Bohdan the Vampire Ripper

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Bohdan returned to the saloon driving a horse pulled wagon. The wagon was empty except for a few sacks of grain covered by a blanket and some tools. He pulled the wagon behind the saloon and tied the horses up to a rail by the back door. The wagon set just under the second floor windows and was well hidden in the dark of the evening.

When he knew the wagon was secure, Bohdan walked around the side of the building and entered trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. Most of the patrons at the bar noticed the stranger right away and now knew a little of him from when he first arrived in town a few weeks ago. Bohdan looked around and watched the nude dancers grind on the willing men who were paying for lap dances. For a moment he took in the show, but he needed to get on with the business he came for. He turned and headed up the stairs by the front door to the apartment of the madam he had met once before.

As he headed up the stairs, all eyes were upon him, and this was exactly what he didn’t want. He needed to be invisible. At the door, he knocked and the madame opened the door. She was shocked to see the man who was the last person seen with Maria before she died. “What do you want?” the madam asked. She was pissed.

“I came for your services,” Bohdan replied. “May I come inside?”

“I think you’ve had enough of my services, you can leave,” she replied and tried to shut the door in Bohdan’s face.

“Wait,” Bohdan said, putting up his hand to stop the door. “Let me in.”

“Why should I let you in?” the madam asked.

“I have money.”

“So do I, and I don’t need any more of my girls dead.”

“I didn’t kill anyone,” Bohdan replied.

“Then tell me what happened to Maria.”

“She was alive when I left,” Bohdan replied.

“I’m sure she was, now tell me what really happened.”

“I don’t know, like I said, she was alive when I left.”

“They didn’t find her till the next morning, and she was torn apart.”

“I heard, it was all over town,” Bohdan said.

“And you just happened to show up in town and be the last person she was with. Did the sheriff talk to you?” the madam asked.

“No, nobody spoke to me.”

“Probably couldn’t find you,” the madam said. “Where are you living?”

“With the pastor,” Bohdan replied.

“His wife was murdered, what a coincidence.”

“I had nothing to do with that either. If the pastor thought I had anything to do with her death, do you think he’d allow me to live in his house?”

“I don’t know, what are you doing there?”

“I’m working as a hired hand, for the church,” Bohdan replied.

“Do you think the pastor would approve of you coming here? I mean, spending your earnings on prostitutes?”

“The church is for sinners, not for angels,” Bohdan replied.

“Yeah, I suppose so. I still don’t want you here, and I know none of my girls will have anything to do with you.”

“I’m willing to pay whatever it takes.”

The madam stood and looked at Bohdan. Money did talk, especially in her business. “How much?”

“I’d go so far as a dollar,” Bohdan replied.

“Nobody will fuck you for less than three,” the madam said. “You are one scary fucker.”

Bohdan fished in his money purse and pulled out what he had. He counted eight dollars and handed three to the madam.”

“Not me, I don’t fuck for money, I just take a cut.”

“Fine, show me the girls,” Bohdan said.

The madam hesitated. She didn’t know which girls to show him since none of them would touch him let alone fuck him. “I can show you around, but no guarantees.”

Bohdan started to get nervous. He really did need a girl, but it didn’t matter to him which one, he had no plans to fuck any of them anyway. Then a new plan popped in his head and he spun around to see if the door was shut. Seeing it was closed, he lunged at the madam and forced himself onto her driving her to the floor. Pinning her down, he covered her mouth and tried to bite her on the neck. She fought back and pulled his hair, yanking him from side to side.

Angry that she was fighting back, Bohdan placed his hands around her neck and forced his thumbs into her windpipe until it gave under the pressure. Feeling her windpipe snap, the madam panicked and put her own hands to her own throat in an attempt to free up the airflow, but to no avail. Bohdan sat back and watched her as she gasped for air and turned a dusky blue color. He knew that before she died, he needed to drink from her as he was getting weak and needed the energy to continue his plan.

As she lost consciousness, Bohdan placed his fangs on the madam’s neck and punctured her artery taking a drink before her heart stopped. Once she was dead, he raised back and wiped the blood from his lips and scanned the room for a blanket or large cloth. He found what he was looking for on her bed and picked her up and placed her on the mattress so he could wrap her inside.

As the woman was concealed in the fabric of the blanket, he stood up and opened the door of the apartment scanning the hall to make sure it was clear. He then returned to the bed, bent over and picked up the dead woman slinging her over his shoulder like a sack of grain. He carried her to the doorway and poked his head out and saw no one in his view. The patrons below who were drinking and frolicking with the nude dancers were too enamored to look up to see what was going on. Bohdan stepped out of the apartment and walked along the balcony until he was at the back of the building. At his destination, he opened the door to the middle apartment and stepped inside closing the door behind him. He set the dead woman on the bed and walked over to the window and opened it looking down at the wagon he had parked there earlier.

