Bohdan the Vampire Ripper

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Isaac took a seat in front of the stage so he could get a close up view of the nude stripper working the pole. He was excited to see something he’d only seen online. The girl was a bit thicker than he thought a stripper should be, and wasn’t as clean shaven as he’d of liked, but she had a nice rack of tits and that was enough to make him happy. Although the prison was co-ed, he rarely saw the females in anything other than the orange jumpsuits the prisoners were issued.

Rancid and Bohdan joined Isaac at the table and Rancid sat down. Bohdan remained standing, looking around at the patrons who were also watching the show and drinking.

“Sit down Bohdan,” Rancid said. “Enjoy the show.”

Bohdan continued to scan the room, looking up at the balcony to see if there were any girls available. “I need to find the madame,” Bohdan said.

“You can do that later.”

Bohdan hesitated, then took a seat at the table. A waitress approached and took their order leaving the vampires alone to talk. “I only have a few dollars left,” Bohdan said. “We can’t spend too much money, we need some to pay for a prostitute.”

“Why pay if we’re just going to kill her anyway?” Isaac asked.

“We can’t abduct one, we have to pay for her first, don’t be stupid. We discussed this.”

“Fuck off asshole,” Isaac said. “We could go around back, climb up the side of the building and break in a window. Wouldn’t cost us a dime and nobody would think to look for us afterward. If you pay for a girl and she turns up missing, it’s a huge red flag.”

Bohdan looked around to see if anyone was eavesdropping on their conversation. No one was close enough to hear over the piano music being played and no one seemed to care about anything but the nude women on stage and on the floor giving lap dances. “I’d rather have easy access to a girl, kill her and then run than attempt some sort of fool hearty break in. What if the windows are locked? Do you plan to break it? The noise would get us caught.”

Rancid said, “Sounds like either way would work, but Isaac’s plan saves us money.”

“It’s not your money,” Bohdan said. “And we can get more.”

“Really? From where? Last I checked, we didn’t have jobs.”

“We steal it.”

“This place may look like the old west, but I think you’re being a bit too romantic. Do you think we should put on black hats and handkerchief masks and rob the bank?”

“We have guns, we could,” Bohdan replied.

“I think we should discuss that before we try it,” Rancid said. “I think robbing a store or breaking into a house would be a better bet.”

“Maybe,” Bohdan said. “But we need to decide before it’s too late. The money won’t last long.”

Isaac said, “We don’t need money to feed, maybe the women do, what’s your problem?”

“We need money for other things. I don’t want to live like an animal in the woods,” Bohdan replied.

Isaac shook his head in disgust and noticed a dancer coming his way. She was a tall woman, with large breasts and a nice round curvy backside. She sashayed her way over on six inch heels and not much else. Finding a good spot she began a lap dance for Isaac, fishing for tips. Isaac leaned back in his chair and watched the woman lean in close and put her breasts in his face and push. For a moment he couldn’t breathe, his face covered with her soft round tits.

The woman pulled back and turned around, bending over and grabbing her heels. She wiggled her plump round rear in Isaac’s face and then leaned back and sat on his lap. The more she moved, the more Isaac could feel his pants begin to bulge. The woman turned and waited for her tip but received nothing. Frustrated she spoke out, “What’s wrong mister? Are you a queer?”

Isaac was immediately offended by this woman and gave her the finger.

“Cheap bastard, if you don’t tip, I’ll call the owner and have you kicked out.”

Isaac held up his empty hands showing he had no money to tip the dancer. “Sorry, I spent my last dime on beer.”

The dancer looked at the empty glass on the table and bit her lip. “Then get the fuck out, this show isn’t free.”

“I’m waiting on my friends - bitch,” Isaac replied.

The dancer looked at the other glasses and saw they weren’t finished. Bohdan’s was almost full. “Borrow some money from them then,” she said.

“Fuck you, go bother someone else,” Isaac said.

Bohdan interrupted, holding out his hand to the dancer. “Here, I’ll pay you,” he said.

The dancer took the coin and dropped it in a small purse she brought with her.

“I’m sorry for my friend here, he’s had a real bad day,” Bohdan said.

The dancer stepped over to Bohdan as to start a dance for him. He put up his hand as to say no and she backed off pissed. “We strip at this saloon, if you don’t like it, you and your buddies can go across the street.”

“Do they have prostitutes there?” Bohdan asked.

“I don’t know, I’m not a prostitute and I don’t work there,” the dancer replied.

Isaac spoke up, “What do you mean you’re not a prostitute? He just payed you for me to look at your hairy snatch. What’s the difference?”

“The difference is that you didn’t stick your nasty cock in there.”

“I bet for the right price you’d let me,” Isaac said.

“Maybe, but it would be a lot more than you could afford.”

“What’s the difference between you and the prostitutes? Why aren’t they dancing?”

“Because they’re Mexicans and niggers,” the dancer said. “We don’t let them dance. They’re gross.”

“Little judgmental aren’t you?”

“Have you ever seen a Mexican whore naked? Looks like a dog in heat. You have to fuck them in the dark so you don’t have to see what they look like. And those nigger women, I can’t believe any man would fuck them. But then most men are whores as well.”

