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His eyes widened and he gasped, clutching at the fatal wound.

To her surprise, he was smiling as he hit the ground.

“I’m a war hero, my name shall be known forever as the man who killed the great LTG-F4.”

She laughed icely as she got up to leave.

“I didn’t gouge your eyes out...yet, you can see as well as I can, I’m perfectly fine and ready to destroy your entire race.”

“Don’t kid yourself,” He gasped. “You’re incredibly smart, even without the chip in your head. You know your systems are shutting down and you’ve known for a while.”

He was the cause of all this?

She was by his side in a split second, trembling fingers around his neck, inadvertently feeling his slowing pulse.

“What did you do?” She demanded, a mixture of panic and anger creeping into her voice.

“I gave you...the cure.” Legacy choked out, his eyes starting to glaze over. “Elizabeth...if you’re still...in there...somewhere...I love you...and you were worth it...all of...”

She drew back her hand as if she had been burned and frantically crawled backwards as far as she could before collapsing a couple yards off. Her world was crashing down around her. She looked at the lifeless form of the man and a wall seemed to crumble inside her brain, memories started to flood back.


Her best friend.

Her fiance.

A tear slipped out of a long unused tear duct.

It was soon followed by another.

She remembered him holding her hand and trying not to cry as she was wheeled in for the Conversion. She remembered how he was always there to save her, be it from a spider or from getting mugged the first time they met. She smiled at the memory.

Her eyes widened suddenly. The kiss. It had been the kiss. He had somehow transferred the chemical orally. He had saved her one last time with a kiss.

She took a labored breath. Pain shot through her neck down into her ribs, and finally subsided once it had pierced through her spine. She took another breath and went through the whole ordeal again.

Rid of the machinery keeping her alive, her cracked ribs, punctured lungs, and crushed heart were rapidly taking their toll.

She saw the little bit of light that had graced the sky disappearing as evening fell. She knew she would be dead before it had completely fled.

With great effort she extracted her concealed knife from her kevlar vest and started to carve carefully deliberated words into her forearm.

The last letter completed, she fell back in a haze of dizziness and pain.

The cold desolate world around her blurred and swirled across her vision.

She took one last breath and her bleeding heart beat it's last.

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