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Chapter 34: The Girl in Ice

Ice takes so long to grow. It’s a gradual process of molecule after molecule reaching a cool enough temperature to freeze and change form. It was no wonder Sebastian was struggling to stay standing and present.

He felt regret entwined with a seething hot rage directed at the slowly dying girl in front of him. He was looking because he wanted to see. If he were dying, he’d want company, even if it was of the person who killed him.

Chest hurt, really badly. Shaft was still unconscious, Darcy sat beside her waiting for her to wake. If Daniel was the closest thing Darcy had to a father. Then Shaft was as close as he was ever going to have to a mother.

Gabrielle was panicking, hyperventilating, her eyes almost completely dilated so you could barely see the gold. Over half of her body was frozen now. Both legs and one arm. Sebastian could tell she knew she was going to die.

“When you are gone, you won’t be the only one whose life will be over” everything that Sebastian had would cave in around him, He would once again be left without a family and without a purpose. Only now it was going to hurt a whole lot more.

“Sebastian… Watching this won’t make you feel any better” uncle was here watching Gabrielle alongside Sebastian. He turned and saw the pulsing green light that webbed his hands and arms now. He had always been in awe of Daniel’s power, now he hated it.

“Please don’t dwell on it my boy, trust me, If I let myself think about what is going to happen I would not be able to function. Don’t let it consume you when it is my problem” Daniel had noticed Sebastian staring at his arms. His advice was given with the best of intentions. Though it didn’t really help.

“I don’t know if I can, I’m not like you” he wasn’t used to loss and the burden of carrying it. Heavy, like an anchor that you dragged behind you. Time was the only thing that made it seem any lighter. You had to wait. In agony with every muscle screaming for rest.

“No, you’re not like me Sebastian, you are better” Daniel put one trembling hand on Sebastian’s shoulder and looked deep into his nephew’s eyes.

“I couldn’t find it in me to kill Eric and stop his rampage, but you were able to put aside who she used to be and bring this to an end when I could not” it was a beautiful moment. When a dying man bought comfort to his damaged but not beaten nephew. It was only a moment.

Gabrielle was almost frozen, only one arm and her neck and face were left. As the snowy white began to spread across her shoulders she grew desperate. Without a second of hesitation, she took advantage of her not quite frozen fingers.

She shot lightning at the emotional pair who weren’t watching close enough. Sebastian took the brunt of the blow across his back. His soft expression turned to pain as he collapsed. He had taken one blow too many today, he would not be getting back on his feet.

Daniel turned and saw that a single tear rolled down Gabrielle’s partly frozen face. In that moment, no amount of goodness was going to stop what happened next.

Daniel slammed his arm into the ground and a razor sharp spike made of the earth slammed into Gabrielle from behind and went straight through her chest. She did not fall, stuck in a standing position as she was. She was however, most definitely dead.

"No one may harm him and get away with it, he doesn't deserve more pain"

As the dust settled Daniel felt the burning that had spread throughout his body reach up with molten claws and wrap around his neck and head. It was so exhausting, that he fell down next to Sebastian.

Darcy turned and saw what had happened. That his adoptive father had fallen and he ran over. Sebastian heard the sounds of his boots crunching through the dust as he ran to Daniel’s side.

“Darcy…” Sebastian was face down in the dirt and everything hurt. From the tips of his fingers all the way to his toes. He could not distinguish which pain was caused by what but it didn’t matter. What mattered was his uncle who was lying beside him. Sebastian didn’t have the strength to get up and help.

“Darcy… Please, I need you to do something for me” he knew the shadow Elemental didn’t like him very much, but maybe he could do just this one thing for him since he wasn’t able to do it himself.

“Can you put my hand in uncle’s? I… I want to comfort him but my body doesn’t seem to be listening to me” Shaft hadn’t woken up yet and Sebastian was concerned. His priority right now though was Daniel, because if he died here Sebastian at least wanted to be holding his hand.

“I wouldn’t let Daniel suffer alone, H-He was the best father Alina and I could have asked for” Sebastian winced as Darcy pulled on his arm and placed his limp hand in his uncle’s equally still one. It was green, but that was expected. What wasn’t, was the tug Sebastian felt inside when they touched.

What? Sebastian felt the flow of power through his uncle’s body as if it were water. An angry surging wave that needed to be bought under control. He dipped in with his power and discovered something.

Earth can’t survive without water, rain brings life to trees and plants. It softens the ground and allows plants to sink their roots. It is the giver of hope.

He could take in the power that was going to end his uncle’s life, but at what cost to himself?

No, it didn’t matter. Uncle had given up everything to keep Sebastian safe, and in the end he gave up his values to kill the person who threatened Sebastian’s life. So Sebastian could do this.

He could save him.

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