Bohdan the Vampire Ripper

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Saturday arrived and the tension in the pit was off the charts. Everyone knew the president was coming and the guards as well as the inmates were excited for the crowds and attention this would bring. The warden was up early checking to make sure all the arrangements were made and being followed through. The last time he set up an event like this, things went very well. He was hoping this one would turn out the same or better.

Leaving his office, the warden asked his secretary if she had heard if the governor had arrived, his secretary hadn’t heard anything yet and told him she’d let him know as soon as she found out. Anxious, the warden left the administration building and looked out onto the sandy area set aside for the event. Three new raised platforms had been constructed for today, with the president’s tower set up with the best view.

From where the warden stood outside his office, the platforms looked impressive and that’s what he wanted to convey. The look of power and control. He expected the president’s train to arrive by ten in the morning which gave him two hours to prepare. The killing was scheduled for two in the afternoon and the weather was cooperating for now. The sky was overcast and a cool breeze blew by. It looked like it might rain today, but if he was lucky, it would hold off until evening.

Satisfied the day was on track, the warden walked to the guard post at the edge of the pit to get a report on the overnight activities. “How are the inmates doing?” the warden asked a guard. “Anything to report?”

“No sir, the pit was quiet all night,” the guard stated.

“That’s what I want to hear, any sign of Bohdan?”

“Yes sir, he’s in the miner’s house. Has been all night.”

“I need him up here by one, ready to go, you understand?”

“Yes sir,” the guard replied.

The warden stepped through the guard house onto the bridge and surveyed the pit like he did every morning. He saw Bohdan’s cage resting on the ground below and a few vampires walking along the pathways. It was getting late in the vampire’s feeding cycle with a new shipment of slaves arriving on Monday, so the warden knew they would be hungry and more agitated than usual. The last thing he needed was a fight breaking out due to hunger issues. The vampires didn’t feed on themselves, but they had been known to be very testy towards the end of the cycle.

Bohdan woke with Cara lying next to him with her arm across his chest. It had been months since he had a bath and didn’t understand how she could stand to be so close to him. Somehow she managed to find enough clean water to wash up in, but Bohdan didn’t care about bathing, he didn’t care about much at all besides feeding and finding a place to sleep at night.

Cara woke when she felt Bohdan stir. “Good morning Bohdan,” She said. “Are you ready for your big day?”

“I’ll have to admit I’m a bit nervous, the president will be here,” Bohdan replied.

“I wonder if they’ll let you meet him before you kill the girl?”

“Like a boxer before a match?” Bohdan asked. He was giddy. He felt powerful and was eating it up.

“I thought you didn’t like the attention,” Cara asked. “You complain about being worshiped, and look at you now, it’s like it’s your birthday.”

“This is different, the most important person in our country is traveling halfway across the country to see me. He’s not some asshole with a rock trying to crack my skull while I’m caged up and hanging from a bridge,” Bohdan replied.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for you. When you’re happy, I’m happy,” Cara said with a smile. “I wish I could be there to watch.”

“You wouldn’t see much anyway, the last time the crowd was so thick, you couldn’t see past the first row of people. They should build bleachers, like at a ballfield.”

“They just might if they keep this up. You’ll be Chicago’s first and only gladiator.”

“I like that, it has a more romantic feeling to it. Better than vampire rapist and killer,” Bohdan said.

“Are you going to wash up today?” Cara asked. “I can wash your clothes so you look good for the president.”

“I’m guessing they’ll give me something to wear.”

“Did they last time?”

“No, but Arthur wasn’t coming last time.”

Cara smiled seeing the glow in Bohdan’s eyes. “I’m so happy for you.”

Bohdan heard the sounds of footsteps and the unmistakable jingle of keys. He knew the guards had entered the house and were looking for him. From the doorway two guards entered and stopped. “You need to be ready to go by one,” a guard said.

“That’s fine,” Bohdan replied, “Are you giving me something special to wear?”

The guards looked at each other and back at Bohdan, “Nobody said anything about that to me. Unless I find out anything different, wash up what you have on. I’ll talk to the warden.”

“Do you know anything about this girl from Texas?” Cara asked.

“She killed her husband, that’s all we know,” the guard replied.

“I hear she’s young.”

“I don’t know anything about that,” the guard said. “One o’clock, you got me?” the guard asked again.

“Yes, we understand,” Cara snapped back.

The guards left the room and again Bohdan and Cara were alone. “Are you still planning on letting the girl live?” Cara asked.

“I’ve thought about it, I’m not sure it’s worth pissing off the warden over. And I don’t think I’d be able to stop myself if I tried. There’s something about women that I can’t explain. When I killed Ashley they had her chained to a pole and stripped naked. I’d never seen her naked before, but the second I saw her, I knew I was going to fuck the shit out of her and open her up. It was like an addiction. I couldn’t stop myself.”

“You think the same thing will happen today?” Cara asked.

“If the girl is naked and chained to a pole? Yes, I won’t be able to stop. And when I hear the crowd cheering, forget it. I could finish off a dozen women in that state. It’s such a rush,” Bohdan explained. Now I know how athletes feel when the crowd is behind them. Feels like I could do anything.”

Then Bohdan heard the sounds of footsteps in the hall again, this time without the keys jingling. From the doorway the warden entered the room to Bohdan and Cara’s surprise.

