Bohdan the Vampire Ripper

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Friday night

Cara Scott RN entered Tadpole’s Bar and Grill dressed like a slut. She was on a mission and knew exactly how to get what she wanted, she just needed to find the right person to do it. The bar was filled with employees from the prison, guards, grounds, kitchen, maintenance, you name it, and there were there to party. She was looking for a particular guy from the maintenance department named Steve Grant who she only knew from work from afar, mainly passing each other in the halls.

Inside the bar, she quickly scanned the busy room and found a full table where Steve was sitting with a group of guards from the prison. She did her best to ready herself and strolled past the table on her way to the bathroom finding an excuse to run into Steve. When she approached the table, she slowed down, smiled and waved at the group at the table and made the comment, “There isn’t a place to sit anywhere in here.” She knew that would be all it took to get an invite to the table. The table was mostly men with two females sitting next to each other by the wall.

“We can get you a chair,” one of the men said. He stood up and walked to the next table and asked to borrow the one spare chair they had. He brought it over and squeezed it between him and another male guard, across the table from her target, Steve.

“Thanks,” Cara said and she sat down at the table.

“We don’t see you out here very often,” the man next to her said. His name was Allan Lake.

“I know, I’m usually home with Brent,” Cara replied. The second she said it, she regretted it. She didn’t want to bring up her home life, she was here to take Steve for a ride later.

“Where is Brent?” Allan asked.

Cara needed to make up a lie. “We’re not doing so hot right now actually,” she replied. “He went out with some of his friends.”

“That’s too bad, how long have you two been going out?”

“Oh, about a year now,” Cara replied. “She needed to make it sound like they were breaking up. In all actuality, she and Brent were getting along well.

“What’s the problem?”

“I don’t know if we’re right for each other. He’s so into his hobbies and never has time for me anymore.”

“That sucks. So you decided to go out on the town tonight?”

“Yeah, have a few drinks, see what’s out there,” Cara said looking Steve in the eye. From under the table, she tugged down on her shirt exposing more of her cleavage.

Allan took notice of Cara’s gaze at Steve and made the comment, “Maybe you should go out with Steve here, he’s single.”

Cara grinned like a coy schoolgirl and tried to blush. She got Steve’s attention and he perked up.

“I don’t know anything about Steve,” she said.

“He works in maintenance,” Allan said.

“I’ve seen him in the hallway, that’s about it.”

Allan looked at Steve and asked, “What the fuck do you guys do down in the basement anyway?”

Steve smiled and tried to act cool. “We fix anything that is broke in the building, keep the boiler and central air working. Stuff like that.”

“Mow the lawns?”

“No, grounds does that.”

“Mop the floors?”

“No, housekeeping does that.”

“So you guys sit in the basement jerking off all day,” Allan stated as a joke.

“I replaced the lightbulbs in the commons yesterday, you saw me.”

“That was you?” Allan asked with a laugh. “Yeah, I guess that was you up on the ladder wasn’t it.”

“We also run fire drills, fix the cells when the inmates tear them apart, keep the trams running, install and keep the video equipment working...”

“I get it, you fix shit.”

“More than you guys, standing around watching vampires all day. I’d love that job.”

“Apply, we’re always short staffed,” Allan said.

Cara spoke up, “You should apply in medical. We could use some assistants.”

“What do they do?” Steve asked.

“Baths, cleaning, some medication administration,” Cara replied.

“Wipe ass?” Steve asked with a laugh.

“The prison isn’t an old folk’s home,” Cara said.

“What about that Bohdan? He’s got to be well over a hundred,” Steve said.

“Yes, but he doesn’t age anymore. He’s frozen at thirty two.”

“How do you know?” Steve asked.

“I know a lot about Bohdan, I think he’s fascinating. I got to see him in the E R a few days ago.”

“For what?” Allan asked.

“He had some lacerations to his wrists,” Cara replied.

“I heard they made some sort of metal rack they were going to shackle him to for punishment, I never thought they’d go through with it.”

Steve spoke up, “We made that rack, down in maintenance.”

“You built it?” Allan asked.

“Not me, I can’t weld, but some of the guys did build it for the warden.”

Cara chimed in, “Yeah, well Bohdan cut himself up pretty good pulling on the cuffs.”

“So what’s he like?” Allan asked.

“He’s amazing. Just being around him gives me the chills.”

“I’ve met him a few times, I don’t think amazing is the right word. I heard he’s a real asshole,” Allan said.

“Maybe he is, but I’ve done a lot of research on him and I was in awe when they brought him into the ER,” Cara said.

“Sounds like you had an orgasm,” Allan replied taking a sip of his beer.

“Funny,” Cara replied. She looked over to Steve and made eye contact. She wanted him to think he had a chance with her, because he did. How to get him away from the group was her problem. She needed to think up an idea. Then she got one.

