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Chapter 25: Memories

The first morning after Sebastian got back home. It was comforting to wake up in his bed with the same cracked ceiling above him. The apartment seemed so much more full of life with Shaft and the Twins staying here.

They could never really relax fully. Never knowing when Gabrielle and the Peacemakers might make their next step. Uncle had been working really hard trying to find out what their plan was. It hadn’t been going well, or so Sebastian assumed from the dark circles under his uncle’s eyes.

Sebastian wasn’t sure how to help, he couldn’t do his water vision. Because there was a chance that Gabrielle would use it to pull him to her and it was much too dangerous to be alone with her.

Whenever he thought about what might happen the next time they faced it made him tense. It was terrifying to think that she could kill him, and that she wouldn’t hesitate at all.

Whereas Sebastian would have a choice to make, he could disobey his uncle and get rid of her or he could show mercy. Knowing that she wouldn’t show any to him made it seem like a bad idea.

He didn’t know when he went downstairs that there was a natural storm happening outside. Not caused by an Elemental, just part of Winter in Sydney. He was pouring himself a glass of juice when out of the corner of his eye he saw a flash of lightning.

He dropped the glass he was holding and it shattered on the floor. He heard his uncle and the Twins rush down the stairs but he was staring wide eyed at the window. The house shook with thunder and Sebastian felt his heart beating a mile a minute in his chest. For a moment, he had thought Gabrielle was attacking.

“It’s alright my children, he’s in shock, it’s alright… Sebastian I’m going to take you to your room ok? I’ve got you my boy” strong arms supported Sebastian which turned out to be a good thing because Sebastian seemed to have forgotten how to breathe out.

“Deep breaths Sebastian, it’s ok, just breathe” everything was confusing, he was on the stairs with his legs collapsing underneath him. He didn’t fall, Shaft catching him with her air. He was in his room on his bed, his uncle sitting in a chair beside him.

Every clap of thunder shook him to his core, he squeezed his eyes shut so that he couldn’t see the flash of lightning that made him think of danger. His hands clamped themselves over his ears, his legs tucked up to his chest.

How much time passed with Sebastian laying there he would never know. It felt like an eternity, even the cool scent of fresh rain coming in through the window didn’t make it better.

He blinked and wiped the sweat from his forehead. There was silence from the sky. The storm was finished. Soft, watery sunlight filtered through the window and Sebastian felt a strange mix of relief and frustration at himself.

There had never been any danger, but after everything he had been through his mind didn’t understand that. Would this happen every time there was a storm? Would he suddenly collapse during his battle with Gabrielle and end up dead?

“This is a weakness I can’t afford… but what can I do about it?” his uncle had sat by him this whole time. Offering his strength just by being close by. Perhaps he understood what it was to be afraid. His fear of fire must be something similar. Something you couldn’t control no matter how much you might want to.

Sebastian remembered what he had heard about the Twins. How his uncle had braved his fear and walked into a burning building to rescue them as babies. Saving their lives and giving hope to the Elementals that this war would one day be over.

He made himself a promise, that if he was faced with his fear again and he had the chance to prove himself. He would face it bravely like his uncle and he would not let it control him.

“While we have the chance, I want to give you something very special” Daniel must have left the room while Sebastian was absorbed in his thoughts. He had returned with his photo album. Weathered black leather that was taped together in places. His uncle’s most prized possession.

“This has been my one constant in all these years of struggle, I want you to have it because… You never know how much time you have. I put my best memories in here, it’s time for you to do the same” Sebastian blinked at the heavy album that was placed on his lap. This was very out of the ordinary, his uncle giving up his memories.

“Why are you giving this to me? Is something wrong?” for a moment Sebastian thought his uncle was going to cry. He took several deep breaths and ran his shaking hands through his hair while he regained his composure.

Sebastian knew something was going on, that Daniel wasn’t telling him something important. His uncle left the room without answering Sebastian’s questions and Sebastian forgot to ask them again later. This was a choice that he would regret in the near future.

For Gabrielle’s army was almost ready, and though Sebastian didn’t know it he would soon be put in more danger than he had ever been in.

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