“What are you doing here warden?” Bohdan asked. “The guard said I had till one.”

“I have good news to tell you, I managed to find two more women for you to kill today. I got word from the governor of Wisconsin this morning and he’s willing to send them. The only problem is that they won’t arrive until five. The president is willing to stay late but I want to make sure we put on a great show since we’re making him wait.”

“Three is a lot for one day, I’d rather do one well than three average,” Bohdan replied.

“No, you will do all three, and I want you to make the audience happy. You did a great job the last time, but this time I want theatre,” the warden said. “I want the headlines to read that Rome has come to Chicago.”

“You have a Caesar complex,” Bohdan said.

“Say what you will, when this is said and done, everyone will know this place and what went on. Bohdan the Vampire Ripper slays three convicted killers and the president is there to watch. I’ll be even more rich and famous than I imagined.”

“And what’s in it for me?”

“You will be a superstar, what else could you ever want? With the funds I generate today, I could build you a house just for yourself. Our star attraction deserves his own castle.”

The offer the warden was making sounded very attractive to Bohdan. His own place, private and secure is what Bohdan craved from the start and now he was very motivated to do what the warden wanted and make him happy. “I want my own place, can you promise me that?” Bohdan asked.

“I will tell you this, if you make the president happy, I will make you happy. That’s just good business.”

“Fine, I will rape the shit out of all three women, tear them apart, eat their hearts out and make the crowd love me. I will put on a show Lincoln would have loved. You draw up plans for my castle because I will be what everyone wants me to be. Bohdan the Vampire Ripper!”

For the first time, Bohdan embraced the label he had been given. He reveled in his reputation and fame feeling the adrenaline build up inside. He was hungry, very hungry, not having any fresh blood in weeks. He was ready to kill, to drink warm fresh blood and wow the crowd, whipping them up in a fury.

The warden looked at Bohdan and smiled, he knew he had him motivated and where he wanted him. Nothing could go wrong now, and he would gain more power and wealth than he could want or need. Then he noticed his clothes. “I’m sending you something clean to wear, something worthy of a presidential visit,” the warden said, and left the room.

“Holy shit Bohdan,” Cara said. “Now you have three girls to kill.” Cara was jealous, she didn’t want Bohdan having sex with any other women, not that she had ever had sex with him. “I think maybe you should cut the rape short and just kill them. You’ll be too tired to do all three if you fuck them all.”

“Stop being a cunt,” Bohdan said. “I enjoy raping as much as killing, more sometimes. You don’t own me, nobody owns me.”

“I’m just looking out for you, you don’t want to put on a bad show in front of the president. By the third girl, you might be too tired to finish.”

“By the third girl, I’ll be so energized that I’ll be looking into the crowd for a fourth. The guards will have to stop me. I could rape and kill all day and night and not sweat a drop from my brow,” Bohdan said.

“You say that now because the warden got you excited, but wait until you’re on the field, in front of the crowd. The third girl will become a chore, and the warden will be pissed when you fail to kill her and impress the president. All I’m saying is spend your time cutting them up, and less time inside them. People love blood, the rest is perverted and sick.”

“Don’t worry about me, I won’t tell you what I did when I come back. You can pretend I did what you want me to do.”

Cara got little comfort in Bohdan’s idea. She knew he’d do what he wanted regardless of what she asked. She was jealous, they had never had sex, not all the way, and she didn’t want another woman to have Bohdan, even if he intended to kill her afterwards. She didn’t realize it, but having sex with Bohdan may be the last thing she ever did. If he followed his pattern, he’d have no choice but to cut her open and eat her heart, vampire or not. When Bohdan was in a feeding frenzy, he was unstoppable.

One o’clock arrived and the president was escorted into the administration building along with his secret service attachment. A crowd had already started to form in the sandy area where the killings were scheduled to take place. Extra staff had been brought in for crowd control and Bohdan had received new clean clothes to wear.

The girls from Wisconsin weren’t due to arrive for four more hours, but the girl from Texas was locked up and ready to go. The warden thought about starting early, with the Texas girl and hoping the other two would arrive by the time Bohdan was finished. It only took Bohdan thirty minutes to rape and murder Ashley, but the warden was hoping to stretch out the Texas girl for at least an hour and a half. That would put the new starting time at three thirty.

Looking out at the crowd from his window, the warden estimated there were at least two hundred people there already. In an hour and a half there would be five hundred, far more than the area was suited for and more than would be able to see the action anyway. The only people the warden cared that saw the event was the president and his staff, and they were in another office down the hall.

The warden heard a knock on his door and his secretary popped her head inside his office. “The president would like to see you,” she said.

The warden was waiting for this, the president wasn’t allowed to greet anyone at the prison, including the warden until the area could be cleared by his secret service detail. Now the warden had his chance to shake hands and impress President Chester A. Arthur in the flesh. Upon hearing his secretary state the president wanted to see him, the warden practically jumped out of his seat and out the door towards the office the president was located. An armed guard stepped aside and let the warden through the door and into the office where he saw a burly man with a large beard sitting behind a desk. He was slumped over holding his side in pain closing his eyes, He didn’t see the warden enter the room, but heard him as he made his greeting.

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