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Chapter 36: Sacrifice

In the same moment that Shaft regained consciousness and opened her eyes. Sebastian did something that had never been done before, and that he wasn’t even sure was possible.

He lay there on the ground gripping his uncle’s hand, the green light was weaker now. Fading along with Daniel’s life force. If Sebastian was going to do this, now was the time.

He closed his eyes and felt the surge of all his uncle’s power. He felt the corruption in the wild and untamed power rebelling against its master. He reached out with his own power and touched it.

It burned, oh the elements be damned, it was like holding the sun in your hands and not letting go. He drew all of the power that shouldn’t have been there into himself.

He directed it like a stream and felt it change into the blue of his water power as he did so. He left all the natural power, only taking what was trying to escape. His own power system wasn’t happy with what he had done. It was like an overload.

He felt the coolness spread across the back and chest. Not healing, but numbing at least.

He opened his eyes and saw that Shaft had woken and was trying to sit up. At the same time, he felt the power surging as it refused to take a place inside of him. He would need to get out of here, it wasn’t safe for his family to be near him.

“Uncle…” his skin was glowing; he would bet that his eyes were as well. He looked to see that his uncle was no longer covered in cracks and breathing more steadily. He knew that he would be alright now.

“Blue what have you done? You’re… Blue” Shaft was still disorientated but he had something he needed to tell her. Before he ran out of time.

“I have to leave, go somewhere far away so that I can’t hurt anyone” it burned within him and he knew that he would have to release it soon. Release it or suffer. It might even kill him.

“I don’t understand Blue” he didn’t have time to explain what was happening to her. Darcy would understand, and he would tell uncle. So that he knew why Sebastian wasn’t there when he woke up.

“Don’t come after me, any of you. The power… It will drive me Ele-Mental” he stopped talking for a moment. Wincing as the power struggled against his command to calm down. Damn it! I need more time!

“Now is so not the time for puns, but I just wanted to make you smile since all I’ve done so far is make you cry” he went to put one of his blue hands on her shoulder but pain caused him to drop it halfway.

He turned to Darcy who was watching him with fear. Of all the secrets this boy knew and all the power he had. Sebastian was certain he had never seen anything like this before.

“Darcy…” he had so much he wanted to thank him for, and so much advice he could give. There just wouldn’t be a chance to say any of it, if the boy would even listen.

“Take care of them, I have to go, I don’t expect to be coming back” he turned and begged for the water to take him away. As far away as possible, somewhere so isolated that if he never regained control again it wouldn’t matter.

I’m doing this for them. They are safe as long as I can get somewhere that nobody can find me.

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