Bohdan the Vampire Ripper

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Four in the morning Bohdan looked around the pod and saw that everyone was asleep. It was ten hours since the vent was turned off and the room was filling with carbon monoxide slowly killing everyone inside. Bohdan saw his chance and decided to take it, he crawled over to Cindy, who was fast asleep and sunk his teeth into her neck and fed off her. Nobody in the pod heard or noticed a thing as he slowly killed her.

When Bohdan finished, he decided it was time to leave. He needed Steve’s keys, so he stood up and walked over and took them. While he was looking for the keys he found his pliers and a pocket knife. He took those as well. Now that he had a knife, a thought crossed his mind, it had been over a hundred years since he gutted a woman, and Cindy’s lifeless body lay on the floor of the pod waiting for him.

For the next ten minutes, Bohdan stripped Cindy and cut out her bowls dumping them on the floor and spreading them around the pod. Still nobody opened an eye or noticed a thing. The gas in the pod affected Bohdan, but as a vampire, it couldn’t kill him. As he looked around the room, he thought about taking one of the humans with him. Not sure why, maybe just for company, but now he needed to make a decision. He had an issue with females, but decided he didn’t want a male who might try to fight him later on. A woman would be who he picked, but which one?

Then he realized that Cara would be the only female that wouldn’t try to leave him. He had grown tired of Cara, and at one point offered her up to the vampires, but she was still the best pick of the remaining four. But before he could take her, he needed to open the pod door, so he took the pliers and forced out the locking pin on one of the doors and removed it from the door completely. In the process, he bent the pin enough that it wouldn’t go back into the lock channel. The door was permanently open.

Bohdan set the pin on the pod console as a token and grabbed Cara by her shirt dragging her out of the pod. The commons was quiet, and it was still dark outside the windows. There were no vampires in sight. With the keys, pliers and knife in his pocket, Bohdan lifted Cara and slung her over his shoulder and left the pod for good. He left the door open so the vampires would know they had a free breakfast when they returned. In doing so, he let in fresh air.

Six o’clock in the morning Kathy woke groggy with a headache and felt something wet on her face. She touched her face and looked at what was on her hand, it was blood. She sat up quickly and looked at her shirt and skirt and saw she was covered with blood and bits of tissue. “What the fuck!” She yelled.

Steve woke quickly and replied, “What’s going on?” He saw Kathy a few feet away with blood all over her clothes and face. He touched his own face but felt no blood, but then saw small intestines lying on the console with a large section dangling off the side onto the floor. He looked around and saw Cindy’s body, lying on its back, split open from sternum to pelvis. Her bowels were gone. He then did a quick head count and noticed Cara and Bohdan were both missing and the door to the pod was wide open. “Close the door,” Steve said.

Kathy scrambled over to the pod door and shut it.

By this time, everyone in the pod was awake and aware something very bad had happened while they were sleeping. They were still groggy, and recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning, but were becoming more lucid every minute.

Kent stood up when he saw Cindy’s body on the floor and her intestines strewn about the room He was very squeamish for a large man. “What the hell is going on?” Kent asked. “When did that happen?”

Steve replied, “Sometime last night. Cara and Bohdan are gone and they left the pod door open.” Steve looked to Kathy, “Did you lock the door?”

Kathy shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know how to lock it.”

“Move the slide bar into the lock, quick, before the vampires show up.”

“You do it, I’m not a mechanic!” Kathy replied.

Steve moved over to the pod door and put his finger into the slot where he had pulled back the cover with his pliers the day before. He reached inside and noticed the lock bar was missing. “Holy shit,” Steve said. ’The lock bar is gone.” He turned around and immediately noticed the lock bar sitting on top of the pod console. He stepped over and picked it up and saw that it was bent, bent enough that it probably wouldn’t fit back in the lock slot it came from. He walked back to the pod door and tried to put it back, but it was no use, the slide bar was bent too far out of shape to return.

“Did you get it?” Kent asked.

Steve turned around and showed the bar to Kent. “No, it won’t go back in.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means the door won’t lock, no matter what we do.”

“Can they tell from the outside?”

Steve thought for a second. “No, as long as the door is shut, they won’t be able to tell the locks broken.

Then Kathy spoke up, “But they will notice that Bohdan and Cara are missing, and they will might try the door.

“They won’t have any reason to think we didn’t relock the door,” Steve replied.

“If I were them, I’d try the door anyway,” Kathy said. “Especially if I saw this mess.”

“Mess? That’s what you call the remains of a fellow human?” Kent asked.

“She’s dead and now she’s going to rot in here. The air still is off and we will use our new fresh air supply very soon. It won’t be long before she starts to decay and stink up the place. We’re no better off now than we were yesterday.”

Ted spoke up, “We should go now, while the vampires are sleeping.”

“That’s not a bad idea,” Paula replied.

Then Steve felt his pockets, almost out of instinct and noticed his keys were missing. “Holy shit, my keys are gone!” Steve said.

“Did you misplace them?” Paula asked.

Steve did another check, then another. “No, that fucking vampire took them, now if we escaped from here, I can’t open any of the doors. I can’t get to maintenance and to the tunnels!”

Ted said, “That son of a bitch.”