“What are you? Irish? German?” Isaac asked.

“German, why do you care?”

“I could tell by your hairy bush, you German’s look like men.”

The dancer, trying to show how unoffended she was, leaned over and hung her two large breasts in Isaac’s face. She grabbed them from the sides and shook her large pink nipples in his face. “You think I’m a man?” she asked.

“I think your pussy is disgusting. You should go to a barber and have it shaved.”

“I would if assholes like you tipped well.”

“I tip for attractive women, you get what you put out,” Isaac said.

Rancid, watching the two go at it spoke up. “I think maybe we should get going.”

“You have half your drink left,” Isaac replied.

“I can finish it off,” Rancid said.

“No, I’m not letting this cunt run us off. You paid for your drinks, we can stay until you’re done. Plus, I think Bohdan wants to get a girl.”

Bohdan took a sip of his beer and slid his chair away from the table. “Which room is the madam in?” Bohdan asked the dancer.

“Top of the stairs, first room. Watch out, she’s a gypsy.”

Rancid asked, “Why does that matter?”

“She’ll try to steal from you, all gypsies are thieves,” the dancer replied.

“I take it you don’t like gypsies?” Rancid asked.

“No, they rent from the owner, they have nothing to do with me or the saloon. As long as they make money for the owner, he ignores what they do.”

“If they’re stealing, don’t the customers complain?”

“No, the men who pay these women, the married men, never say a word. The gypsies blackmail them to keep them quiet.”

“What about the single men?”

“They cast spells on them,” the dancer said.

“Spells? Are you kidding?” Rancid asked. “Why not cast spells on the married men as well?”

“It’s easier to blackmail them. Spells take work, and no gypsy wants to work for a living. Just lie on their backs and suck the lives out of the men they fuck.”

Bohdan stood up and asked, “I can handle a gypsy, they should be worried about me.”

“Good luck,” the dancer said. “You’ll regret it when you’re done.”

At the top of the stairs Bohdan knocked on the door. He didn’t know who to expect when the door opened, but wasn’t surprised when the door opened and met a women dressed in elaborate colors and jewelry. She was exactly what a gypsy would look like in his mind.

“You need a girl?” the madam asked. She had a Romanian accent and dark piercing eyes.

“I do, how much?” Bohdan asked.

“I like you, you get right to the point, and do you want to see my girls first?”

“Sure, show me what you have.”

“Follow me,” the madam said. She walked into another room where three girls were sitting talking to each other. All three girls were dressed in short brightly colored skirts, wearing lots of necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry. They took notice the instant Bohdan entered the room.

“This is Alina, Crinia and Mirela,” the Madame said. “Alina and Mirela are mother and daughter. You can have them both for twenty five cents.”

Hearing the price, Bohdan was now convinced that he had somehow traveled back in time. A modern prostitute should have been fifty dollars or more. He tried to put it out of his mind as he made his choice. He had about two dollars left in his pocket. “I only need one,” Bohdan said. “I’ll take the other one, I don’t want to separate the family.”

“They won’t be offended, I was just making you a special offer. They work well together, Alina taught her daughter how to please a man well.”

“I bet she did,” Bohdan said. “I really don’t care which one, I have the twenty five cents, and how long do I have her?”

The madam signaled for Mirela to stand up. “You can have Mirela until midnight. I picked her because she’s young and I know how men like girls.”

Bohdan did like girls, the younger the better. Mirela looked to be eighteen at the most, and he had no intention of fucking her as he was starving. The craving to eat far outweighed his craving for sex.

“But before you take her, I have a question for you,” the madam said. “You are a vampire aren’t you?”

Bohdan was shocked at the question and didn’t know at first how to answer. “Yes, how did you know?”

“I’m a gypsy, I have the power that few possess, the power of insight. I can feel it in you, I can see it in your eyes.”

Bohdan smiled and showed his yellow fangs. He was good at keeping them hidden, but now had no reason to anymore.

“Do you intend to kill my girls?” the madam asked.

Bohdan hesitated and tried to think of a good answer. “No, I’m here for sex, that’s all.”

The madam approached Bohdan and looked deep into his eyes. “You’re lying to me. “

No, I’m not lying,” Bohdan replied.

“I won’t give you one of my girls if you intend to kill her. If you want a girl to feed on, I can give you that as well, just not one of these. Do you need to feed?”

Bohdan shook his head, he knew he had to confess. And the madam was making an offer he couldn’t refuse. “Yes, I need to feed, and so do my friends down in the saloon.”

“I can get you three slaves for twenty five cents.”
“Slaves? What are you talking about? What year is this?” Bohdan asked.

“Eighteen seventy five,” the madam replied.

Bohdan had to think for a moment. That was the year he was sent to prison, and ten years after slavery ended. “Slavery ended by now. The Civil war ended in eighteen sixty five, slavery was abolished.”

“What Civil war? What are you talking about? We’ve had slavery for hundreds of years, and still do.”

Bohdan now knew that not only did he come back in time, he had entered a new universe where events were different. In this universe, the civil war never happened, and slavery still existed.

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