Bohdan the Vampire Ripper

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Bohdan saw Cara fall to the floor in a heap, and then saw the woman standing behind her holding the fence post digger she used to hit her. The woman was slight of build, olive colored skin with dark eyes and long brown hair. Her name was Sara. She was panting and almost shaking but the look in her eye was that of a cornered animal. She was pissed. “You let my girls go,” Sara said. She locked eyes with Bohdan and readied herself to strike out at him.

“You may have knocked out a woman who didn’t see you coming, but you won’t take me out so easily,” Bohdan said. “I will have your girls, and then you when I’m finished.”

Sara looked around the room to see if there was anyone who could help her. She could only find her daughters and no one else. “Girls, I want you to leave, do you understand me?” Sara said.

Bohdan watched to see if the girls would do what their mother told them to do. They hesitated and began to walk away from Bohdan. Seeing them step away, Bohdan reached out and grabbed Clarissa by her dress and pulled her back letting Anne walk away. Clarissa didn’t fight Bohdan, she gave in and let him pull her near.

“Anne, out the door, now!” Sara said. “Clarissa, pull yourself away from him and go.”

“I can’t mama, he’s holding me to tight,” Clarissa replied.

Sara stepped in closer and pulled the fence digger back like a baseball bat ready to swing at Bohdan’s head. “You let her go, you hear me?” Sara asked.

“I hear you,” Bohdan said as he pulled up on Clarissa’s dress. He placed his hand on the girl’s thigh and began to rub up and down.

In a rage, Sara swung the fence digger at Bohdan and felt the momentum stop when he grabbed the digger by the handle and stopped it dead. Giving the tool a good yank, Bohdan pulled the digger from Sara’s grasp and tossed it in the corner on some metal pots. The sound rang out of metal on metal and then the room went silent. Sara was now unarmed and had no way to defend herself.

“Now what are you going to do bitch?” Bohdan asked with a grin. He started to stroke Clarissa on her exposed thigh again to taunt her mother slipping his hand higher and higher as he went. Sara looked around the room for anything else she could use as a weapon, she found a few logs stacked up by the fireplace, and some cooking pots, but not much else she could grab close by. “Why don’t you leave?” Bohdan asked. “You don’t want to see what I’m going to do.”

“Take me,” Sara said. “Let her go, I’ll do whatever you want.”

“How old are you?” Bohdan asked.

“Thirty four,” Sara replied. “I’m experienced, she doesn’t know how to please a man.”

“Why is it all of a sudden women are throwing themselves at me?” Bohdan asked. He knew the answer, but was reveling in the attention.

Sara slipped the top of her dress down and exposed her breasts to Bohdan.

“Yours are better than the nurses,” Bohdan said. “But I still want the girl. I want to be her first, and last.”

“I won’t leave without my daughter,” Sara said.

“You can have her when I’m done with her.”

“I want her alive.”

Bohdan hesitated. “I don’t think that’s possible.”

“Why? Why must you kill her?”

“I don’t know, it’s my nature I suppose. She won’t be my first if you must know.”

“How many girls have you raped and killed?”

“Less than twenty I suppose, and I’ve only raped a few. The killing is what really gets me off. Now go, so I can get on with this.”

Sara clenched her teeth and pulled back a fist like she was going to strike Bohdan. She knew she had no chance and for a moment, began to cry. Then Clarissa slapped Bohdan in the face temporarily distracting him. This gave Sara the chance she was looking for so she bolted towards Bohdan fists flying towards his face.

In one swift motion, Bohdan grabbed Sara by the waist of her dress and flung her across the room into the fireplace. Her head struck the mantle before her body landed on the burning logs. Unconscious, she began to cook as her dress caught fire.

“Momma!” Clarissa yelled.

Bohdan put his hand over the girl’s mouth and pulled her in close. He looked her in the eye and said, “She’s dead, shut the fuck up and do as I say.”

Ashley looked into the cabin window and watched as Bohdan raped the girl. She was powerless to do anything and decided it was best to stay out of the vampire’s way. She needed her strength to fight the battles that would save her life later on, so she put what she saw out of her mind and pretend it wasn’t happening. She saw Anne run out of the cabin and into a wooded area where she disappeared into the darkness. Rancid and Isaac were both tending to their wounds by the cattle pen ignorant of what was going on in the cabin.

Sickened by the sounds she was hearing, Ashley walked over to the cattle pen to talk to the only other beings she knew who were able to talk. Cara was still lying on the floor in the cabin naked, not knowing what was going on around her.

“You vampires are the sickest fucks I’ve ever known,” Ashley said. She stopped at the cattle gate and looked upon the two wounded vampires.

“That’s not news to me,” Rancid said. “Why? What’s going on?”

“Your leader is back in the cabin raping a sixteen year old girl. He killed her mother and when he’s done he’s going to kill her too.”

“Yeah, that’s what Bohdan does. Don’t you understand that?”

“I do, but that doesn’t mean I have to accept it,” Ashley replied.

“Then go do something about it. Go kill that fucker, he should have got death instead of life in the first place.”

“I’d need your help, I can’t do it alone.”

“Oh, no fucking way, I’m not getting involved.” Rancid said. “Ask Isaac.”

