Bohdan the Vampire Ripper

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The Rack

The next morning, Bohdan was led down to the commons for breakfast with forty seven other vampires that gathered there for each meal. Forty one males, and six female vampires all sentenced to life in prison for murder. Bohdan sat down at his regular table, dressed in his prison orange jumpsuit keeping to himself like he usually did. Only this morning there was an electricity in the air, something was a buzz and Bohdan didn’t know what it was. Vampires were staring at him like he was on display. He tried to keep to himself until another vampire spoke to him from another table.

“I heard you got called into the warden’s office yesterday,” Oden snarked. He sat with a group of other vampires who snickered and acted like schoolboys taunting another.

Bohdan ignored Oden and started to eat. His meal consisted of eggs, bacon, three pancakes and a drink that contained enough blood to keep him healthy. All the vampires got the drink three times a day. It was a mixture that contained blood from a national blood bank and manufactured at a food processing plant in Minnesota.

“What did you do this time Bohdan?” Oden asked again. He was more taunting this time.

Bohdan looked up at Oden and chewed his food. This made Oden happy, he at least got Bohdan to acknowledge him.

“I hear you’re in big trouble with the warden.”

“Fuck off asshole,” Bohdan replied and continued to chew his food.

“Word is you’re being punished, what did you do this time?”

Bohdan stopped chewing and swallowed his food. He knew if he got up and kicked the shit out of Oden he’d be put in the hole. But at the same time, if he were put in the hole, the prison’s biggest attraction would be off the tour and that wasn’t good for business. Bohdan was a local celebrity, and everyone knew it. That’s why he was such an easy target. “She offered me a blow job,” Bohdan replied.

“Bullshit,” Oden replied.

“Nope, she sucked it right there in her office.”

“You wish she did. What did the guards do while that was going on?”

“They held her hair back so it wouldn’t get in her mouth. The other wiped my cum off her shirt when I was done.”

“You’re so full of shit,” Oden replied.

“Go ask her, she’s standing right over by the door.”

Oden looked over to the window and saw the warden standing there. Dressed in her skirt suit combo with black heels. “I heard you’re in big trouble. We’ll see who’s right.”

Twenty minutes later and breakfast was over. Most of the prisoners were led back to their cells in a group. Bohdan was always escorted by a single guard. Not that he was an escape risk as much as he was an asset. He was responsible for most of the ticket sales. To the average person, a vampire looked like any other prisoner. But Bohdan had history, a very long and gory history. He was like a living museum.

When they arrived back at Bohdan’s cell, three more armed guards met him at the door dressed in riot gear. This wasn’t the normal meal time routine. Usually the door was buzzed open and Bohdan was led inside. This time, something was going on that Bohdan didn’t know about.

The door opened and Bohdan stepped inside. He immediately saw the metal rack that the maintenance department welded together and set up facing the Plexiglas observation window. “What the fuck is this doing here?” Bohdan asked.

“Warden decided to try out the rack,” one of the guards replied.

“I told her I’d do what she asked. We agreed not to use the rack,” Bohdan said.

“She didn’t think you were serious.”

“That fucking cunt!” Bohdan snapped.

The guard shoved Bohdan towards the rack. It had chains and cuffs attached at the four corners ready to attach to Bohdan once he was in position.

“If you think I’m going to let you attach me to that thing, you’re fucking nuts,” Bohdan said.

“I am authorized to have you sedated if you don’t comply,” the guard said. “The nurse is waiting for my call.”

Bohdan knew he had no choice. If he struggled, a dose of Thora zine would be injected into his arm and he’d wake attached to the rack. He relaxed, stepped over to the metal structure, raised his hands to the corners and allowed the guards to snap the cuffs onto him. After his hands were secure, his ankles were cuffed as well. Now he stood facing the tram rail line waiting for the first car to come by with gawking visitors. “What time is it?” Bohdan asked.

“Eight thirty,” the guard replied.

“You’re going to leave me attached for a half hour before the show starts? Can’t you let me go for now?”

“Warden said to rack you after breakfast, and then after lunch. You’re going to be on the rack all day until the tour is over at six. Have a nice day,” the guard said and left the room with the other guards leaving Bohdan behind.

Nine on the dot the first tram came by and stopped at the window. The trams were programmed to stop for two minutes and move on. Any longer and the ride seemed boring, and there were a lot of stops along the line. Bohdan looked through the Plexiglas at the group of twelve who were looking back. Many of the tourists were taking cell phone pictures and talking amongst themselves, pointing at Bohdan and chatting back and forth. Bohdan couldn’t hear anything they were saying, but he could make out a lot of it from their lip movements.

He could make out the word “vampire” easily, and “murder, and “ripper,” and could also make out simple sentences. Most of the tourists talked about the same things so it was easy to pick up on the conversations. For the most part, Bohdan was bored, so bored that he tried to fight against the rack and turn away from the Plexiglas. The rack was well made and it was difficult to move, but he did have a little wiggle room and managed to turn enough that he could face away from the tram for a short time.

For most of the morning tour, he kept at an angle so he didn’t have to face directly into the window. After about a dozen tram cars, he began to hang his head and look at the floor so he could avoid eye contact. That worked for a while until his neck began to hurt. There was no way he’d be able to maintain this day after day after day. It would become too painful. So he needed a way to get off the rack. He couldn’t physically break the cuffs, chains or the structure itself, so he had to find another way to get off. And then he had an idea.

