Bohdan the Vampire Ripper

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Bohdan, Ashley and Cara moved in close to the cabins and listened to hear the sounds of voices, or movement. All they saw was two dark cabins and bodies lying on the ground. Then they saw a figure move as it crawled out of the cabin on the left. From the way it was moving, it looked like Isaac and he was hurt.

“What should we do?’ Cara asked.

Bohdan signaled for the women to follow him. The group of three slowly walked over to the man and recognized Isaac and saw he was bloody and in pain. Trying not to spook him, Bohdan asked him, “Where are the guns?”

Isaac looked up at Bohdan and replied, “In the cabin, I used the last shot.”

“Are there anyone else with a gun out here?”

“Not anymore,” Isaac replied. “There are two girls in that cabin, the rest are all dead.”

“They’re unarmed? Good.”

“As far as I know,” Isaac replied.

Cara asked, “Can you feed on dead bodies?”

“Yes, if they’re fresh, I prefer feed on live humans.”

“How long can you feed off of these bodies? How long is fresh?”

Bohdan looked around at the two bodies he passed on his way to the cabin. “A few hours,” Bohdan replied.

“Good, you better start feeding before they spoil.”

“Who are you to tell me what to do?”

“I’m a nurse, I’m trying to help.”

“Did you hear what Isaac said? There are two girls in the cabin, I will feed on them.”

Stunned by what Bohdan said, Cara replied, “They’re girls, you don’t have to feed on them. You have plenty of blood out here going to waste.”

“I like girls,” Bohdan said.

Ashley spoke up, “What do you mean you like girls?”

Cara said, “Bohdan was in prison for raping and mutilating women.”

“No one ever proved I raped anyone,” Bohdan said.

“Back in those days it was almost impossible to prove that, did you rape them?”

Bohdan was silent.

“You seem to be so proud to be Bohdan the Vampire Ripper, but Bohdan the Vampire rapist doesn’t have the same ring to it?” Cara asked.

“Yes, I raped them as well,” Bohdan said. He didn’t seem to gloat on the subject, he said it as a matter of fact.

“I’m not going to stand here and let you go in there and rape two innocent girls,” Cara said.

Ashley said,” I’m not either. You need to feed on the bodies that are already dead.”

Bohdan looked at the women like they said the most absurd thing he had ever heard. “Are you telling me what to do?” Bohdan asked. He grinned and shook his head.

“I will defend a child,” Ashley said. “I was hired to end a standoff, but I’ll end you for free.”

“And how do you intend to do that?” Bohdan asked. “I’m stronger, faster and immortal.”

“You’re not immortal, you know that,” Ashley said. “I’ve killed and seen enough vampires killed to know that.”

“Maybe so, but you can’t stop me, nor her. The two of you together are no match for me. I should kill you both, and then rape and feed on the two girls in the cabin. Then I can tear them apart like I love to do when I’m finished.”

Cara looked to Ashley for support. She knew Ashley had killed vampires before and hoped she had some plan, or way to stop Bohdan in his tracks. Ashley saw the look Cara was giving and tried to think of something. She fumbled with her tool belt looking for an answer.

“You have something in your bag that will stop me?” Bohdan asked. He almost laughed.

Ashley pulled out a small box and held it up to Bohdan’s face and pressed a button on the side. A small red light lit up and Bohdan’s face turned a slight tint of orange.

“What is that toy?” Bohdan asked.

Ashley waited to see if the machine would do its job. It was an ultraviolet light that normally burned the skin of most vampires. It had little to no effect on Bohdan.

“Are you trying to give me a suntan?” Bohdan asked.

Frustrated, Ashley put the box back on her belt and grabbed a bottle from the other side. She unscrewed the lid and pressed on the top shooting a liquid onto Bohdan’s face. Again, nothing.”
“What was that?” Bohdan asked.

“Fucking holy water,” Ashley replied.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. They actually gave you holy water to use against vampires?”

“I’ve used it before, and it works.”

“Did you check the expiration date? You may need to get it blessed again,” Bohdan said. This time he laughed out loud. “What other tricks did your company give you?”

Ashley put the holy water back on her belt and pulled out another gadget about the size of a pack of cigarettes. This time she didn’t point it at anyone, just turned it on and waited to see if anything happened. Then Bohdan rubbed his forehead and seemed to be losing his balance.

“That one hurts a little, what is it?” Bohdan asked.

“Subsonic radio transmitter,” Ashley replied. “Has a limited effect on vampires.”

“It’s giving me a headache,” Bohdan said. “You can turn it off now.”

Seeing that Bohdan was affected, Ashley decided to make an attempt to render Bohdan incapacitated. She pulled some flex cuffs from her belt and approached Bohdan like she was arresting a perp at a bank holdup. Bohdan swatted at her and struck her in the chest knocking her to the ground. It felt like she broke a few ribs on the way down.

“What are you doing you stupid bitch?” Bohdan asked. “You can’t tie me up, you have to try harder.” Bohdan stepped over and stomped on the box that was emitting the radio signal breaking it into several pieces. “I’m tired of your toys, give me your belt.”

Ashley pushed herself away from Bohdan crawling like a crab on all fours. She wasn’t going to give up her tools that easily.

Bohdan stepped towards Ashley and then stopped. “If that’s the best you have, then keep them. You’re company is a joke. They have no idea how to stop a vampire. I’m surprised you haven’t been killed yet.”

Ashley knew a lot of the agents she supervised had been killed over the years. And there had been rumors that the tools they had been given to use against the vampires were either ineffective or broke to begin with. And now she saw firsthand that the rumors were true and her life was on the line.