“Hey,” she said to Steve, getting his attention. “You said you work on central air?”

“Yeah, HVAC is what I like to do best.”

“I don’t suppose you’d come look at mine would you? I can’t get my thermostat to work right.”

“Yeah, I could take a look if you want.”

“Do you have time now?” Cara asked.

Steve grinned and looked at Cara like she was nuts. It was late on a Friday night and they were having a party, and she wanted him to look at her thermostat. Either she was having some real air conditioning problems or she was horny as hell and looking for an easy lay. “Yeah, I suppose. I probably shouldn’t be driving right now.”

“That’s fine, I can take you,” Cara said.

Steve hesitated for a moment and started to get up when one of the women sitting next to him spoke up. Her name was Lisa Miller. “If you’re that hard up for cock, maybe you should pay a prostitute.”

“Excuse me?” Cara asked. She was offended and pissed.

“Thermostat? How lame of an excuse do you need to get Steve in your bed? Don’t you think your boyfriend will get pissed?” Lisa was drunk and unable to filter herself.

“My boyfriend is none of your business - cunt,” Cara replied.

“Steve is my friend, I’m watching out for him, “Lisa said, her speech was slurred.

“You do that, I need help and he’s going to look at my thermostat. If he needs to get laid, I’m sure you can do that for him, you seem like the jealous type.”

“Oh you fucking cunt, you think because you work in medical that you’re better than the rest of us?”

“I am a professional,” Cara snapped back.

“You don’t think guards are professional?” Lisa asked. She was getting more and angrier as the conversation escalated.

“Registered nurses are considered professional nurses, I don’t know what they call guards. I’m not trying to start an argument, that’s just the way it is in nursing.”

“Everyone at this table is a guard, well, except for Steve, he works in the basement. So don’t you say shit about us guards. Without us, you’d be fucked. Do you know what I mean?” Lisa asked. Her speech was filled with slobber she spit as she spoke.

“I’m very happy that the guards watch over the prison. Without them, we’d all be in big trouble.”

“You come here dressed like a whore. If the prisoners had a chance, they’d rape the shit out of a whore like you. You should be happy we keep them in line.”

“I am, what do you want from me?” Cara asked.

“I want you to apologize for acting like the guards are low lives. And apologize for being a whore.”

“I think it’s time for me and Steve to go,” Cara said. She pushed her chair back from the table and stood up pulling her short skirt down and pulling out the wrinkles.

“Steve isn’t going anywhere,” Lisa said. She slammed down here beer and grabbed Steve by the arm like she was his mother.

“Steve, can we go?” Cara asked.

Lisa stood up and pointed her finger in Cara’s face. “Get the fuck out you whore cunt!”

Cara was completely sober watching this drunk woman try to pick a fight with her. All she wanted was to get Steve alone so she could talk to him in private. “Steve, I’ll be waiting for you at the front door,” Cara said and she turned and walked away.

“Yeah, you better leave you dime store whore!” Lisa said. She picked up a half filled mixed drink and tried to toss the contents on Cara only to splash her on the back of her legs. Cara ignored the drink and kept walking, hoping Steve would be following soon.

Cara waited at the door for a few minutes watching Lisa yell as she looked across the bar at her. Steve stood up and made his way around the table to Lisa’s dismay and met Cara and together they left the bar and got into Cara’s car.

“I’m sorry about that,” Steve said. “I don’t even know Lisa that well.”

“She’s drunk, I’m not worried about it,” Cara said as she pulled the car out of the stall and headed down the street.

“Yeah, she’s making an ass out of herself,” Steve said. He felt awkward being in Cara’s car alone with her.

“I have a confession to make Steve,” Cara said.

“What’s that?” Steve asked.

“She was right, I do want you to fuck me.”

Steve was taken aback when he heard Cara. “What?”

Cara hiked up her skirt and exposed her crotch to Steve. She wasn’t wearing panties and she was shaved. She reached over and grabbed Steve’s left hand and placed it between her legs and motioned for him to rub it. This was all part of her plan, to get Steve hooked before she asked him for the favor she really wanted. She didn’t want to ask right away, she wanted to make sure that Steve would do whatever she asked, and the way to a man’s obedience was through sex.

Steve did as Cara motioned and began to rub Cara between her legs. She had a spot picked out in a dark section of the city park where she planned to fuck Steve. Brent, her boyfriend had been sitting home alone while she was out. She had told him that she was meeting some girlfriend and had some old pictures on her phone she could use to send him wearing the same outfit.

At the park, Cara pulled into the dark area under a large maple tree and turned off the engine. She reached the seat lever and eased the seat back spreading her legs as she leaned further and further back. Soon, Steve was on top of her and it wasn’t much longer that he was inside her. All a while her boyfriend sat at home waiting for her to come home. She’d be home soon, but filled with another man’s cum inside her. Now her plan was in motion.

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