected sex'

He really did swallow now, needles where not his thing, he'd conveniently not mentioned the Ella how he nearly passed out getting the tattoo done and how it had taken three sittings as he had to keep getting up and walking around.

'Nurse Peters here will take the samples and I'll prescribe some cream to put on the rash for now'

Dr Patel left the room and he pulled up his boxers and jeans and went to sit on the chair by Nurse Peters. He flashed her his most dashing grin hoping that his tan made his teeth even whiter. She just stared at him with an eye rolling expression. He thought to himself that maybe the STD clinic wasn't the best place to impress a nurse, especially if you thought you had crabs. He resigned himself to staring at a poster of the lungs of a smoker on the wall as she began to take a blood sample. He was at least determined not to flinch and make her feel even worse about him.

'All done Mr Cole, you can look now' with a hint of amusement in her voice.

He looked back to see four small vials of dark red liquid neatly labelled on the small desk. She handed him another pot,

'We'll be needing a urine sample too'

He left the clinic with a reassurance that he would be contacted in a few weeks with the results. He crossed the road heading to the Greggs opposite in need of a much deserved steak bake. He avoided the pigeons at the centre feeling even more so slightly wary of birds.

Sitting on a bench eating his pasty he text Ella,

Had blood taken n pissed in a pot, hot nurse tho, wanna do something later ?

Throwing the paper bag into the trash he bounded down the stairs to the tube.

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