Isaac replied, “Leave me out of this, he’s one bad mother fucker.”

“But we can take him if we stick together,” Ashley said.

“If you haven’t noticed, we both took a few bullet hits. It will be weeks before we are properly healed. If you don’t like it, you can leave at any time.”

“I would, but I have no idea where we are, this is not what I expected. Once it gets light, I might leave.”

“Yeah, this is odd, the prison was in the country, but Topeka is a large city, and this is the sticks as far as I can see.”

“Something’s not right,” Ashley said. “It will be light in an hour or so.”

Everyone got quiet for a moment as they looked back at the cabin to see if they could hear Bohdan raping Clarissa. They heard nothing and then pretended like nothing was happening.

“Maybe we should go now and leave him behind,” Ashley said. “I have no ties to him, do you?”

“You were hired to clean this mess up, if you leave, won’t that be your job?”

“They can fire me if they want. I’ve had it. No pay is worth this,” Ashley said. “As far as I know, we’re lost anyway.”

“Lost? You can get back in the tunnel and walk back to the prison if you want, it’s not that far away,” Rancid said.

The other end of the tunnel is blocked if the prison blew up. And I have a feeling it doesn’t go back to the prison in the first place. You did notice how the tunnel changed as we walked through it. It went from smooth concrete and ended up at the end of a mine shaft. Something happened to the tunnel and I don’t think it was natural.”

“Like some sort of portal?” Rancid asked.

“Look at this place, it looks like the eighteen hundreds. Did you see the clothes these guys are wearing? They look like they fell out of a western.”

Rancid nodded in agreement. “I noticed that as well. I thought maybe this is the way ranchers dress, but to be honest, they look like Wyatt Earp and Billy the Kid could live here.”

“Do you see any cars? Trucks? Any modern machinery? Most ranches have at least some of that stuff. I don’t even see a telephone pole, how do they communicate?” Ashley asked.

Bohdan stepped out of the cabin. It was starting to get light and it was easy to see he was covered in blood. As he caught notice of Ashley and the other two vampires, he walked away from the cabin towards them.

“Looks like it’s too late to leave him behind now,” Isaac said.

“No, we can always leave him,” Ashley said.

Bohdan joined the three and smiled from ear to ear. He was happy and proud of what he had done and wanted to gloat. It was a badge of honor to show the blood to other vampires, like showing off a fancy car or jewelry.

“Are you happy now?” Ashley asked. “Did you make her suffer?”

“Oh yes, she was in great pain, I made sure of that,” Bohdan replied.

“I don’t want to hear about it,” Ashley said.

“Oh, but you must, it was wonderful.”

“You might be able to kill a sixteen year old but I’ll fuck you up if you say a word about it.”

“I just fed, my strength is double what it was before. Try me woman, see if you can hurt me now.”

Ashley let her emotions get to her, not realizing how much danger she was putting herself in. She backed off and turned away from Bohdan.

“Where are you going?” Bohdan asked. “Where is your big mouth now?”

Ashley continued to ignore Bohdan stepping around Rancid putting him between them.

“Walk away you stupid cunt, leave if you want. I know you want to go, that would be the best thing you can do.”

Rancid spoke up, “If she leaves, what will you feed on later?”

Ashley was shocked at what Rancid said. She thought for a while that he was on her side, but now obviously he wasn’t. She was in more danger now than ever.

“There are plenty of humans around here. If there are humans here, they must be closer by,” Bohdan said. “I know I saw a city from atop the hill. We need to head there.”

“Dressed like this?” Isaac said. “And wounded?”

“We will take the clothes from the dead men. We can live here for a few days while you heal. Then we will head into town and find more to feed upon. We still have the nurse, and the sister that ran away. She will be back soon.”

“What makes you think so?” Rancid asked.

“It’s a feeling I have,” Bohdan replied.

“I feel like she’s going to run into town and find the cops and send them out here,” Rancid said. “I just left prison, I don’t want to go back. And from the looks of this place, I think it won’t be as nice as what we left.”

“Then go find her,” Bohdan said. “She can’t be far. Bring her back and you can have her for breakfast.”

Rancid and Isaac were hungry, and the blood products they brought were now spoiled. They could feed off the livestock for a while, but it was nutrition poor to them. The girl had a good hour head start, and the vampires were injured. But what else choice did they have? If they let her go, they would most certainly be found later that day by the authorities.

“I can smell her,” Isaac said. He tilted his head back and sniffed the air.

“With all the blood around here, cow shit and what not, how can you tell it’s her?” Ashley asked.

“Our senses are trained to pick out the smells of food. Like a drug dog looking for heroine.”

Rancid said, “I smell her as well, she’s in the woods.”

“I bet she’s looking at us right now, wondering what we did to her sister and mother.”

Ashley spoke up, “That’s horrible, and a twelve year old girl out in the woods not knowing you killed her family.”

“That’s what we do,” Bohdan said. “You can’t blame us for doing what we were born to do. Cats kill birds and mice, do you blame them?”

“Cats can’t distinguish between right and wrong, so no, I don’t blame them,” Ashley replied. “You can.”

“I don’t consider what I did was wrong. If you were hungry, you’d be surprised what you’d eat.”

“True, but I wouldn’t rape it first.”

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