Kent leaned back against the pod wall and closed his eyes. “We went from having no chance to less than that. We might as well walk out of the pod and wait for the vampires to come.”

“I’m not waiting to die,” Ted said. “I’m taking my chances on my own.”

The sediment in the pod was that Ted was right, if they were going to survive at all, they needed to leave and try to find a way out. Chances were slim to none, but they were better than waiting to die in the pod. Then Kent saw something through the pod window by the north hall that connected to the commons. It was a vampire entering the room. Chills ran up Kent’s spine knowing how exposed he was. “Look, over there,” Kent said without pointing.

“Shit, looks like our luck just ran out,” Paula said.

Ted replied, “Act like nothing happened.”

The vampire walked over to the pod and looked through the window inside. His eyes scanned back and forth and it was evident he knew something was wrong. He moved in close and almost pressed up against the glass trying to get a better look. And then he smiled.

Ted stepped over to the window and banged on the glass. It barely made a sound on the outside, but was enough to get the vampires attention. “Get the fuck away!” Ted shouted.

“He can’t hear you unless you press the page button,” Steve said.

Ted stepped over to the console and saw the page button had a section of Cindy’s large intestine laying on it. He was pissed enough that he used his foot to kick the organ onto the floor and press the page button. “Get the fuck out of here!”

The commons filled with the sound of Ted’s voice yelling at the lone vampire echoing in the halls.

With the communications button on, the vampire could be heard inside the pod. “What happened in there?” the vampire asked. “Looks like one of you exploded.”

“None of your business,” Ted replied. “Go back to where ever you came from.”

“You telling me what to do? That’s funny.”

Ted had no recourse and trying to intimidate this vampire wasn’t working. Then the vampire saw the blood trail that Bohdan left when he exited the pod. Cindy’s blood was all over him when he walked through the commons leaving a trail that led back to the unlocked pod door. The vampire stepped over to the blood trail and saw how it started heavy at the door and lightened up to a smear at the other side of the room. For some reason, the vampire grabbed the door handle and pulled. To everyone’s shock and horror, the door opened allowing the vampire to see inside.

Nobody tried to hold the door shut, it was as if they had given up. They knew it was a matter of time before one of the vampires tried the door again, maybe out of curiosity, but now it was too late to go back. Vampires had far more strength, and it would have taken all of them together to hold the door closed. And that would have only been until they tired, or another vampire came along to assist.

“Look what I found,” the vampire said with a grin. “Looks like I have breakfast.”

“Don’t do this,” Ted said, knowing full well the vampire would ignore his plea.

“The only question I have is this. Do I take one of you now for myself? Or do I go tell the other vampires before you all get too far away? I’m starving.”

Then Kent had an idea. Now that he knew he was a vampire, he might be able to do something, what exactly he didn’t know, but he had one chance and he needed to take it. So he stepped out of the pod and tried to intimidate the vampire with his size. “Back off,” Kent said.

“Who are you to tell me what to do?” the vampire asked.

“I’m a vampire,” Kent replied. “You can’t do anything to me.”

“Is that so?”

Kent was bluffing, but he was doing his best to save himself. He didn’t reply, just shook his head and folded his arms across his chest trying to look as intimidating as he could.

“Are you the one who tore that woman apart?” the vampire asked.

Kent stood stoic, not replying.

“If you did, you did a pretty shitty job. Look at the mess you made.”

“I don’t need your critique,” Kent replied.

“So you did kill her?”

“Yes,” Kent replied.

“So you wanted to keep all these humans for yourself? That’s kind of selfish don’t you think?”

“These are mine, go get your own.”

“I’m sure I’m not the only vampire here who thinks you should share. I imagine there will be more coming soon enough. It is getting to be sunrise. I realize most vampires despise sunrise, but they have us trained here to be on the human schedule, not our own. Why don’t you give up one, and I’ll pretend that we never met.”

“You can have what’s left of the dead one,” Kent said.

“What good is a dead one? You took all the good parts. I don’t want your scraps. Let me have the tall one in the back.”

Kent knew the vampire was talking about Ted’s wife Paula. “I don’t think Ted will approve.”

“Who is Ted?”

“That’s her husband.”

“Fine, I don’t care, send me one that isn’t married.”

Kent was stuck, his bluff was going nowhere fast. He was putting off the inevitable for as long as he could; as they would all be dead in an hour. Then he saw more vampires enter the commons from the hall and now there were six or seven heading his way. Now the shit would hit the fan.

From inside the pod, Steve watched the vampires walk over towards him. He knew they saw that the pod door was open so they picked up speed and joined the vampire that was talking to Kent outside the door. Then Steve saw a vampire push Kent aside and enter the pod. Then another until the room was filled.

For the next ten minutes, the vampires tore the humans in the pod apart feeding on them. Kent stood aside and watched as more vampires entered the pod and doused the screams and lives of those trapped inside. Now the only human left was Cara who was being dragged down the hall by Bohdan. He was looking for a way to the tunnels to escape.

By nine in the morning, the commons were filled with vampires and the pod ran red onto the white tile floor. It continued out the pod door and into the hall. Kent sat at a table and pondered his fate. He thought they’d kill him as well, but being a vampire saved him for now.

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