Sacrificial Devotion

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Sacrificial Devotion - Chapter 1: Fruitless Endeavors

I shivered as a gust of wind whooshed by me. Then, out of nowhere, a deafening shriek pierced through my ears like an ice pick. I knew that shriek- it was Alex’s. I grabbed my sword and stood up as fast as I could. The forest was pitch black, and with no fire or light to guide me, I cautiously went into Alex’s tent. She sat up, looking frightened, trembling, holding her head and screaming. I knew what the dream was about. I looked down with tears running down my cheeks, and once again I reminisced about the horrible night our parents died. . .

While we were eating supper, a sudden vomit of thunder and lightning came out of the sky. Boom! My mother and father went rushing out to the balcony, I wanted to go with them but they said I couldn't. They were yelling at each other, but all I could hear were faint murmurs coming out of their mouths. They came inside in such a rapid pace. They told me to go to the sewers to be safe. I begged them to tell me why I had to go to the sewers and what they were talking about outside, but they refused. I rebelled and refused to go to the sewers without them but it was no use. In this family, the final decision is truly final- nothing would change their minds. A flood of tears went out of my eyes. I wasn’t alone; a little girl was sitting down in the sewer sobbing. I asked her why she was sobbing, it was the same reason as mine- safety. After a long night of bloodshed, we came out the next day to look for our parents only to see that the whole city in ruins. Many pale and horrid bodies laid on the ground. We searched for our parents together, we searched under broken roofs, rooms, and stores- nothing. No clue or trace to where we could find them. I simply would never forgive the vampire race.

The birth of vampires started twelve years ago when a scientist experimented on a human trying to create a vampire. The vampire went nuts, escaped the lab and turned other humans into vampires. As the years passed by, the vampire race grew and the world had been turned into a place infested with nasty, disgusting demons. Some humans killed themselves because they couldn't handle the hunger and misery, others worked for master vampires as feeders and were given shelter and food. However, we ordinary humans scavenged for food and lived in practically any place that was safe from those bloodsuckers. The vampire race attacked every city and even established their own city and government. They were superior. Many attempted to bring them down, tried making vampires lose power but they just ended up getting killed. Humans were left on the sewers, hungry and helpless. Alex and I thought that we needed to put an end to the misery of the human race, and find the cure but it feels like we’re not even close to finding it. It feels like we’re just going around in circles.

I sat next to her and patted her back.

“Alex?” I asked.

“Rose! Thank God you're here,” she said, still trembling. She stood up and hugged me. The hug was so tight that I couldn’t even breathe.

“Are You Okay?” I asked.

“Bad dreams again?” She nodded. That night, I held her hand and hugged her while she slept, and then I fell asleep half an hour later. That night, another shriek had awakened me from my sleep.“Please don’t! Ahhh!” It was a woman.

I took my sword out and went outside. It was still dark. There was a sudden scream, I turned around and dashed towards the fence. I looked around, and out of nowhere, a vampire hurled at me. She punched me hard and I fell on the ground. I tried flipping her over but she was really strong. After a final push, I broke free from her grasp. I took my chance and slit her arm with my sword, she shrieked and hissed at me but she stood there raising her hands like the cut was nothing. “Human, you don't stand a chance against me,” she said laughing. Her voice sent shivers through my spine.

“Oh really? I bet I could kill you in less than a minute, wimp!” I replied, trying not to show any fear. Okay, maybe it wasn't a very good idea to taunt a hungry vampire, I thought. I tackled her with all my energy, and slammed her to the ground. She bared her fangs and tried to bite my neck but I dodged and slashed her again with my sword.

“Mmm...Fresh young blood.” she said.

“So what?” I replied.

“You don't really know a lot about vampires do you?” she asked. I stared at her blankly.

“Fresh young blood is the best tasting blood. Most vampires prefer fresh young blood,” she said.

That distracted and frightened me at the same time. I felt the anxiety take over me. I felt overwhelmed by her taunting remark. I stood there dumbfounded, staring at nothing, and out of nowhere she kicked me and once again I fell on the ground. She attempted to bite my neck. My feet and thighs were in pain from the kick I had received. It all happened so fast that I didn't even notice her move. Panicking, I took out my stake and shoved it through her ribs, I pushed it harder and it struck her heart. Her eyes widened with shock. “Ahhh!” she screamed in so much agony. She looked relieved after screaming, as if she was thankful for killing her. The dying vampire smiled, her eyes closed and a single teardrop raced down her face. “Be careful, beware of... Ma--”. She tried warning me but it was too late. “Beware of whom?!” I asked. I looked down at her as she released her last scream before turning into ashes.

“Ugh, stupid vampire gave me a pretty bad scar” I complained. I looked awful. There were blood stains all over my favorite shirt. Tired and worn out, I nonchalantly went back into my tent and groaned. I asked myself as I changed, “She told us to be beware of someone but who could it be?” I kept thinking and thinking for at least a million times before going to bed. The screams finally stopped, and feeling a bit safer, I finally went to sleep.

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