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GA-F3 coldly observed the scene before him. His calculating mind took in everything he needed to know in a split second.

His former soldier, LTG-F4, converted back to human form, was lying dead on the ground, her broken body intertwined with that of the rebel leader. His dead, grey eyes quickly observed the alarming fact that the humans had indeed perfected their cure. His face remained unchanged, the immutable features cold and hard.

He turned his back on the lovers and signaled for his troops to do the same.

“There is nothing to be done here. It was simply a malfunction; she is of no use to us now. All squads are to report back to base.” He commanded, his deep voice splitting through the icey air.

As they zoomed away from the frozen scene, a light snow started to fall, covering the bride in the white dress she had always dreamed of.

Soon, the frosty crystals began to fall more rapidly, hiding the letters etched into her bloody arm until all that was visible were the words “I am-" and soon those, too, were lost.

The sun slowly winked out. Darkness fell on the two lovers and she was finally at peace.

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