“I should feed on you first,” Bohdan said. “I could save the girls for later, a desert let’s say.”

“You won’t feed on me,” Ashley said. “My blood will make you sick.”

“And why do you say that?” Bohdan asked. He was getting bored with this woman.

“I’ve had shots that turn my blood into something vampires can’t drink. It makes my blood taste bad to them.” Ashley didn’t want to tell him the shots had a limited effect which faded over time. Basically she was bluffing.

“If that were the case, why don’t all humans get the shot? There are thousands of vampires running around,” Bohdan asked.

“It’s expensive, only agents get the shots.”

“Tell me about your agency?” Bohdan asked. “What is it exactly you do?”

Ashley needed time to stall and this was a prime opportunity. “We do the same thing that police do with gangs, only we do it with vampires.”

“So you’re some sort of vampire hit squad,” Bohdan said. “How much do you charge?”

“I don’t know, I don’t work in the business end, I’m in law enforcement.”

“I think what you do is needed, I’ve known a lot of very bad vampires in my day. I wouldn’t want your job. It’s too bad your agency is so cheap.”

“The tools they give us are top of the line and cutting edge,” Ashley said.

“A spray bottle filled with holy water is neither top of the line or cutting edge. It’s based on fairy tales and fantasy. I know of vampires who’ve fed on priests, even drank holy water out of spite. They used to sit a few tables down from me at lunch in the commons.”

“Holy water is considered a last resort, that’s why I tried it last,” Ashley said.

Bohdan looked over at the cabin. “I don’t have a watch, what time do you think it is?”

Cara looked at her watch, “Four thirty,” she replied.

“The sun should be coming up in a few hours,” Bohdan said. “I better get to feeding.”

Cara and Ashley watched Bohdan walk over to the cabin and open the door. They expected a shotgun blast but heard and saw nothing. Bohdan hesitated for a moment and then stepped inside the cabin. A faint light lit up the room from the embers in the fireplace. More than enough light for Bohdan to see the two girls huddling in the corner. Both were dressed in nightgowns and neither looked older than sixteen years old.

“Girls, come here,” Bohdan said waving them over with his hand.

The girls didn’t move, Bohdan didn’t really expect them too. He wanted to get their attention without scaring them. Seeing that they were still cowering in the corner, Bohdan pulled a few split logs from the wood pile and tossed them onto the glowing embers kicking up sparks that shot up the chimney. He stood watching the logs catch fire, lighting up the room more so the girls could see him.

“I would say you have nothing to fear, but that would be lying,” Bohdan said. “You both need to come over here before I come get you. You don’t want me to come over there.”

The girls slowly stood up and walked closer to Bohdan. They both were about the same age, long brown hair and dressed in full length nightgowns.

“That’s better,” Bohdan said. “What are your names?” he asked.

“Clarissa,” the closer girl replied, “And this is my sister Anne.”

Clarissa and Anne,” Bohdan said. “What nice names you have. Tell me something, how old are you?”

“I’m sixteen, Anne is twelve,” Clarissa replied.

“Sixteen?” Bohdan asked. “I’ve never had a sixteen year old before.”

“What do you mean?” Clarissa asked.

“Lift up your dress,” Bohdan said.

Clarissa was shocked at what Bohdan asked her to do, she acted like she didn’t hear what he asked.

“I know you heard me, lift up your dress.”

Clarissa backed away pulling her sister with her. “I won’t do it,” she said.

Bohdan began unbuttoning his orange jumpsuit salivating at the idea of raping these two girls. “If you don’t do what I say, I’ll make it hurt so bad you will wish you had.” Bohdan had every intention of killing them both when he was done anyway, and tearing them apart.

Anne stepped forward and tugged up on her gown when Clarissa stepped up from behind her and tried to pull her back.

“Don’t” Anne said. “We should do what he says, then he won’t hurt us.”

“He’s lying, he’s going to have his way with us and kill us,” Clarissa said.

Then a voice called out from the doorway, it was Cara. “If you want to fuck someone, fuck me. I’ve wanted to be with you since the first time I saw you.”

Bohdan turned to the doorway and looked at Cara in her nurse’s scrubs. “You’re too old. And I’ve tried you before.”

“I’m only thirty seven,” Cara replied. “And it will work this time.”

“And this girl is twelve, did you hear that? I said twelve, do you know what it’s like to fuck a twelve year old girl?” Bohdan asked. He was getting excited, the most excited Cara had ever seen him get before.

Cara slipped off her scrubs and approached Bohdan naked. For a woman of thirty seven, she had a body no man could turn down. “I will give you anything you want,” Cara said. Her smooth skin lit up in the light of the fireplace.

Bohdan looked upon Cara and again hesitated. He wanted the twelve year old girl, but was now presented with a woman. A woman with breasts and hips, not like a girl who had nothing to offer but her age.

“I’ll get to you when I’m done with them,” Bohdan said.

“No, it’s me now or never. You won’t get this offer again.”

“You are obsessed with me, I could have had you whenever I wanted. Don’t act like you’re withholding anything.”

Cara’s bluff was called. She indeed would have given Bohdan sex at any time he asked. The problem was that he never asked and she knew it. She had no power and no control and now these two girls were destined to be raped and killed. She had no other plans and thought about leaving the cabin so she wouldn’t have to witness what horrible things Bohdan was about to do to these two innocents. Then she heard a voice call from the doorway and all went black.

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