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Chapter 9- Rain

It’s raining again. Sebastian’s awake. Lying on his bed, he’s been ordered to rest by his uncle. He just wants to know if anyone of his Uncle’s has found Gabrielle yet. His frustration grows with every moment that passes with no news. In the meantime, he’s started calling Gabrielle ‘Light’.

It felt stupid to think of her like that at first, but the truth is that for the brief period he had known her for. His soul had been lit, with a purpose. So that was why he liked that name so much now.

“I hate you father Light, he’s the kind of person that if he was dead, I would bring him back to life just to kill him again because one death isn’t enough. He’s a horrible man” Sebastian didn’t want to lose anything else to Fairless. He’d taken Gabrielle right in front of him and admitted that he was the one who killed Sebastian’s parents.

“Boy! Stop being so tense! My shower water keeps changing temperature because of you!” Daniel was yelling from the bathroom. Honestly the sun could fall out of the sky and it would still be Sebastian’s fault.

“I can’t just sit here… I have to do something!” Sebastian got out his phone and checked the news. The media were saying that the explosion at the school must have been from a gas leak. It showed how unwilling humans are to see what’s actually in front of them.

There wasn’t much point in being online… Sebastian was about to click off when he noticed something. A small article on strange weather patterns in one particular area of the city. Not the area where he lived, but a much more inner city area.

What stood out to him was that the spontaneous storms had only started in the last day or two. Around the time Gabrielle was taken. It was such a small possibility, but maybe Gabrielle was being kept there.

Sebastian sat up wincing slightly. The pain was still intense, but he should at least tell his Uncle about what he had found. Just as he thought about going to find him, his Uncle trudged into Sebastian’s room.

His gray hair was still wet from the shower and he was scowling. Dressed in dark green boxers and a white singlet.

“I always know you’re up to something when the water gets fizzy” well now Daniel was defiantly making things up. Sebastian had never seen that happen, so therefore it couldn’t be true.

“I’m sorry about your shower Uncle, but I think I have something to show you…”

“No!” Daniel and Sebastian were still in Sebastian’s room. His Uncle had been impressed with Sebastian’s idea about the house with the strange storm activity being where Gabrielle was. He’d even called someone from his underground organization and threatened to fire the lot of them.

Except that when Sebastian had said that he wanted to go and get her, his Uncle had unfairly decided not to let Sebastian go.

“But why not? Gabrielle knows me! If you send one of your men she might fry them not knowing they are with us!” Daniel crossed his arms in front of his chest. A warning sign that Sebastian chose to ignore.

“You’re not going, Sebastian you almost died! And I’ll be damned if I’m letting you out of this house before your healed!” why was Daniel so stubborn? Sebastian was fine! His chest wasn’t even hurting right now.

“I’m fine! You have to let me go! What if Gabrielle needs me?!” Sebastian stood up from where he’d been sitting on his bed. Woah! Sebastian almost fell over when the room decided to tip on its side. Strong hands pushed him back onto the bed.

“You’re not fine boy! I’m not sending you out there! I almost lost you once, I’m not going through that again! Not after your mother!” Daniel was red in the face almost like he was going to cry. His hands were shaking as Sebastian shook his head to clear the last of the dizziness.

“Uncle please, I have to help her” Daniel sat down next to Sebastian and sighed. Sebastian didn’t really know what to think, his Uncle had been almost nice to him since he woke up after Gabrielle’s kidnapping. The ground had been silent for days.

“I know that you feel responsible for the girl, but if something goes wrong you’re in no condition to fight. I can’t put you in danger again Sebastian, the answer is no” as much as Sebastian liked his Uncle caring about him. This was not the time.

Sebastian closed his eyes and took a deep breath trying not to get angry. He wasn’t hot headed like his Uncle but he did need to do a better job of keeping a lid on his anger. For everybody’s safety, especially the humans who lived near him. Wouldn’t want to be responsible for any more deaths.

Besides if The Peacemakers got wind of any spontaneous drownings it might lead them right to Sebastian. He’d already met their leader; he didn’t really feel like having to tangle with any more of them.

Daniel got up and left the room, which would have been fine if not for the fact that Sebastian heard something in the ground shift once the door was closed. Sebastian walked as well as he could over to the door and attempted to open it. The door wouldn’t budge, Sebastian was locked in.

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