Bohdan the Vampire Ripper

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Ashley watched the flames engulf the three slave vampires and had to look away. The sounds of the crowd weren’t loud enough to drown out the screams of the three burning to death for the pleasure of the spectators. It really was like Rome in a way, in a sick pathetic way.

“How can people do this to each other?” Ashley asked. She didn’t expect an answer.

“It’s one of the few ways to kill a vampire,” Cara replied. “You can’t hang them, shooting won’t work unless you tear them apart and I don’t think guillotines are easy to come by.”

“I know, but couldn’t they knock them out first? Or gag them and put a bag over their heads so they couldn’t scream so loud?”

“What fun would that be? The vampires terrorize the town, and this is the only way the people have to feel better about the situation. Seeing and hearing them die gives them a sense of revenge.”

Bohdan spoke up, “I wonder if they gave them a trial?”

“They’re slaves and vampires, I don’t think they would have any rights,” Ashely replied.

The crowd calmed down a bit once the screaming stopped. The vampires were either dead or unconscious from the pain and smoke. Now all anyone could hear was the crackling of the fire and the cooking of the meat.

“Can we go now?” Bohdan asked. He looked around and noticed Anne was missing. “Where’s the girl?” he asked.

The group looked around and couldn’t find Anne.

“Where would she go?” Cara asked.

Isaac raised his hand and pointed a finger towards the sheriff who was standing on the raised platform. “She’s over there, talking to the sheriff, we need to go.”

Rancid stepped forward to get a better look. Then he saw the sheriff look right at him. “Holy shit, she’s ratting on us!”

“We can get away if we go now!” Isaac said. He turned to run but was face to face with a man with a rifle. Another man quickly joined and before they knew it, was surrounded by armed men, some on horseback.

“Don’t move!” one of the men said. He pointed his rifle at Isaac and motioned for him to back up.

The sheriff stepped off the raised platform and walked around the burning wood pile to where the vampires were now surrounded. He stepped in between the men who were holding the vampire’s from escaping. Anne quickly followed and joined the sheriff. In the dark of the night, the light from the fire painted shadows across the street onto the storefronts. The shadows danced with the flickering flames.

“That’s him, he’s the one who killed my sister Clarissa,” Anne said. She pointed at Bohdan and grit her teeth.

“Who are you?” the sheriff asked, looking at Bohdan.

“My name is Bohdan, Bohdan Malko,” Bohdan replied.

“Where’re you from?”

“Romania originally, but I come by way of Texas if you must know.”

“This girl claims you killed her sister, what do you say?”

“I say she’s lying,” Bohdan replied.

“I’ve been out to her family’s ranch, I’ve seen what happened. Someone, or something tore her family to pieces.”

“Do I look like I could do that?”

“No, but you and your friends here could have. Who’re they?”

“You’ll have to ask them for yourself,” Bohdan replied. “I’m not responsible for them.”

Anne stepped forward. She said, “He’s a vampire too! He drank blood from my sister before he killed her.”

The sheriff looked at Anne, and then back at Bohdan. “Is that right? Are you a vampire?”

Bohdan shook his head, hesitated and realized he was a trapped dog with no way out. He feigned a fake smile to show off his yellow fangs. He knew they’d look eventually, so he gave it up.

“Holy mother of Christ,” the sheriff said. “We have another one. How about your friends, are they vampires too?”

“Like I said, you’ll have to ask them. I only speak for myself.”

The sheriff looked to Rancid and pointed his rifle at him from the hip. “What about you? Are you a vampire?”

Rancid wasn’t so quick to turn himself in. He chose to stay silent.

“If you don’t answer me boy, I’ll have one of my deputies rip your jaw off so I can see for myself.”

Rancid opened his mouth and showed his fangs as well. His weren’t yellow, but they weren’t white either.

“What about the rest of you? Tell me now or I’ll make this hell for you.”

Isaac stepped forward and put his hand to his mouth holding back his top lip so he could show off his fangs. He didn’t say anything else and stepped back next to Rancid.

“What about you women?”

Cara replied, “We’re not vampires. Just the men.”

“Let me see,”

Cara opened her mouth to show her teeth, she had no fangs. Ashley did the same and the sheriff was satisfied.

“What are you two doing hanging with these vampires? Are they holding you against your will?”

“No, we are free to go,” Ashley replied.

“Then why are you with them?”

“It’s a long story,” Cara replied. She didn’t want to tell the sheriff she had an obsession with one of the vampires.

“You know we kill vampires out here,” the sheriff said.

Bohdan replied, “Yes, we watched you kill those three slaves. We’re not slaves, we’re free men. White men.”

“You’re lucky, you have some rights, and we can’t just string you up and burn you like we can the slaves. But that doesn’t mean you get to walk away. There will be a trial, and then we’ll see what happens to you. You are being accused of murder, and vampire or not, that’s still punishable by death.”