Bohdan looked at his cuffs, the cuffs that had been digging into his wrists all morning. There were red marks from where the cuffs dug in and this gave him an idea. He tugged on the cuffs and forced them to dig into his skin until they bled. He pulled harder until blood began to run down his arm and soak into the sleeve of his jumpsuit. The orange of the suit blended the red of the blood decreasing its overall visual impact, but none the less, it was obvious from anyone on the other side of the glass looking in.

The next tram car that stopped at the window was treated to the site of Bohdan pulling and tugging on the cuffs in a gory dance that caused blood to run down his arms into his prison jumpsuit. On the floor, a pool of blood formed from the drainage that ran down his body, his legs and from his shoes. Bohdan was either going to bleed himself to the point they had to remove him from the rack or kill himself trying.

One of the passengers on the tram pressed an emergency button and spoke to a voice emanating from a speaker attached to the roof of the car. Bohdan could see the concerned passenger and was happy someone noticed what he was doing. He couldn’t tell what was being said, but he could tell there was a disturbance on the tramcar and that something was probably going to happen soon.

Then the door to his cell opened and three guards entered the room followed by two nurses and a gurney. There was no way to cover the Plexiglas window so the tramcar was moved down the tracks and the tour was put on hold briefly while the guards detached Bohdan from the rack. They then loaded him onto the gurney and took him to the infirmary.

Bohdan was wheeled into the emergency room where he was met by Dr. Christian, and Nurse Cara Scott RN. He was transferred over to an exam table and surrounded by three armed guards who stood off against the wall.

“Let me see your wrists,” Dr. Christian said.

Bohdan raised his arms and let the doctor take a look.

“This isn’t as bad as it looks. You have a few abrasions, but I don’t think you need stitches. Maybe a dressing with some gauze. And an antibiotic. Order Azithromycin and a three days of Rocephin IM,” the doctor said. “Change the dressing every day for a week then have him seen again in the med office.”

Cara took the order and left to fill it at the pharmacy. She came back and the doctor was gone, just Bohdan and the guards remained in the room. “I have a shot for you,” Cara said. I have to put it in your hip.

“What about my wrists?” Bohdan asked.

“Oh shit, yeah,” Cara said. She put on some gloves and dug through her cabinets looking for supplies. She washed off the blood and applied a telfa pad covered by some Kerlix and tape. “One of the nurses will be in each day to change that, now for your shot.” Cara prepared the Rocephin shot and with the help of one of the guards gave it in Bohdan’s right hip. “Did that hurt?” Cara asked as she typed her notes into a computer.

“Stung a little,” Bohdan said.

“I’m going to give you an oral med as well, you’ll be on this for five days.”

“Are you going to give it to me?”

“No, I’m an E R nurse, one of the LPN’s will bring it to your cell.” Cara finished typing and addressed the guards. “You can go, I can take care of this.”

One of the guards replied, “We can’t leave him alone.”

“I’m a vampire myself,” Cara said. She lied. “I don’t need anyone to guard me. I’ll call you when I’m done. I have to do an assessment and it will take about a half hour.”

“We can wait,” the guard said.

“I don’t want you to wait. We are locked down here in the hospital, he can’t escape and he can’t do anything to me. Now go.”

“I’ll call my supervisor,” the guard said.

“Who is your supervisor?” Cara asked.

“Shawn Cole,” the guard replied.

“Shawn? I know Shawn, his wife’s a bitch. Call him if you want. We do what we want down here in medical. Like I said, I’ll call you when I’m done. I don’t need to be baby sat.”

“What if we stand outside the door?”

Cara thought for a moment. All she wanted was privacy. “Fine, that will work, but don’t come in here. When I’m done, I’ll come out.”

The guards agreed and left the room closing the door behind them.

“I thought they’d never leave,” Cara said. “She stepped over to the door and locked it. “I forgot this had a lock on it.”

“I like your spunk,” Bohdan said.

Cara pulled off her top and stood before Bohdan wearing her scrub pants and bra.

“What are you doing?” Bohdan asked.

“I’ve been your biggest fan forever,” she said as she removed her bra and set it on the counter. Her large round breasts in full view of the vampire she was infatuated with.

“What exactly are you doing?” Bohdan asked.

“Getting laid, what do you think?” Cara asked.

“I’ll have to admit I’m a bit shocked. I’ve never met a woman who was so forward.”

“Get used to it,” Cara said. She took off the rest of her clothes and approached Bohdan who was now sitting on the edge of the table. “We have about twenty minutes, how do you want to do it?” Cara asked.

“What makes you think I want to fuck you?” Bohdan asked.

“You’re a man, that’s what you do,” Cara replied.

“The last woman I was with, I tore apart and ripped out her intestines, are you sure you want to go there?”

Cara reached between Bohdan’s legs and began to massage his crotch until she felt him get hard. Then she massaged him harder. “We have fifteen minutes, I can bend over the table if you want, or you can lie on your back and I can get on top. Make a decision, I’m not leaving until I have you inside me.

Bohdan put his legs back up on the table and leaned back until he was lying flat on his back. Cara unzipped his pantsuit and grabbed a stool so she could get on top. For the next fifteen minutes Cara tried to fuck Bohdan, but the shot to his hip caused a reaction that made it difficult for him to maintain an erection. Frustrated she stopped trying and got dressed, she’d have to try another day.

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