Back at the bed, he picked up the madam and carried her to the window and dropped her to the wagon below. She landed with a soft thud that went unnoticed by anyone within earshot. Wanting to avoid being seen back in the bar, Bohdan slipped through the window and jumped down to the wagon below landing on the soft sacks. He quickly scrambled to the driver’s seat, jumped down off the wagon and untied the horses. Back in the seat, he slowly took off down the street trying not to bring attention to himself. The bar was always noisy and the distraction was good to keep the nosy townsfolk from noticing he was transporting a dead woman down the main street towards the church.

At the back door of the church, Bohdan dragged the dead woman from the wagon into the building and unraveled her from the blanket. He tossed the blanket aside, cleaned off the altar and lifted her dead body onto the clean area facing her towards the ceiling. Her head, arms and legs dangled off the sides. He walked back to the supply room and found some tools he had stored and waited for the pastor to show. He told the pastor he needed to meet with him at ten and it was important. He just didn’t know how important. The pastor argued and said they could talk at the house, but Bohdan insisted that they meet at the church.

Before the pastor showed up, Bohdan had something he had to finish. He took the bag of tools and found a knife inside. He approached the altar and stood at the side where the madam’s head was hanging back with her long hair touching the floor. Straddling her head between his legs, Bohdan placed his knife at her lower abdomen and stabbed down hard until he cut through the muscle. He then used an up and down motion to cut her open as he brought the knife closer to her chest. Once he hit her sternum, he cut across making a T that allowed him to split her open and pull her intestines out and drape them over her side and onto the floor.

It was then he heard the pastor call out to him. “What the fuck are you doing!” the pastor yelled.

Bohdan dropped the handful of bowel and turned to face the pastor who was stopped halfway between the front of the church and the altar. “I’m doing the Lord’s work, can’t you see?” Bohdan said with a grin.

“The Lord’s work? You’ve desecrated the altar! Who is that?” the pastor asked.

“I don’t know her name, but she runs a brothel upstairs at the saloon.”

“Jane?” the pastor asked.

“You know her?” Bohdan asked.

“Yes, I’ve known her for years.”

“Then you’ve known what she’s been doing all this time.”

“Everyone knows what she does, but that’s no reason to kill her.”

“I’m sure the Lord is good with it, she was helping men commit adultery. I put an end to that.”

“Nowhere in the bible does Jesus say to kill the sinner. He says to turn the other cheek, to let those without sin cast the first stone. What you have done is commit the ultimate sin of murder.”

“I was doing your God a favor,” Bohdan said. “He wasn’t serious, but was enjoying the debate.

“Only God is the judge, not man. He will do it his way and in his own time. Jesus lived with the sinners, Jesus would never condone what you’ve done.” the pastor said.

Bohdan turned to face the pastor, dripping blood on the floor as he moved. He stabbed the knife into the wood altar and raised his hands to show what he had done. “Too late now, don’t you think?” Bohdan said with a grin.

“I can’t let you continue to murder innocent people,” the pastor said. “You’ve gone too far.”

“I would think killing your wife would have gone too far, but whatever. What are you going to do to me?”

The pastor stepped up closer and thought hard. “I’ll get the sheriff,” he said.

Bohdan didn’t think the pastor had the guts to follow through with his threat, but he needed him to be his patsy and frame him for the other murders. He didn’t need him turning and running off to tattle on him at this moment. “Wait,” Bohdan said.

“For what? I’ve seen enough,” the pastor said.

“I want to show you something.”

The pastor hesitated and said, “Show me.”

“You need to come closer,” Bohdan said.

“No, you can show me from here. You have a knife and you’ve murdered before.”

Bohdan knew the pastor was onto him. What could he do to stop the pastor from leaving before he finished what he came for in the first place? “I need your help,” Bohdan said, thinking fast.

“Help with what?” the pastor asked. “Your soul is beyond help.”

“Not with that, with disposing of her body.”

“You’ve covered my altar with blood, how do you expect to clean that? And what makes you think I’d help you in the first place?”

“You know if you don’t, I’ll do to you what I did to your wife, that Mexican prostitute and Jane, your madam friend here.”

The pastor turned and looked behind him trying to judge how quickly he could escape if he took off running.

“You can run, but I’ll find you eventually. You know what I’m capable of, and if I say I’ll kill you, I mean it. And I can back that up. Turn me into the sheriff and you’ll be dead in a week.”

“Did you drink her blood?” the pastor asked.

“Yes, why do you ask?” Bohdan asked.

“What kind of evil creature drinks the blood of another human?”

“I don’t know, the slave that turned me didn’t explain it very well. But I know what I have to have. Now get over here.”

The pastor stepped up closer, knowing that Bohdan was right and that running to the sheriff would not save him from death. As he climbed the steps to the altar, the pastor looked down at Jane who was lying on her back, her belly empty off its contents. “What are you going to do with her?” the pastor asked.

Bohdan picked the knife out of the wood and stabbed it into the pastor’s chest repeatedly until the pastor lie on his back gasping for air. After he died, Bohdan placed the knife in the Pastor’s hand in order to frame him and headed out of the church to alert someone to call the sheriff. It would have been a better plan on a Saturday night, but not everything works out as planned.

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