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“No.” She said coldly, relying on her senior position. “Do not interfere, I will have the location of the human base by the Initiation in two day’s time.”

There was a pause. She knew she had overstepped her boundaries, but she was one of the first of the Fallen and third in command, she deserved more freedom than this.

She knew a group as small as a squad posed no real threat to her and calculated that he would need to send at least a battalion to have a fighting chance against her.

She knew he knew that too.

The static crackled fiercely in her brain.

“We will expect an immediate report at every new development and by the end of each day.”

“Yes, sir.”

She turned off the internal radar.

She ran back to the camp and the man was still there, waiting for her. He had moved, his elevated pulse told her that much, but she wondered what he had been doing. Nothing she couldn’t handle. He patted the ground next to him. She approached him and slowly sat down. What she wouldn’t give to just snap his neck right there.

“So, this cure, how does it work?”

“It drains you of your energy and uses it to destroy your central processing unit.”

“So you would kill me...”

“I thought that was what you wanted.” He said carefully. “Though, I would hardly call it killing, it’s simply taking apart a machine, destroying the motherboard of a computer.”

“You are awfully comfortable around me, you know I could snap your neck at any moment.”

“But you won’t.” He said, cheerfully.

It was late now and she had gleaned some interesting information from him. He was the infamous Spur Legacy, one of the most important men in the rebellion, a instigator and a strategist.

“I have two sisters and four brothers. I’m the only one who hasn’t gotten married and had a bunch of kids though!” He said with a laugh.

“Oh.” She said, trying to appear interested. How could he be laughing and telling pointless stories about his life at a time like this? He was right next to the fire but even with the little bit of extra heat, it was still well under 0°F and the gaping wound in his arm probably wasn’t doing him any favors either.

“How about you?” He was saying. “Do- did you have any siblings?”

She started. Her computerized systems glitched.


Lucy was her twin sister. They were so close, they had shared the same chestnut hair and bright brown eyes and protected each other with their lives. Then it happened. The accident. The doctors told her that the only way for her to survive was to go through the still experimental “change”. To have the “ultimate life”. She remembered the irony of the description, it was far from the ultimate life, a more accurate description being the ultimate death. Lucy had said she would have prefered her sister die rather than turn into a monstrosity like that. In the end Lucy got her wish, when her sister came back from the operation she had died and been replaced with this mockery of life. She still loved Lucy but she felt her sister had abandoned her. As the changed twin grew colder in physiology, the human one grew colder in demeanor until conversation was impossible. Wrath and a feeling of betrayal overcame her one day and she stole the light from the formally identical eyes of her twin.

“U-umm...yes, I had a sister once, a twin. But...she is gone now.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” Legacy said, moving closer to her. A dangerous decision. The short burst of out-of-character nostalgia quickly faded into detachment.

“I lost one of my siblings too, I know how much it hurts.” He said, gazing intently at her, his brilliant blue eyes seeming to pierce through her cold countenance. It was all an illusion of course. She couldn’t feel love or pain any more than she could the warmth generated by the dancing yellow and orange flames in front of them. In the firelight she could see that in other conditions, he might have looked quite young and handsome. But now, his smooth skin, tanned by countless hours exposed to the elements was creased with worry and his bright blue eyes were clouded with anxiety and apprehension. His prominent cheekbones adorned alarmingly gaunt cheeks, he looked like just another victim of a dying world’s parasitic desperation.

Suddenly, he leaned in closer and made his most dangerous decision yet, he kissed her. Her first instinct was to plunge her concealed knife deep into his gut, however, not that her actions were synced with the General of the Army, her mechanized brain realized the importance of keeping this man alive and not giving him any reason for suspicion.

He leaned in and their lips met. Unfortunately, so did their teeth. She cringed, she was really out of practice. However, soon she was just as passionate as her companion, not only to keep up her act, it brought back a small spark of her lost humanity. Like breathing, eating, and dreaming-- a luxury given to only best military strategists-- kissing brought back a shadow of her old human feelings. It reminded her of when she used to need to breath, eat, dream, kiss, when she used to be human.

It was over as quickly as it had begun. Then he was mumbling an apology, grabbing his backpack, and stumbling past the banging screen door, its hinge still screaming for oil.

“You are going to freeze over there. Come back, I’ll go.” She said, almost legitimate concern brought on by the kiss leaking into her words. Then her calculating mind overcame the haze of emotion, bringing death back to her soul.

“Stupid humans.” She muttered as she retreated to crumbling, graffitied, highway soundwall a little ways off from the fire.


Here I would like to interject that some people reading this chapter have scoffed and given up on the rest of the book, but I promise, everything will make sense in the end :)

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