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Chapter 1-Hatred

The night sky was cloaked in rain clouds, the usually bright sparkling stars were obscured by darkness and rain poured onto the streets below. In an alley taking shelter from the storm was Daniel Stone. Wet and cursing the day he had promised to watch over his nephew.

Sebastian was Fourteen now and he was growing up to be the most infuriatingly stubborn person Daniel had ever met. The boy was an extremely powerful Elemental who had no idea how to use his powers.

Sebastian was convinced that his Uncle was wrong and that he had hardly any power. The only ability he had that he could consciously control was the ability to turn water to ice.

Daniel kept telling him that he would be stronger if he believed that he could be but the stubborn teen refused to believe him.

He probably got it from his mother, who Daniel missed more than anyone in the world. What had happened to her had been coming for a very long time but Daniel still missed her and he knew it was even worse for Sebastian.

The Peacemakers had forced the two of them to leave America and flee to the isolated country of Australia. Where Daniel hoped it would be harder for The Peacemakers to find them. Their journey here had not been easy but if Sebastian was going to be safe he needed time to grow and develop his powers.

Tonight though might be the end of their hiding, Sebastian and Daniel had an argument earlier and the water Elemental had fled the house. Now Daniel was searching for his nephew before he was harmed or before he harmed someone.

Despite Sebastian’s claims that he had next to no power he was able to subconsciously cause a lot of damage if he got frustrated or upset. This storm was likely fuelled by the anger Sebastian felt towards Daniel and towards the ones who had taken his mother from him.

Daniel knelt on the floor of the alley and placed his hands on the ground. Though Sydney was full of people he would always know how Sebastian felt to the earth. Now he searched for the part of the ground that felt the coolness of Sebastian’s presence.

Meanwhile on a bridge in the downtown suburbs of Sydney the silhouette of a man stood watching the rushing water of the black river beneath him. Nobody rushing past would be able to see him. The man was cloaked in shadows blending in perfectly with the darkness around him.

Had anyone been able to see the man they would have been greeted with a surly Fourteen-year-old boy. Who knew he was going to be in a lot of trouble when he got home.

His pale face was framed by long locks of hair as black as the sky around him and his eyes were a colour rarely seen in this dull street. A hue of blue as bright and clear as the purest water on earth. They would have been beautiful if not for the dark circles around them.

He was tall but not overly so, and slim. He was dressed in a pair of black jeans and a black jumper that were soaked as the boy made no attempt to find shelter. Footsteps echoed and the boy grimaced turning to find the one person he really didn’t want to see.

“Sebastian!” A voice barked and Daniel Stone limped towards his nephew. He was a head shorter then Sebastian but his voice commanded a level of respect that made him seem much larger.

He was an older man in his early Fifties with gray hair and stubble on his chin. His eyes, like Sebastian’s, were a rather odd colour. A brilliant shade of green that glowed in the night.

“Sebastian! Why must you leave the house in such horrible weather?!” the man looked over his shoulder and exclaimed his fear in a somewhat quieter voice.

“What if they had found you Sebastian? What if the ground beneath your feet didn’t tell me exactly where you were?!” as if hearing its name had awoken it the earth shuddered with a loud grating noise and went still.

Sebastian turned back towards the bridge. The black and inky water splashed against the side of the bridge and began to churn. Every wave crashed a little higher than the last as the water tried in vain to reach its master.

“I don’t care if the Peacemakers find us uncle! You know they will find us! They always find us!” the youth glared at the sky as though daring the thundering clouds to argue with him.

“Let them come! Let them find us so I can beat the crap out of them for what they did to our family!” Sebastian’s words rang through the silent street and Daniel watched as the water rose from the river and wrapped itself like a snake around Sebastian.

Daniel had seen this happen before, the day he had taken Sebastian into his care after his parent’s deaths. Sebastian had almost drowned him and everyone else who was unfortunate enough to be there.

“Sebastian! Get a hold of yourself before someone sees!” What he actually wanted to say was You’re going to hurt someone if you don’t stop but that might make everything worse.

Daniel wasn’t good at emotional stuff. He wanted to help Sebastian recover from the trauma of his parent’s deaths but didn’t know how to. This was what happened when he tried.

“No! I want them to come! I want them to pay!” Sebastian sobbed but the water fell away as Sebastian calmed down and the rain stopped. Daniel slung an arm around his nephew’s shoulder and began leading the young boy away from the bridge.

“Come on, let’s get you home” he muttered gruffly turning to scan the skies once before walking with Sebastian down the shadow filled street.

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