Bohdan the Vampire Ripper

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Incarcerated in a private prison known as the Vampire Zoo, and worshiped by prison groupies, Bohdan the Vampire Ripper longs for the day when he will be set free or die. For years he has been used as a cash cow by the new prison owners as the star attraction, and with the help of an insider escapes to a world he hasn’t seen for over a hundred years. Spanning two centuries and two cultures, this tale follows an obsessed woman who will do anything to have and keep her prize, the most notorious vampire of all time. Follow the adventures of Bohdan the Vampire Ripper and Cara, the woman who tries to save him from himself.

Fantasy / Horror
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Chapter 1

Abilene Kansas, 1875

The bartender watched the stranger avoiding a lap dance from a nude saloon dancer named Penny. She was one of a group of dancers that put on a show each weekend for the local men who spent their days on the range, working long hours under the hot sun. The stranger entered the saloon less than an hour ago and seemed disinterested in the woman who was now grinding her backside into his chest. She was looking for a tip and was getting pissed that she wasn’t getting any response at all.

“What’s wrong buddy? You don’t like girls?” Penny asked.

The stranger raised his hat brim just enough to make eye contact with the woman. “You need to shave,” the stranger replied.

“What the fuck?” Penny asked. “You look like you haven’t had a bath or shave in a month.”

“I haven’t,” the man replied. “Now get me a drink.”

“I’m not a barmaid. If you want a drink, get it yourself,” the woman replied. Frustrated, she spotted another lonely man across the bar, and zeroed in on him.

The stranger then stood up and walked to the bar; dressed in dirty clothes he looked like he hadn’t been out of the countryside in years. Strapped to his waist was a gun belt and pistol, and tied to his belt loop was a bag that contained his money.

“What can I get you?” the bartender asked.

“Beer,” the stranger replied. The bartender popped open a bottle of beer and poured it into a tall glass stopping before the head spilled over. The stranger tossed a coin on the counter and took his beer to his lips for a drink. At room temperature, it had a bite. “I need a girl,” the stranger stated looking over at better looking nude dancer.

“A girl?” the bartender asked.

“You know, to fuck. Not like that dog that was humping me.”

“Oh, those girls are strictly for dancing, they aren’t working girls, those girls are upstairs,” the bartender replied pointing to the rooms that lined the upper floor of the building. “You can get there from the stairs over there,” he added pointing towards the entrance door to the saloon.

“Do I pay you?” the stranger asked.

“No, stop at room number three, knock and talk to the madam that lives there, she’ll hook you up.”

“Thanks,” the stranger replied and took a long chug of his beer finishing it off in three swallows. He set the mug on the counter and walked over to the stairs. As he crossed the room, all eyes were on him watching to see what he would do. No one had ever seen this man before and strangers were often bad news for whoever they met. It didn’t take long for the stranger to climb the stairs to the balcony above and find room three. He knocked on the door and waited for the madam to respond.

The door opened and a woman answered the door. The stranger expected to see an old woman with no teeth and an angry disposition, but what he met looked more like a school teacher.

“What can I do for you?” the madam asked. She knew the answer, but was being polite.

“I need a woman,” the stranger replied.

“I see, step inside so we can talk.”

The stranger stepped inside the room and closed the door behind him. He took a quick look around at the room and noticed a very feminine touch. Lots of frilly decorations filled the space and dolls sat like they were waiting for a party.

“What kind of girl are you looking for?” the madam asked.

“Don’t matter, I need to get laid,” the stranger replied.

“I have several girls I can set you up with, do you like a large girl? Or maybe a petite one? I have a set of twins if you like, you have to pay double, but it’s worth it.”

“How much?”

“Depends on the girl, if you want a white girl its one dollar, if you want a Mexican or black, its twenty five cents. The twins are expensive, they get a dollar and a half each.”

The stranger stood and thought for a moment. He looked around again at the decorations that filled the room and felt his money bag. “I’ll take a Mexican,” he replied.

“I have three, Maria, Anna and Claudia. Would you like to take a look?”

“Yes,” the stranger replied. He was getting frustrated and felt like he was getting the run around.

“Follow me,” the madam said and walked to the door. As she passed the stranger, she brushed up against his money bag to try to feel how much he was carrying. She led the stranger down the balcony to room five and entered the room. Sitting on the bed was a Hispanic woman dressed only in a long shirt, two others were lying on the bed talking when they noticed the stranger and madam enter and stood up in attention. “These are my Mexican girls,” the madam stated holding out her hand as to offer them up.

“Which one is the best one?”

“They all do a very good job,” the madam replied.

“They look like they’re twelve years old.”

“I think Maria is fourteen, right Maria?” the madam asked.

“Yes ma’am” Maria replied.

The stranger smiled and rubbed his crotch. “I’ll take Maria,” he said. “And her as well,” he added pointing to Claudia.

“That will be fifty cents,” the madam said.

The stranger stood for a moment like he was lost in thought. “I changed my mind, I’ll take Maria, that’s all.”

“I can make you a deal, I can give you all three girls for fifty cents.”

“No, I just want the one,” the stranger replied.

