Bohdan the Vampire Ripper

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Fish in a barrel

Cara slipped off her dress and stood naked in full view of the deputy. Only Bohdan could see what was going on from the cells, his cell was against an adjacent wall. Rancid and Isaac were on the same side as Cara and Ashley. The deputy signaled for Cara to assume the position and she did backing up to the bars and pressing her smooth round buttocks between them.

“Bend over bitch, and grab your ankles, this is going to be fun,” the deputy said.

Cara looked over to Bohdan who was watching, sitting on his bench.

“Do what he says,” Bohdan said.

Cara bent over and grabbed her ankles waiting for the deputy to penetrate. Feeling him grab her hips, she tensed up as he entered her from behind. She was dry, but he didn’t care. He was inside quick and thrusted in and out as fast as he could manage. He was done in less than a minute and pulled out leaving Cara bent over. He slapped her butt and pushed her forward trying to tip her off balance as he laughed at what he had done.

“How’d you like that you stupid whore?” the deputy asked. He pulled up his pants and put his gun belt back on.

Rancid didn’t see what happened, but he spoke up anyway, “Big man, raping a woman in a jail cell. How tough you are.”

The deputy stammered over to Rancid’s cell and stood before him like he was John Wayne. “Shut the fuck up vampire before I show you what I really can do.”

Rancid knew he had no power against this man, but after what he’d been through, didn’t really care anymore. “Fuck you,” Rancid said, and flipped off the deputy.

The deputy stepped up to the bars and grinned. “No, I’d rather fuck her again, she had a nice tight pussy. You ever fuck a woman? I heard all vampires are queer.”

“What if I was? Would you let me suck your dick?”

The deputy wasn’t ready for that comment. “Are you serious? Are you a fucking queer?”

“Whip out your dick and find out,” Rancid replied.

“Oh no, I ain’t showing my cock off to no queer. The one thing I hate worse than vampires are queers - and you’re both.”

“I think you’re afraid to take on a man, it’s too easy to rape a woman, try raping a man once.”

“Why the fuck would I ever do that? I ain’t no queer. I bet you’ve raped lots of men,” the deputy said.

Rancid had raped many men in prison, and he enjoyed every time he had. “That’s right, I’ve had my cock in all sorts of men, loved to shoot my load inside. What a fucking high that is.”

“You’re making me sick boy, if you don’t shut your mouth, I’ll shut it for you.”

“Put your cock in my mouth that will shut me up, for a while at least.”

The deputy walked over to the bottle of acid, brought it over to Rancid’s cell and set it down. “You want an acid bath?” the deputy asked. “This shit kills vampires too you know.”

Rancid looked down at the glass bottle and back up at the deputy. He knew the deputy was serious about dowsing him with acid if he didn’t shut up. “Fine, you’re not my type anyway.”

“Your type? You’re a funny queer vampire, I ought to give you an acid bath just for being what you are. We don’t need vampires around these parts, and no queers either.”

“I’m done talking to you,” Rancid said. He looked away at the brick wall on the other side of the cell. He could see Isaac sitting on the floor away from him in case the deputy decided to douse Rancid with the acid.

“Looks like your friend there has the right idea, I wouldn’t want to be near you if I were him. Is he your queer lover?”

“No,” Rancid replied. He wanted to keep his answers short and sweet to keep from pissing off the deputy any further.

“Why don’t you go fuck him while I watch?” the deputy asked.

Rancid was surprised by the comment the deputy made. If he wasn’t gay, why did he want to watch him have sex with Isaac? Maybe the deputy was gay after all. “I’d rather not if you don’t mind.”

“What’s with all the manners all of a sudden? A minute ago you were all up in my face and now you’re being all nice.”

“You didn’t have a bottle of acid. I’m not stupid,” Rancid replied.

“Tell you what vampire queer, you go over and give your buddy a blow job and I won’t pour acid all over you? How is that for a deal?”

Rancid looked over at the deputy and saw him grinning from ear to ear. It was as if he had no better fantasy than watch a gay vampire give another vampire oral sex. “I don’t think Isaac is gay,” Rancid said.

“I don’t give a shit if he is or not, I have enough acid to burn you both.”

“I have a feeling you’re going to throw the acid on us regardless of what we do. If you’re going to do it, do it now.”

The deputy was pissed. Rancid had managed to take some of the wind out of his threat. Looking down at the bottle of acid, the deputy said, “I think I’ll save my bottle for later, I can find another way to get my way for now.”

“Like what? Bullets won’t kill us, if you try to burn us you will kill everyone in the jail. I’m sure the sheriff won’t like that,” Rancid said.

“I don’t have to kill you to get my point across. I just have to hurt you enough to make you suffer. I like to watch people suffer.”

Rancid watched the deputy leave the jail and close the door behind him. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he returned with something evil to unleash on them. The deputy had his caged animal’s right where he wanted them and was getting off on torturing them.

Ashley spoke up, “Now what are we going to do? That sick fuck is going to come back with something to kill us all!”

Bohdan replied, “No he won’t, his boss wants us alive in the morning. There’s a reason he didn’t use the acid. He couldn’t explain that to the sheriff, it was an idle threat and Rancid called him on it. If he wants to hurt us, he has to do it in a way that doesn’t leave any marks. Of if he does hurt us, he needs a damn good reason, and he’d have to kill us all or be found out later.”

