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Chapter 10: Breaking

Sebastian stared at the locked door of his bedroom and felt himself shaking with anger. How dare his Uncle lock him in! How dare he forbid Sebastian from going after Gabrielle! How dare Fairless just swoop in and snatch her like she belonged to him!

Unable to contain his rage Sebastian turned to the flaky wall of his room and slammed his fist through the flimsy foundation. It hurt like nobody’s business but it was better than flooding the house. He could fix the wall, but not the people who might drown.

“Fuck it!” he swore as he rubbed his pain filled hand, now he was sore and he wanted to rip someone’s throat out. Preferably the throat of Eric Fairless who had stolen Gabrielle right from under his nose AND nearly killed him in the process.

His chest was throbbing still and his hand ached, all Sebastian wanted to do was keep putting holes in the wall until Gabrielle came back and Fairless was dead. Sure she could be a pain but at least she wasn’t going to destroy the Elementals like her father.

Despite Sebastian’s best attempts and his unwavering denial, he did feel something for the blond haired pain-in-the-butt he’d been stuck watching for just over a week. She was his to protect, his to care for, in fact to him she belonged by his side and nowhere else.

Then Fairless had to come and take her away! God knew what he was doing to her now. Sebastian needed to find her and he knew he had to do it before it was too late.

Only he was locked in his stinking room with no way out! Damn the Elements Sebastian wanted out of this house! He needed to rescue Gabrielle right now!

Sebastian shook as long suppressed sobs overtook his bruised and battered form. Curled up on the floor of his room and clutching his sore hand Sebastian cried for the girl he had grown to trust who had been ripped from his grasp.

“L-Light!” he whimpered as he grasped the floor in emotional agony at the thought of losing the one thing that made him feel human. His shoulders stilled and his breathing slowed as he became deadly calm. He sat up and wiped his face on his sleeve.

His eyes had darkened, instead of the usual sky blue they had become the dark brooding blue of waves on a stormy day. The anger he had felt before came rearing back and the ground shook as water spurted from deep in the earth up, up through the dirt to bubble out of the drains and cracks in the footpath.

It rose as one a giant flowing loop of water swirling and churning around Sebastian’s apartment before it wormed its way into his room through the crack under his window. It twirled in the air as Sebastian clenched his fists and struggled with the raw power he now felt raging inside.

Slowly, slowly the water turned to ice floating in the air then it sharpened under Sebastian’s grip until it was a series of ice spikes. One went through the window and shattered the glass while the others hung in the air around their master’s head.

Yes! Sebastian had finally done something deliberately with his powers, and good timing too. He would need every drop under control if he was going to rescue Gabrielle.

“I’ll show you Uncle; I’ll show you that I don’t need help” Sebastian almost felt bad that his Uncle was downstairs with no idea what Sebastian was doing now. Except that he had locked Sebastian in, so maybe he deserved this.

“I will find you Light, wherever you are the darkness will not hide you!” he announced grimly before carefully leaping through the smashed window. He turned back to the apartment and did one more thing before leaving.

He froze the lock on their apartment door and iced in all the windows. That would slow his Uncle down if he wanted to come and stop Sebastian. If he really wanted, he could probably get out but it would take him longer.

Off walked Sebastian, one hand gingerly touching his chest which was aching a little bit. He was going to find a madman, and take Gabrielle back to safety if it killed him. Hopefully it didn’t though, because his Uncle would be so angry if Sebastian died doing something he told him not to do.

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