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Chapter 4- Fool

Sebastian slept deeply without dreaming, which was an unusual occurrence and something that he craved. He hated to dream, it usually reminded him of happier times that made his heart ache. Mornings were gray, the dreams made moving on even harder than it was anyway.

The truth was Sebastian hated going to bed, because it meant he had to get up in the morning, which meant he would have to go live in the dull, boring, useless world that was his life. Really Sebastian had no purpose, nothing made him excited or passionate.

Sebastian lay in bed and wished he was somewhere else, or more preferably someone else. Someone who didn’t have to deal with the problems he had to deal with, someone who knew what the fuck they were doing with their life.

Most days Sebastian got up, went to school, came home, thought about what a waste of space he was, and then the cycle repeated itself. Today though, after the argument last night with his uncle Sebastian felt the need to alter his routine. It was nearly term break anyway, who would notice if the lonely loner from the land of the loners didn’t show up to class?

Sebastian got out of bed and stood in front of his bedroom mirror and sighed at his reflection. His eyes were flat, there was no emotion, the blue was muted and barely noticeable. The shadows under his eyes made him look like he hadn’t slept well in years. Though considering how much he dreamed, maybe that was true in a way.

Sebastian crept out of his room and he saw that the light to the living room downstairs was on. He walked downstairs wondering if perhaps he’d forgotten to turn it off before he went to bed last night.

His uncle was sleeping slumped on the threadbare lounge they had bought at a garage sale. He looked like he had fallen asleep sitting up and spread on the ground were photos and a half empty album that the photos must have come from.

Some of them were curling at the corners from age, most of them were of his uncle when he was young and smiled more. He had brown hair and his eyes were that same bright green. He was short and stocky and next to him, frozen in time and grinning in most of the photos was Sebastian’s mother.

Loretta’s hair was darker than Daniel’s by a shade or two and for as long as she had been alive it had never grown past her shoulders. Her eyes were blue like Sebastian’s but his were much more of a sea blue. Her’s were like the sky.

Sebastian’s heart hurt looking at the photos of his mother but at least they made it easier to remember her and what she looked like. Sebastian guessed it was the same for his uncle, it hurt to look at them but you had to, unless you wanted to forget.

Sebastian had never known that his uncle owned any photographs of his mother but perhaps he had wanted to keep them hidden in case they made Sebastian upset.

Sebastian had almost finished putting the photos away but when he picked up the last one he froze. Next to his uncle at age ten, laughing with one arm over Daniel’s shoulder was a young Eric Fairless.

Sebastian ran a finger over the photo examining the red streaked white hair of the evil cult leader. He had often wondered what the man looked like though he had never seen him. He wondered why Daniel had never mentioned that he had known Eric when they were boys.

“I was a fool” Sebastian almost dropped the photo in surprise at the uttered confession from his uncle who he hadn’t realized was awake. Daniel’s eyes were bloodshot whether from lack of sleep or from crying Sebastian wasn’t sure.

“U-Uncle I just…” Sebastian didn’t know if he should apologize for looking at his uncle’s photos or apologize for upsetting him last night.

“It’s alright boy, I know what happened yesterday was my fault and not yours, I forgot… I forgot how easy it is to trust people when you’re young” Daniel’s gaze was fixed on that last photo of him and Eric.

“You will regret knowing that girl Sebastian, think what you want about me for saying it, but if she’s anything like her father. She will bring you nothing but pain” Daniel kept talking but his voice turned to mumbling in Sebastian’s mind as he tried to understand what his uncle had just said.

What was Gabrielle’s last name? Had Sebastian ever seen her parents? His uncle had to be wrong, of all the people, of all the Elementals surely Sebastian didn’t go to the same school as Eric’s daughter.

It did make some sense though, being an Elemental was genetic, you had to have someone in your family with the gene if it was to be passed along. Which meant someone in Gabrielle’s family had to be an Elemental. She hadn’t seemed aware of her own abilities though or she would have known that she had used them on Sebastian.

“I never thought you would meet her or I would have sent you to a different school but I had to know… I had to make sure that I could keep track of her in case Eric comes to claim her” Sebastian shook his head and slid the last photo into its place in the album.

“So Gabrielle doesn’t.. she doesn’t know her father? She’s not a Peacemaker?” Sebastian didn’t know Gabrielle very well but he hoped that she had no ties with Eric and that he wouldn’t one day have to flee from her as well.

“No… Eric wanted a child only so he could pass on the Elemental gene. When his daughter turned two and presented with her power for the first time. Eric left. Make no mistake though Sebastian he will come back for her and he will turn her into his most powerful weapon” Gabrielle was going to be a weapon? Sebastian could just imagine what the young Elemental could do if she turned bad.

“I have to stop him for getting her… If she has any chance to not… not destroy us all” Sebastian wanted to do something to help. It was so strange because usually he didn’t want to move, or breathe even. He couldn’t give Fairless this advantage over him though. He couldn’t let him become even stronger.

“You won’t be able to stand in Eric’s way Sebastian…” Sebastian wasn’t sure if his uncle realized that he was touching his bad knee as he spoke.

“Trust me, I tried and it didn’t end well for me. He’s powerful, so powerful and I don’t want you to get hurt. Judging from her eye colour I believe that Gabrielle is a lightning Elemental. Extremely rare.” water conducts electricity. Well, Sebastian could imagine it would hurt if he got struck.

“I have to try uncle, I can’t let Fairless use her, I want him to pay for everything he’s done. I don’t want him to be more powerful” Daniel laughed and Sebastian felt his blood start to boil. He clenched his fists and breathed in. Holding his breath until he felt calm again.

“Sebastian you can’t even use what power you have, how do you expect to keep her safe?” Sebastian knew it would be difficult. Especially since he hadn’t gotten the hang of his own powers yet. Gabrielle would have no chance without him. He had to help her.

“I’ll teach her, I’ll help her control her power and then maybe if Fairless strikes she can defend herself at least” Daniel got up and shook his head.

“If it gives you hope then you’re welcome to try boy. I guarantee it won’t end well for either of you” Daniel left the room and Sebastian listened to him walk up the stairs to his bedroom.

Sebastian ran his finger one last time over the beaming face of his mother and closed the album. He placed it gently on the couch and followed his Uncle upstairs. He had a lot to think about.

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