“Alright, I need twenty five cents then,” the madam stated holding out her hand.

The stranger fished into his money bag and pulled out a coin. He placed it in the madam’s hand and waited for the other women to leave.

“You have one hour,” the madam said and motioned for Claudia and Anna to follow her outside.

Once the door was shut, the stranger stood staring at Maria like she was the last meal to a starving man. He didn’t move, he just seemed to be thinking and this scared Maria.

“What’s wrong?” Maria asked in her thick Hispanic accent.

“Strip,” the stranger said. Like he was talking to a slave.

Maria pulled her long shirt over her head and tossed it on the bed. She stood naked across the room nervously trying not to shake.

“Are you scared of me?” he asked.

“You make me nervous, yes,” Maria asked.


“You’re so quiet, I don’t understand you.”

“I paid to fuck you, what’s there to understand?”

“Most of the men who come here don’t look at me like you do. They do their business and leave.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do my business and leave as well. I just like to take a look at what I’m paying for before I start. I have an hour and it won’t take me that long to do what I came for.”

“Fine, you look then, let me know when you want to get started.”

“Do you usually have long conversations with the men you fuck? I mean really, you are just a slab of meat to most of them. Do you really think they want to talk to a dirty Mexican whore?”

“I’ve only talked to you. None of the others ever say anything, they just crawl on top of me and do what they paid to do,” Maria replied.

“Dirty Mexican whore,” the stranger repeated, as if he was trying to get a rise of her.

“I do this so I can feed my family, I am no whore,” Maria replied.

“Can’t you get a job washing clothes? Or cooking? Why be a dog for any man that will pay?”

“It’s hard finding work, especially work that pays. I have to help support my family.”

“Were those other two girls your family?”

“Yes, Claudia is my sister, Anna is my cousin.”

“Fuck, if I’d of known that, I’d of kept Claudia here. I’d love to watch two sisters go at each other. You ever fuck your sister?”

“Please, can we get on with this?”

The stranger was getting aroused, teasing Maria about having sex with her sister. He was having more fun taunting her than he would ever having sex with her. “What’s the best thing about your sister?”

“What do you mean?” Maria asked.

“I didn’t get a good look at her, does she have nice tits?”

“I’m not interested in women, especially my own sister.”

“I think I’ll pay a little extra so I can watch you two on the bed, what do you think about that?”

“I won’t do it,” Maria replied.

“No?” the stranger asked. He expected this answer, but used it to taunt Maria some more. “Maybe you’d like to watch me fuck your sister, would you like that?”

“No, this is a job to me. I don’t enjoy this at all.”

The stranger stepped over to Maria and came in close, close enough to touch her. He put out his hand and caressed her right breast with his dirty hand. He made circles around her nipples and then looked up into her eyes. “What do you do best?” he asked.

“I lay on my back and let the man do what he wants, that’s all,” Maria replied.

“You don’t suck dick? Or give hand jobs or anything?” the stranger asked, still taunting Maria.

Maria didn’t reply.

“What? Did I hit a nerve? I guess you do more than lie on your back and take it. I want something extra,” the stranger said. “Ever take it in the ass?”

Maria looked at the stranger with horror in her eyes. She knew if she didn’t do what he wanted, the madam would punish her or put her out of work. But the idea of taking him that way scared her, she had never done it that way before. “No, I haven’t,” she replied.

“Good, there’s a first time for everything,” the stranger said as he pushed Maria back onto the bed. “Up on all fours,” he demanded.

Maria crawled up onto the bed and assumed the position. She put her head down and offered up her ass to the stranger who was now undressing. She closed her eyes and waited for the man to enter her when she felt his hand grab her by her hips. He was now in position behind her and felt him try to enter her dry. The pain was incredible, and with every thrust the man cursed her for being a dirty filthy Mexican whore who would let him take her this way for pay.

“Stop!” Maria cried out. “It hurts!”

The stranger continued to push, trying to enter Maria from behind until he finally gave up and sat back on his heels. Maria was relieved that the man had given up and was hoping he’d do like the other men and turn her over and fuck her and get it over. Instead, she felt him grab her by the neck and pull her upright. He wrapped his arm around her chest and thrust his fangs into her neck while covering her mouth with his other hand. For the next few minutes, the stranger, a vampire sucked the blood from Maria’s neck and let her limp body drop down onto the bed in a heap.

He stood up and pulled up his pants fixing his belt and readjusting himself. He wasn’t done with her, he pulled a knife from his pants and walked over to Maria’s dying body. He flipped her over on her back and mounted her with a leg on each side of her hips. He looked down at her vacant stare and pressed the tip of his knife below her sternum. With a quick thrust, he shoved the knife into her belly and sliced down until he hit her pelvis bone.

Then with his left hand, he reached into her bowels and pulled out her intestines and laid them on the bed. Once he had them out as far as they would go, he used the knife to cut them free and pushed them onto the floor. He now had access to her ribcage and once again reached inside to find her heart. Once he had hold of the organ, he brought in the knife with the other hand and cut the vessels until he was able to remove her heart and place it on the bed next to the dead prostitute.

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