Bohdan the Vampire Ripper

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Rancid stepped out of the cabin and looked towards the westbound sun. It was two days later and Anne never came back. The bodies of the dead men were gathered up in a pile out in a distant field and eaten by coyotes and buzzards. The vampires were hungry, only Cara and Ashley had food from the cabin they could eat and it was gone. It was late afternoon and the group decided to head into the town they had seen from the mine entrance on the hill.

Dressed in the clothes they found in the cabins and removed from the dead men, the group gathered on a horse drawn wagon and headed off into town. What town they didn’t know. Rancid took the reins and led the horses down the path. Nobody knew anything about horses or buggies, but they were quick learners and made good time leaving the cabins behind.

Hours passed and the horse drawn buggy came into town. Immediately they noticed they were no longer in the modern world. There were no cars or trucks, just horses and buggies like they were using. The buildings all looked like a western movie set and the road was soft, muddy and strewn with buggy tracks. All around it smelled like horse shit and all the people they saw were something out of the past.

“What’s going on here?” Cara asked. The dress she wore was something her great grandmother might have worn, but she thought she had raided a storage closet, not something anyone modern would wear. Now she realized her dress was in fashion for the time and place she was at now. It was like Little House on the Prairie had come true.

“Looks like the land time forgot,” Rancid replied. “Some of these small Midwestern towns never caught up to modern times.”

Ashley spoke up, “No, even the small towns had cars and people don’t dress like this. We’re not in Kansas anymore,” she said.

“Actually I think we are,” Rancid said. “Just not the Kansas you remember.”

“Do we have a plan yet?” Cara asked. “Or are you three just planning to grab the first three people you can find for supper?”

Bohdan pointed up ahead, “There, pull up over at that saloon.”

“You want to get drinks?” Cara asked. “I’m hungry, can we stop at a cafe?”

“I don’t think your cash will spend here,” Bohdan said.

“Then why stop at a saloon? Do you have cash?”

“No, I found silver coins at the cabin.”

“Do you mind sharing?”

“You could have found them, if you’d of looked,” Bohdan said.

“I was too busy moving dead bodies and trying to stay alive to raid the fucking cabin,” Cara said.

Isaac interrupted, “Don’t bother, he’s not the sharing type.”

The buggy pulled up to the rail in front of the saloon and stopped. The horses seemed to know the routine when they saw the tie rail. Rancid jumped down off the buggy and tied the horses to the rail and came back to assist Cara and Ashley off the buggy. Both were wearing long dresses and had a hard time getting around.

On the ground, the women thanked the vampire and headed to the saloon followed by the three men. Bohdan quickly caught up to the women and passed them getting to the saloon door first. It was as if he was a kid at a play park. Giving the swinging doors a push, Bohdan entered the saloon and looked around as he made his way to the bar. This saloon was laid out about the same as the saloon he remembered in Abilene. The only difference he could find was the bar was a lot bigger, and had no mirror behind it.

Cara looked around and noticed a nude woman dancing on stage swinging on a brass pole. “What the fuck? Since when did they do live nude shows in saloons?”

“For as long as I can remember,” Bohdan replied. “She’s blow you if you tip her well.”

“No thanks, I don’t need to be blown,” Cara snapped back.

“Wait a second, I forgot, these girls aren’t prostitutes, those girls are upstairs,” Bohdan said pointing to the balcony that surrounded the second story.

“Sounds like you’ve been here before.”

“Not here, but close. I think most of these saloons are the same.”

“That’s nice, I’m starving, and can we get some food?”

Bohdan dug into his pocket and pulled out a handful of coins. It wasn’t much and he didn’t know what he could buy with what he had, but he handed Cara a few coins to shut her up. He then handed her a few more and said, “This is for your girlfriend. Go eat.”

Cara turned and left with Ashley leaving the three vampires behind in the saloon. Bohdan asked the bartender for three beers and handed him a coin. The bartender made change and handed it back. Isaac took a drink and made a sour face. “This tastes like shit, it’s warm.”

Bohdan took a sip. “Yep, it’s warm, just the way I remember it.”

“What are we going to do now?” Rancid asked. He took a sip of his beer and then chugged the rest.

“We wait,” Bohdan said.

“For what?”

“When this place clears, we can go upstairs and get a girl. I’ll save enough to buy one.”

“Buy? You mean rent right?” Isaac chuckled.

“We won’t be giving her back.”

“Won’t they be onto us if we do that?” Rancid asked.

“We have to be careful, I can go buy the girl, kill her and drop her out the window in the back to you. Then I can leave and we can all feed on her,” Bohdan replied.

“Then what? We have to feed at least once a week. When they find her missing, they will track us down. I don’t think finding a girl in a saloon is a good idea at all.”

“Prostitutes are the best kind of girl to feed on. They are rarely missed.”

“I get that, but once we do feed on her, we will have to move onto another town. We can’t keep coming back here.”

“What did you do before you went to prison? Did you find your meals at the supermarket? No, you had to go find new ones each day.”

