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Chapter 21: Ying and Yang

Sebastian would never know if it was adrenaline or some kind of deeper survival instinct but he couldn’t do it. He was much too stubborn to allow his power to completely swallow him. It would be like sleep walking and he wanted to remember this clearly.

Sebastian knew that he shouldn’t stay here. That it wasn’t the right way, that he was deliberately choosing a darker path than the one he was expected to walk. His Uncle’s future disappointment was crystal clear.

At the same time, he ached with anger and pain. It was like there was a shard of glass directly over his heart. Every time he breathed he felt its sharp point digging into his chest.

What Gabrielle had done; Sebastian could never forgive. He could not stop; he could not rest. Until she had paid for this in blood. This he knew even with all of this raw power coursing through his veins.

His skin glowed blue. He couldn’t even make out his feet it was so bright. Water hung suspended in the air all around him. Its gentle swooshing accompanying the sizzle of lightning.

One particularly sharp icicle almost hit Gabrielle in the chest but she just managed to side step it in time for it to shatter harmlessly in the wall. She laughed and ran one hand across the wall. Sparks flying as the friction created electricity.

“Your happy ending is getting really far away. We all know how this goes, Sebastian the brave, Sebastian the Hero. Swoops in to save the day and I see the error of my ways…” Sebastian seethed at the mocking tone of her voice. She was trying to distract him perhaps knowing that his powers whispering was already distracting him.

“Let me burst your bubble for you Sebastian” Sebastian dodged as a laser thin bolt of lightning flew past his face. So close that he felt the sting of the thousands of volts it was carrying.

“I’m not going to suddenly jump back to your side” Sebastian backed up as Gabrielle advanced on him. Her hands glowing a faint white light and crackling with suppressed power.

“You will not be saving the world” she struck out so quickly that even if he hadn’t been basically against the back wall of the room he would never have dodged in time. The bolt left a red trail down his leg and numbed it. Leaving him with barely any balance.

While he was trying to remain standing Sebastian saw what he had thought to be more lightning starting to take shape by Gabrielle’s feet. The yellow glow spread up until it was above Gabrielle’s head. She didn’t notice at all. Wrapped up in her speech as she was.

As Sebastian stared the yellow which stood out against the blackness of the walls he realized what shape it was taking. He slid down the wall and cradled his leg as a cage of light trapped Gabrielle in place.

A cold chill ran down Sebastian’s side as two figures appeared beside one another. Seemingly out of nowhere. Gabrielle was staring at the ‘bars’. Obviously these two were not hers. Because she certainly did not look as if she had been expecting them.

One was half slouched as if he didn’t really want to be there. The boy, Sebastian guessed him to be maybe Eight or Nine. He was extremely pale. His skin almost translucent. Hair black like Sebastian’s, but almost down past his shoulders. It was his eyes that stood out the most against his pale skin.

They were like dark pools of obsidian. Black and deep, as if this child knew more secrets than Sebastian could ever begin to understand. Dressed in plain white like the other figure. The lightness of the clothing made him seem even more strange.

The other figure was a girl. Shorter than the boy and daintier. Even from the other side of the room Sebastian could see the flaming red of her curls. She was also very pale and the brightness of her hair made it impossible for her to go unnoticed.

Her eyes were extremely hard for Sebastian to distinguish because they were not a dark colour. In fact, they were white. She was smiling and one hand was on the floor emitting the same yellow glow as the cage. Light and Dark twins… A light Elemental and a shadow Elemental, but they were meant to be wiped out.

Sebastian didn’t even have an opportunity to process what he was seeing. Gabrielle had spotted the twins at the same time as him and had recovered from the shock before he had. Now she was smirking at them.

“So I didn’t need to torture extra information out of Daniel, the big secret came right to me… Unfortunately, I can’t stay and chat” she turned back to Sebastian who wasn’t sure whether to stare at the twins or glare at Gabrielle. He wasn’t going to forget easily what she had done to his Uncle.

“Your no hero Sebastian, heroes don’t need saving” she slammed one of her hands onto the ground and there was a blinding flash of light. When Sebastian was able to see again she was gone. Except for a few sparks of leftover lightning running along the walls.

“It didn’t work Ali… It’s alright, no one expected you to be able to hold her forever. Plus, Darcy wasn’t helping you” Shaft appeared from the hole in the wall Sebastian had created earlier. They were five stories up but that was no trouble for an air Elemental. It was more surprising that she knew the twins by name.

“I think you did good Alina” Darcy’s voice was quiet but firm as he held his sisters hand. She was looking slightly crestfallen at the prospect of her trap not working. Sebastian felt slight irritation that they had come here. He had been handling Gabrielle alone just fine.

“Yeh well, firstly you guys aren’t old enough for this war and second I was fine before you showed up!” Sebastian’s leg was still unpleasantly tingling, he was tired from using so much power and Gabrielle had escaped. He was cranky, he sounded like a prick and he didn’t even care.

“Pull you head in Sebastian, your Uncle wanted to make sure you were safe he…” Sebastian was done hearing what Shaft had to say. He’d saved his uncle from being tortured, from being tortured and he was immediately back to his meddling when Sebastian didn’t even need it.

Sebastian didn’t know whether to be angry at Gabrielle, or angry at his uncle for not telling him about the twins. So he was going to be angry at the world in general until he had a chance to think about all this. Besides, he only had one mission now.

“It’s like Gabrielle said Shaft, I’m not a hero… Which is why the only part of all of this I care about right now is stopping Gabrielle. Tell him the rest is up to his boys and himself. I’ve got to end her” Sebastian closed his hand around the water that was floating beside him.

Take me somewhere they won’t find me.

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