Bohdan the Vampire Ripper

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Steve took off to the warden’s office while Cara left to free Bohdan. The tourists on the trams were now roaming the tunnels unable to escape, scared for their lives and the vampires were now regaining consciousness. The prison was on lockdown as Steve controlled all systems from various control panels throughout the pods, and the authorities were now on their way to evaluate the situation. The shit had hit the fan.

Steve found his way to the warden’s office and reached for the doorknob, it was locked. He fished out his master key from his massive key ring and popped open the door. He found Kathy sitting behind her desk holding a pen like a knife. Steve smiled and entered the room. “What are you going to do with that?” Steve asked.

“What’s going on?” Kathy asked. She was a bit dizzy from the gas that had found its way into her office. She got a small amount and was becoming more lucid every second.

“I gassed the place,” Steve replied. “Except for your office. Some of the gas must have seeped in through the doorjamb.”

“Why did you gas the prison? Is anyone alive?”

“You’re the only human besides me and Cara that I know is alive. Your assistant is lying on the floor next to her desk, I suppose she’d dead. Good thing for you, your door was shut. What were you doing in here? Banging it?” Steve asked with a smile.

“You didn’t answer my question, why?”

“So I could take it over bitch,” Steve replied. “Cara and I are going to run this place.”

“Cara? The nurse?”

“Yeah, she has a hard on for Bohdan.”

“What are you going to do with me?” Kathy asked.

“That’s a good question considering that you just demoted me, and made me feel two inches tall.”

“Alex wanted to fire you, I suggested the demotion.”

“Oh, isn’t that nice, you saved me from big bad Alex.”

“Yes I did, please take that into consideration before you do anything to me.”

“Why does everything you say sound like a job interview? Talk like a normal person,” Steve said.

“I’m the warden, I am a professional,” Kathy replied.

“Alright, well first, put down that pen. If I want to fuck you up, I’ll use an office chair and beat you till you drop it.”

Kathy put down the pen.

“Next, you’re coming with me.”

“Where are you taking me?” Kathy asked.

“To the commons, we’re going to have a meeting there soon.”

“Meeting, with who?”

“A shit load of vampires and a crap load of tourists who are in for a big surprise,” Steve said.

Cara opened Bohdan’s cell door. Steve had unlocked them after locking all the exits out of the prison. She found Bohdan sitting in the corner holding his head like he was hurt.

“Are you ok?” Cara asked.

Bohdan looked up at the nurse, squinting his eyes and gritting his teeth. “I have a headache like you wouldn’t believe,” Bohdan replied.

“I believe you, gas can do that,” Cara replied.


“Me and a friend gassed the prison, all the staff are dead except for a few.”

“What about the tourists?” Bohdan asked.

“They’re fine, they have a separate ventilation system. Right now they’re roaming the tram tunnels looking for a way out. We need to get to the commons before they panic and start hurting themselves.”

Cara helped Bohdan stand and led him out of the cell, down the hall and towards the commons where they met Steve and the warden. It was quiet, with a few random bodies lying on the floor. A few guards, and some kitchen workers were scattered around the room dead.

“I see you found your boyfriend,” Steve said.

“And you found your girlfriend,” Cara replied. “Where is the emergency tram door exit?” Cara asked.

“Over here,” Steve said leading the group to what looked like a bare wall. As they got closer, Cara could see the outline of a hatch door with a keyhole. Steve fished out his keys but couldn’t find the correct key. “Fuck,” Steve said. “I’ll have to do it from the pod.” Steve took off across the room to the locked pod where the guards monitored the inmates on closed circuit television. He punched in a code and stepped inside. Once he had access to the control panel, he punched a few buttons and a light lit up on the emergency tram door. Steve spoke into a microphone that sounded all across the commons with an echo telling Cara to try the door.

Cara stepped over and pulled on a recessed hand hold and the door popped open with a hiss. It seemed the tram tunnel was slightly pressurized and when the door opened, the air escaped into the commons. Now the tourists could get out of the tunnel if they could find the door. Steve ran back over and stepped into the tram tunnel being careful not to step on the track. One wrong move and he could twist an ankle or fall on his face.

“Do you see anything?” Cara asked.

“No, but I hear voices,” Steve said. “Sound carries a long way in a tunnel like this. They could be hundreds of yards away.”

“How long is the tram?”

“It runs the full length of the prison. It has to be a quarter mile from end to end.”

“So how do we get them to find us?”

“They will eventually,” Steve said. “Be patient, they will roam around until they find a way out, and this is it.”

Kathy spoke up, “What are you going to do when they find the door?”

“We’re going to keep them here in the commons,” Steve said.

“What about the vampires?” Kathy asked. “Can you keep them out of here?”

“Not any longer, the gates are unlocked, it’s too late.”

“I see Bohdan is here, did you unlock all the cells?” Kathy asked.

Steve stood dumfounded for a moment.