“And that’s how I ended up in prison,” Rancid said. “I finally got caught. If you think about it, I was actually better off in prison. I had three hots and a cot as they say.”

“Well, I don’t know what to tell you, I’m buying supper tonight, you can buy supper tomorrow night,” Bohdan said.

Cara and Ashley crossed the street trying to keep out of the mud and horse shit. Before they stepped up onto the wood walkway they spied Anne, the twelve year old girl and sister of Clarissa who Bohdan had raped and killed. Anne took notice right away and turned to run.

“Wait!” Cara yelled.

Anne hesitated and turned back.

“We won’t hurt you, we promise. We’re alone.”

Anne had been on her own since the attack and had nowhere to turn. She also had no reason to trust these two women except for when Cara offered herself up to Bohdan in exchange for Clarissa’s life.

The two women quickly caught up to Anne who was nervously watching their every move. “We want to help you,” Cara said.

“Where is that man who killed my mother and my sister?” Anne asked.

“He’s in the saloon, don’t worry, we won’t let him get you.”

“How do I know? I already went to the sheriff, he’s looking for him now.”

“We didn’t see anyone on the road here, where’s the sheriff?”

“I don’t know, he said he would get out there as soon as he could.”

“Where have you been staying since you left?”

“I slept in the woods that night, then I walked to town the next day.”

“Do you know someone here?”

“No, I’ve been sleeping behind the central supply store. In the stable.”

“Let’s get you something to eat,” Cara said. “Where’s the cafe?”

“Over there,” Anne said pointing down the walkway.

“Alright, I have a little money, let’s get you fed.”

Together, Ashley, Cara and Anne headed down to the cafe and stepped inside. They took a booth and were waited on. Cara had enough coin to buy sandwiches and tea, and the three ate like they hadn’t eaten in a month.

“Is everyone dead?” Anne asked.

“Yes, all your family is dead,” Cara replied.

“They weren’t all family, some were hired hands.”

Ashley looked out the window at the horse drawn carts and wondered where there were. It was getting dark and she felt lost not knowing her location. “What is this town? Is it Topeka?” Ashley asked.

“Topeka?” Anne asked. “I’ve never heard of Topeka.”

“The tunnel was supposed to run from the prison to Topeka Kansas.”

“This is Seneca.”

“Seneca Kansas?”

“Yes,” Anne replied.

“How the hell did we end up in Seneca Kansas?” Ashley asked. “What year is this?”

“Why are you asking her that?” Cara asked.

“Eighteen seventy five,” Anne replied.

“What the fuck?” Ashley asked. “It’s passed the year two thousand. What do you mean eighteen seventy five?”

“I was born in eighteen sixty two. In Seneca Kansas,” Anne replied. “That makes it, eighteen seventy five.”

“That explains all the buggies and these backwards looking people,” Ashley said. “If I could believe it.”

“It was the tunnel,” Cara said. “Traveling through the tunnel sent us back in time.”

“And about a hundred miles away I’d guess.”

“Eighteen seventy five, that was the year Bohdan was caught and sent to prison,” Cara said.

“How do you know that?”

“I was always a huge fan of his. I had his autobiography, and a copy of the Discovery channel documentary on his life. I know all sorts of stuff about him. I was the one who busted him out of prison in the first place.”

“You’re kidding me,” Ashley said.

“Nope, I found this stupid maintenance guy and had him gas the prison. I planned the whole thing out myself,” Cara said with pride.

“You’re the one responsible for the deaths of over fifty staff and tourists?”

“It was worth it, to be with Bohdan,” Cara said. She didn’t like Ashley’s attitude.

“Do you still think it’s worth it? Why are you so obsessed with this guy?”

“It’s hard to explain, unless you’ve been in love, you won’t understand.”

“Love? Is that what you call it? I call it an unhealthy obsession,” Ashley said.

“You’re jealous.”

“Uh, no, I’m not jealous at all. I think he’s a perverted sick freak. And I’m not sure you’re not. You know he rapes and kills women right?’

“Yes, that’s why they call him Bohdan the Vampire Ripper.”

“You are such a groupie, women like you make me sick. Make me embarrassed to call myself a woman in the first place.”

Anne finished her sandwich and took a drink of tea. “Do we have to talk about this now? He did kill my mother, my father and my sister.”

“I like talking about Bohdan, I’m sorry your family is dead, but he is my lover,” Cara said.

“Your lover? You’ve had sex with him?” Ashley asked.

“We tried once, it didn’t work out, but I will eventually,” Cara replied.

“You are one sick bitch, you know that? I need to find a way to get back home before I die in this God forsaken hell hole.”

“Don’t feel sorry for yourself, this little girl has survived for two days without any help, you can act like a big girl for once.”

“A big girl? I’ve killed before, I can take care of myself,” Ashley said.

“Anyone can kill, that’s not hard. It’s staying alive that’s the hard part. If you want to go, go. I won’t miss you. And I don’t need you around. I have Bohdan, and he will take care of me. Like I always knew he would.”

Ashley took a drink of her tea and set it down. She looked at Cara and shook her head in disgust.

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