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Chapter 23: Weakness

What Sebastian quickly learned, was that there was a limit to how much power an Elemental is able to use at once. If you try and push past that limit you’re not going to get very far.

He might be stronger than most, but Sebastian was still a boy. When he asked his power to take him away from the apartment complex. He was dumped in an alley maybe two blocks from the building. Passed out amongst a bunch of cardboard and trash.

Needless to say it took his uncle about a minute of searching to find him. Pity swirled in the heart of Daniel Stone as he appeared at the end of the alley. His nephew was exhausted, bruised, and dirty.

After Sebastian’s display of distrust, most people would have expected Daniel to leave him there. Of course he wasn’t going to do that, it would leave Sebastian at risk from the Peacemakers.

“Sebastian…” only Daniel knew that the front Sebastian put up to keep others away was just that. A front. He was the kind of person that once he bonded with someone he would protect them fiercely. It left him open to being manipulated by others.

Daniel remembered what Eric had always told him. That his willingness to see the good in others, no matter how deeply it was buried, was a weakness. It had made him blind to Gabrielle’s scheming, but he still viewed it as the one thing Eric had not stolen from him.

Even after Eric betrayed him, Daniel had known there was good in him. He may have kept it hidden beneath his anger and merciless fire but Daniel had seen it. As boys when Eric was all but alone in the world, Daniel had seen it and he knew that it was still there.

Perhaps under her bloodlust and the grudge she held against her father, there was good within Gabrielle as well. After all she had been raised by her mother, who was merely a human. She had no reason to be as angry at the world as Eric had been.

Sebastian wouldn’t see it that way. The world had hurt him more than even Eric, he could only see the worst in people. He would be out to destroy Gabrielle the moment he was able to.

Daniel wanted to stop her as well, but he didn’t want to kill her if there was a chance she could be changed for the better. It would be hard for him to convince Sebastian to spare her life. Yet, he had to try.

“Know that I am doing this for us, I’m not against you. I’m trying to help you” he picked up his nephew and marvelled at how light he was. Even though his Fifteenth birthday was coming up soon Daniel could still lift him with ease.

Perhaps he needed to give Sebastian more to eat so that he wouldn’t be so feather light. That or I am stronger than I thought.

When Sebastian woke up, there was about ten seconds where he didn’t remember any of what had happened. It was almost peaceful, watching the little dust particles floating below his bedroom ceiling. Not thinking or worrying, simply watching.

Then of course, reality smashed into his mind like a truck. He remembered with a sharp breath Gabrielle’s betrayal, and what he had said in the moments after. He didn’t remember how he had gotten back to his house, when he had been trying to get away from it in his last memory.

Obviously, his uncle had tracked him down and bought him home. Sebastian was grateful because who knows what would have happened to him if he’d been left wherever he’d ended up.

He knew that leaving had been irrational, especially when he would never have been able to find Gabrielle after she left. She knew his abilities; she was bound to take precautions to keep him away.

Sebastian sat and pondered the Peacemakers for a little while. Trying to figure out what their next move might be, they would still have all the Elementals Fairless had recruited. Yet, Sebastian couldn’t figure out what use Gabrielle would have for them.

When he thought of Gabrielle the word stubborn came to mind so he didn’t expect her to give up. The war that her father had started, was likely to be finished by her. She wouldn’t let it go, she would finish it or die trying.

Sebastian was just as stubborn as Gabrielle, maybe even more so. He would find her eventually and the next time they stood face to face would be the last. Neither of them would be able to walk away until one of them was dead, and Sebastian didn’t plan on it being him.

“I thought you would sleep longer….” The voice startled Sebastian out of his thoughts of revenge. The boy twin, Darcy was standing at the end of Sebastian’s bed. His unsettling black eyes fixed on Sebastian who stared back at him. He hadn’t seen a shadow Elemental before. Rare as they supposedly were.

“I don’t like to waste time, even by sleeping” Darcy narrowed his eyes as if he wanted to argue but said nothing. It was interesting to have someone almost as confrontational as Sebastian here. Hopefully they didn’t argue very much, Sebastian would hate to get on Darcy’s bad side.

“I’ll tell Daniel that you are awake, I suggest you don’t move. You used a lot of power” for a kid Darcy was pretty bossy, but Sebastian knew he was right. Even if he managed to stand up he wouldn’t get far after his display of power back in the complex.

Sebastian looked at his arms and saw that someone, probably his uncle, had washed off all the dirt and bandaged his wounds. He’d only been bruised but it was…. Nice to wake up and not have to take care of it himself.

“I hope Darcy didn’t startle you, shadow Elementals move very quietly” Daniel was in the doorway. He had cleaned up and looked much better since last time Sebastian saw him. Still, there was a worn out look in his eyes. Being tortured seemed to have taken its toll.

“I think I have some competition in the attitude department” the fierce look in Darcy’s eyes reminded Sebastian of his younger self. Damn the elements, he’d been a such a cranky kid. He was glad things had gotten slightly better at least.

“Sebastian… I have something I need to ask of you” oh boy, here comes his Uncle and the Bad News train. Last time he asked something of Sebastian it was to watch over Gabrielle. Look how well that turned out for both of them.

“I would like to ask that you don’t kill Gabrielle, even if the opportunity presents itself” Sebastian felt his blood start to boil in his veins. He was thankful that he was still weak otherwise his powers might have reacted.

“You know I can’t do that Uncle! She deserves to suffer for what she has done!” why would Uncle ask this of him? The one thing he knew Sebastian needed to do.

“you can’t just kill her Sebastian, there is good inside everyone if you just look deep enough…” there he went, on again about how even the worst people deserve a second chance.

There is no good inside of that! There is nothing but backstabbing and a darkness so deep it will swallow everything! Everything!” Sebastian was yelling but he didn’t know at who. Himself for being so damn blind? His uncle? Why were his hands shaking? How it did it get so cold?

“Oh my boy…” Sebastian couldn’t see through the tears streaming down his face. Damn it, he hated crying in front of people. His uncle wrapped Sebastian in a hug that held more warmth than Sebastian had felt in a long time.

“I understand that she hurt you, I just believe that she isn’t a bad person at heart” Sebastian wanted to share in his uncle’s optimism. He didn’t want her to be evil, it broke his heart to imagine having to end her life.

“I don’t want to kill her uncle, but I will not let her threaten our family again” if his uncle minded the thinly veiled threat to Gabrielle’s life, he didn’t show it. Instead he stood up and sighed loudly.

“Well, I better go make sure the twins are still inside… You have no idea how hard it is to keep track of them… Get some rest” he left to watch the kids, leaving Sebastian alone in his room. Sebastian stared after him and wondered if he seemed kinder than usual.

Hurt him again Gabrielle, and I swear it will be the last thing you ever do.

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