“The girl is lying, I had nothing to do with her sister’s death,” Bohdan said.

Anne spoke up, “You’re lying! You killed her, in the cabin.”

“We’re you there?”

“No, I escaped, but she’s dead, and my mother, you killed her too!”

“You have no proof that I did anything, let alone kill anyone.”

“You said you were going to kill us both.”

“That’s your word against mine,” Bohdan said.

The sheriff said, “At least you admit you were there.”

Bohdan realized he should have kept his mouth shut. “I was there, but I didn’t kill anyone.”

“Did you see who did?”

“No, they were all alive when we left.”

“Is that right?” the sheriff asked to everyone there.

“That’s right,” Isaac replied. “They were all alive when we left. Maybe it was the fucking Indians.”

“What I saw wasn’t done by Indians, I’m putting you all under arrest until I can sort this out.”

“You can’t arrest us on the lies of a girl,” Isaac said.

“I can do pretty much whatever I want,” the sheriff said. “I’m the only law around here for two hundred miles. I could probably put up three more stakes tonight and burn you three into ashes if I wanted and get away with it. Do you understand me? Slaves have no rights, vampires, even white ones don’t have much more. I can pretty much do what I please. Take them to the jail.”

The sheriff’s deputies escorted the three vampires and the two women to the jail and locked them up. Isaac and Rancid in one cell, Bohdan in another and the women in a third. There was no coed jail, they had to share equally. After they were locked behind bars, one deputy remained, he was an asshole and loved to taunt the prisoners.

“You like to kill kids you motherfucker?” the deputy said to Bohdan.

“You are mistaken, I’ve killed no one.”

“That’s what they all say. You know what I think? I think I’m going to shove a red hot poker up your ass and see how you like that.”

Bohdan chose to ignore the deputy and stare at the brick wall.

“Did you fuck that little girl before you killed her?”

Bohdan crossed his arms and closed his eyes.

“I was out there, I saw what you did. They found her mother in the fireplace. She was all burned up. Did you do that? Stick her in the fireplace? Did you make her daughter watch her mother burn up?”

“You’re wasting your time with me,” Bohdan replied. “Go find the real killer.”

“Oh, I think I found the real killer alright, you just need to confess. And you know what? I’m real good at getting confessions.”

“I bet you are.”

The deputy stepped over to the cell with Ashley and Cara. They were both sitting on the bench watching the show when the deputy came over. “Did you see him do it?” the deputy asked.

“No, we didn’t see anything,” Ashley replied. Ashley was the only person who did see Bohdan rape Clarissa, she chose to lie, but didn’t know why.

“You’re a woman, doesn’t it bother you that this sick fuck raped and killed a girl?”

Cara stood up and approached the cell bars. “Bohdan would never kill anyone, especially a child.”

“How do you know? Are you his lover?”

“Yes, he is my lover,” Cara replied.

“He’s a lucky man, you’re not too bad looking.”

Cara was put off by the deputy’s comments.

“I’d love to fuck you myself.”

“What?” Cara asked.

“Yeah, I think I’d like to have a little pussy before I close up shop tonight.

“What are you saying?”

“Take off the dress,” The deputy said.

Cara stood dumbfounded. “You can’t be serious.”

The deputy unbuckled his gun belt and set it on the desk. “Take off your dress, bend over and back up to the bars.”

“I will do no such thing!” Cara snapped.

The deputy had a way of getting what he wanted, especially from female inmates. “If you don’t drop the dress, you won’t see tomorrow, do you understand me?”

Isaac spoke up from his cell, “Leave the woman alone you sick freak. Where’s the sheriff?”

“He’s out for the night, I do all the overnight work here. He trusts me. Now shut the fuck up so I can get on with my business.”

“Leave her alone!” Isaac yelled.

The deputy stepped over to his desk and pulled out a glass bottle from behind his chair. He brought the bottle over and set it on the floor next to Cara’s cell. “You know what this is?” the deputy asked.

Cara looked down at the bottle and back up at the deputy. “What is it?”

“Sulfuric acid, nasty shit, burns like hell.”

“Sulfuric acid? Where did you get that?”

Bohdan replied from his cell, “They use it in the mines.”

“That’s right, you can buy it down at the general store, but I got mine from a mining company. Works real well to get people to do what you want.”

“You wouldn’t,” Cara said.

“If I don’t see your plump round ass backed up to the bars in the next few minutes, I’ll give you a shower you won’t forget.”

Cara was shocked at what she was hearing. She had no choice but to comply with the deputy or be permanently burned by the acid in the glass jar.

Bohdan spoke up, “You better do as he says, sulfuric acid is nasty stuff. You’ll wish you were dead if he gets that on you.”

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