“Did you unlock his cell only, or all the cells?”

“All of them,” Steve replied.


“I don’t know, I thought I was supposed to,” Steve replied.

“Now you see why I demoted you,” Kathy said. “You’re going to have forty six vampires running around in this building with thirty six tourists. What do you think will happen?

“I can lock the tourists up in the guard pods,” Steve replied.

“Or we can get the fuck out of here,” Kathy said.

“There’s only one way out and that’s the tunnel system in the basement.”

“Wait a second,” Cara said. “I didn’t plan this so we could all run. I planned this so we could live independently. The vampires will feed on the tourists, but not kill them. We will run this prison as our new home.”

“Are you fucking nuts?” Kathy asked. “Do you think criminals will play by your rules? These inmates may be vampires, but they are also convinced murderers. They won’t do what you want them to, they will kill all the tourists and then try to escape.”

Steve heard sounds coming from the door to the tram tunnel. Voices that got louder and louder. He stepped over to the door and shouted, telling the tourists to come his way. He heard shouting in return and then the sounds of the rumbling of footsteps on the tracks.

“They’re coming,” Steve said.

The commons quickly filled with scared and angry tourists. Steve put five in the guard pod and watched as more and more came out of the escape door and filled the room. He did a quick head count and found that all thirty six had found their way out of the tunnel and into the commons. Probably the most unsafe place they could be. The tourists made all kinds of sounds, mostly yelling and screaming that they wanted to leave. Cara didn’t realize that the crowd would become this agitated and decided to address them over the com system. She was joined in the pod by Kathy, Bohdan and Steve, who showed her how to use the public address.

“Everyone listen up!” Cara said over the microphone. Her voice carried across the speakers throughout the commons and most of the first floor. “You need to all calm down!”

The crowd quieted for the most part. At least now someone seemed to be in charge and was telling them what was going on.

“We need to get all of you into the guard pods for your safety. There has been a breach of security and your lives are in danger.”

From inside the pod, Cara could hear the muffled sounds of the tourists yelling. They were scared, frustrated and pissed. Then she saw a group of vampires standing in the hall entrance at the rear right behind the tourists, almost out of view. She quickly scanned to her left to the other commons entrance and saw a few more. The sounds they were making were like a homing beacon to the vampires who were now running loose in the building.

“Do you see that?” Cara asked pointing to the back of the commons.

Steve looked to where Cara was pointing and back at her. “Fuck, how many are there?”

“I see five or six, and look over there at the other door.”

Steve did a quick count. “There are at least ten there. Holy shit, there is going to be a bloodbath.

“Attention everyone,” Cara said over the speakers. She didn’t know what to say now that she had spoken into the microphone. There wasn’t anything she could do to save anyone. The guard pods were located at various points all over the prison, and if she could get the tourists to them, she had no way to get them inside in time. The people standing like sheep in the commons awaited her next comment, but nothing came.

In the blink of an eye, the commons filled with vampires looking for an easy target. Like fish in a barrel, the tourists were torn apart, shredded and killed as the vampires fed on them, one after another until the room filled with bodies bleeding out across the white tile floor.

From inside the pod, the remaining nine humans watched from the safety of the locked door and three inch thick safety glass as everyone else was killed and fed upon. The vampires, almost drunk with blood, sauntered around the commons looking for anyone they missed. It was overkill, as there would have been enough humans to last for months, and now they were all dead.

It didn’t take long for a few of the vampires to notice the remaining nine standing in the pod looking out at them. The vampires, drenched in fresh blood, tried to open the pod door to no avail. They knew from experience that they wouldn’t be able to get inside, but with the new feeling of unlimited power, they tried anyway.

Bohdan spoke up,” I’m ashamed to call myself a vampire.”

Almost unable to speak, Steve replied,” Unfucking believable. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.”

Cara knew her plan was fucked, and she was too ashamed to talk about what just happened.

But Kathy had a few digs for her. “What’s your plan now Cara?” Kathy asked in the most condescending tone she could muster.

“I don’t know,” Cara replied.

“What a stupid cunt,” Kathy said. “Now we’re all going to die.”

“You were supposed to be dead by now anyway,” Cara snapped back. “You’re lucky the gas didn’t kill you.”

“No, from the looks of it, I’m not lucky at all. Now I’ll starve to death in this pod, or suffocate, who knows?”

Steve spoke up, “You won’t suffocate, and there is plenty of air coming in here. But starvation, that’s a possibility.”

“Maybe Bohdan the Vampire Ripper can save us all,” Kathy said. “He’s one of them.”

Bohdan looked to Kathy and bit his lip. He wanted to lay into the bitch but kept his comments about her to himself. “There is a very small chance I could be of assistance, we’ll have to see how this plays out.”

“See, that’s what good management does,” Kathy replied.

Steve shoved Kathy back against the glass and glared at her. “Don’t push it bitch,” he said and turned back to face the mayhem lying on the commons floor.

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