Isaac spoke up, “He’s gone, and maybe we should be finding a way to get out of here.”

“The walls are brick, the bars are steel, I don’t know any way of getting out without the keys,” Bohdan replied. “We may have more strength than normal humans, but we’re not strong enough to bend steel.”

“Then we need the keys,” Isaac said.

“Yes, and he has them,” Bohdan said. “Maybe you can offer him a blow job and take them when he isn’t looking.”

“That isn’t funny,” Isaac said.

“I was talking to Rancid, he seems to like men all of a sudden.”

“I don’t think it was all of a sudden,” Isaac said. “I heard a long time ago that Rancid was gay.”

“A gay skinhead? How did you manage to survive?” Bohdan asked Rancid.

“We lived in a prison, everyone was doing it,” Rancid replied. “I just liked it more than the rest.”

“What’s it like for two macho men to fuck each other?”

“Do you really want me to describe it to you?” Rancid asked.

“No, not really,” Bohdan replied.

“You lived in a cell by yourself, you weren’t exposed to what the rest of the general population was. Other than meals, you didn’t see what was going on.”

“No, but I heard all about it,” Bohdan said. “Some pretty sick shit. I wondered if it was true or not.”

“Most likely it was. We did things to each other than would make your skin crawl.”

Ashley spoke up, “Do we have to discuss your gay prison sex life? He’s going to be back any minute and we need to do something so he doesn’t kill or hurt us!”

Rancid yelled, “We’re behind bars! We can’t do anything. Get used to it, you’re going to die!”

Just then the door opened and the deputy walked back in. He shut the door and approached cells with a three foot length of chain dangling from his left hand. He pulled his pistol and held it with his right hand using his left to unlock Rancid’s cell with the key. After the door was unlocked, the deputy swung the door open and said, “You, queer vampire, out.”

Rancid didn’t move from his bench, if he was going to get shot, he was going to get shot on his terms. “Shoot me fucker, see where it gets you.”

The deputy stood waiting for Rancid to move. He was livid and wasn’t thinking with his best judgment. “I said get up you fucking fag.”

“You are one stupid fucker you know that?” Rancid asked. “You just unlocked the door to my cell, and as I told you before, bullets won’t kill me, or Isaac for that matter. It will take you at least twenty seconds to lock the cell door so if we rushed you right now, you’d be fucked.”

“Why are you telling me this?” the deputy asked.

“Because I wanted you to know how stupid you were before you died,” Rancid replied. A moment later, Rancid was on his feet followed by Isaac rushing the deputy. Before the deputy took could shoot, he shoved the door back towards the vampires. The move bought the deputy a half second before Rancid and Isaac pushed it back and tackled the deputy to the wood floor. Ripping the pistol from the deputy’s hand, Rancid tossed it across the room landing under the sheriff’s desk where it came to a rest.

“Hold on,” Rancid said. He looked to Isaac who was agitated and panting like a dog. “Don’t kill him, yet.”

“Why wait? He can’t follow us if we kill him,” Isaac asked.

“I want to ask him a question before he dies,” Rancid said.

“Holy shit, do you have to be so dramatic?”

Rancid placed his hand on the deputy’s neck pinning him to the floor. He looked into his eyes and smiled showing off his fangs. “I’ve known a lot of pricks like you in my day, and I’ve never had the chance to get back at one before now. Before I kill you, I want you to beg for your life.”

“I thought you were going to ask him a question,” Isaac said.

“I changed my mind, I want this asshole to beg, but before you do, I want you to apologize to Cara for what you did to her.”

The deputy looked up at Rancid and stared into his eyes. “Fuck you, she was the best pussy I’ve ever had and I’d do it again.”

“How did you ever get to be a lawman? What kind of sick fuck pretends to protect the public and then takes advantage of them?”

Ashley spoke up, “He’s a sociopath.”

“What’s that mean?”

“He has no remorse for what he does.”

“I see that.”

“What you’re doing won’t do any good, you can’t change him or his ways.”

“I’m not planning on it, I’m planning on ending his career as a socio whatever you called him.”

Rancid pressed down on the deputy’s neck and choked him. The deputy panicked and pushed back trying to free himself from Rancid’s grip of death. With the strength of three men, Rancid had no problem holding the deputy down placing a knee on his chest to get better position. Once the deputy began to lose consciousness, Rancid leaned down and pressed his fangs into his neck and began to drink.

“You’ll have to kill him when you’re done,” Bohdan said. “You don’t want to turn him into a vampire when you’re finished. We don’t need his kind running around the countryside.”

Rancid took a long drink and raised his head. Blood dripped from his mouth falling as drops onto the chest of the deputy below. “I don’t have a knife, I can’t cut off his head.”

“Use the acid, you can burn him that way,” Bohdan said.

“Will it work the same as fire?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never tried it before.”

Rancid let go and crawled over to the bottle retrieving it. He stood up and walked over to the deputy who was in the midst of changing into a vampire. With the bottle in hand, Rancid unscrewed the top and poured the acid over the deputy, making sure he doused his head and face the most.

An acrid smell emitted from the deputy as his skin began to turn red and burn. Rancid turned away and sought fresh air as the smell was overwhelming. The deputy moaned, twisted and turned as the acid did its work and as quickly as Rancid started the process, the deputy stopped and went silent.

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