Parallel World

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Chapter 1- Prince

I had nothing. He stole my everything, my joy my salvation. I'm tired of this life, tired of living so awful life. I met her,a peculiar woman, she's nice. She gave me a thing, from which I think would change my life forever. Two words wouldn't dare to leave my mind.

Parallel World.

Thousands of images, ideas were flashing through my mind at the same time. A parallel world? Could it be possible? My hands were shaking as I held the precious book. I was thrilled to see what's inside it. But something's preventing me to open it, as if telling me that,

Once you open it, you're way of thinking or vision for everything will be changed.

That voice rung through my ears, curiosity kills me. My blood wanted to have a taste of this book.


Should I or should I not?

Geez, nothing will change anyway, my wild imagination just gotten through me.

I carefully flipped through the first page, where the word Parallel World was located.

This book will lead you to the Parallel World, once you step your foot in there, your identity will be different. Only the chosen one can open this book.

My identity would be different? Interesting, this might be the solution to my forever pain. Why did she chose me? Will I be able to meet her again? I caressed the glass part the mirror, I looked at my reflection, and I saw a pair of dull moss green crystal stare across me. I continued to read the book.

Beware, don't touch the glass part of the mirror, it'll automatically lead you to the Parallel World.

Shit! I touched it, but it seemed like I haven't been transported through the other world. I rose my eyes from the book, and scanned through the place. This was when the real shit happens. I stare across the big fancy room. A big chandelier was hanging from the ceiling. Golden bed sheet was spread through the bed. There was a big wardrobe in the room, it was designed intricately with gold. I know it was a room styled for royalties.

"Prince Clyde, the breakfast is now ready," I heard a male voice outside the room. I hid myself beside the bed. They might behead me if ever they found some commoner as me trespassed in their lair. There were loud knocks in the room, maybe he's expecting some reply before he'll excuse himself.

"Okay, just leave it outside my room, I'll get it later," I pretended to be that person he expects.

"Prince Clyde?" I heard his voice rose as if he were surprised. Prince Clyde? we had the same name, could it be a coincidence? "Is that really you? You're alive!" He finally barged in the room and welcomed me with a hug. "I thought you," he paused between his sobs. "Died..."

Died? From what cause? I don't know why but I am very curious, "What happened to me?" I asked.

"You can't remember?" he pulled a distance between us, confused look were visible in his eyes as he scanned through my body. "Prince Clyde, pardon me for this question, what are you wearing?" he asked politely.

"Clothes I guess," nearly rolled my eyes.

"No I mean, where is your robe? The silk ones, your favorite," he asked me as if I had grown two heads. Oh right, royalties were used to wear silk. I'm too dumb.

"Sorry, I'm not the prince you're looking for, I am just a simple commoner who didn't know why he suddenly transported here." I told him the truth, there's no use in lying. "And I happened to have the same name as the prince."

His mouth are slightly apart, as if he was not believing even a single thing I said. "No way, you're really him, from the appearance, height, facial features, everything is the same, but you're skinnier." he looked so worried. "You should rest first, I'll heat up the tub for you, you can eat your breakfast." he gave me a sincere smile, suddenly people were becoming nice to me.

"Okay," I said, he gave me the tray of food. "Thank you,"

"You don't need to thank me, I'm glad you're back," he smiled. He walked out the room, I ate the bread he handed me, Tasty, this is the first time I tasted a bread as tasty as this. I looked at it closely. It looks normal. I smiled as I felt myself very loved, a tear escaped my eyes, and I wiped it off. I continued to read the book,

You might be in the Parallel World now, your stubbornness might have lead you there.

I laughed at it, seemed like it was speaking to me.

You're confused right? That's why you opened me again. You must be wondering why some people recognizes you. But not with the same identity. The world you came in to, is the world you used to live in. Means it must be your past or your future.

In that case it must be my past? I can tell because of the place.

The person for whom they claimed to be you, must have left a mission they couldn't accomplish in their lifetime. It's up to you if you want to continue what his resolve is or rather not. Remember you can go here 100 times if you don't plan to live here. But if you decided to stay in this realm, you can stay here forever with a condition, you must surrender your destiny here, and you cannot come back at the world you originally came in. If you die here you'll die for real, as this is called "parallel world", it does also mean this world is equal to your so called world.

Woah, this is incredible, like the books I had used to read. Magic. I believe in this book, as I had seen how this magic works. But I am not ready to surrender my destiny here, not yet. Although I don't have any possession in Earth, it's the land from where I had been born, where I live my life, where I learned how to survive, and where I learned that life is unfair. Maybe I just need to find the Prince's resolve, maybe I'll find a piece of me. Maybe it's the place where I really belong. My life started to become interesting since I had met that woman. She really gave me a gift. A gift of warmth and assurance. Like a fairy God mother. She's a miracle. My lips curved up. Please don't wake me from this beautiful dream. I ached for this day. Tears rolled down my cheeks again. I only had nightmares haul me every night.

"Thank you, Talia," I whispered to myself as I lay on the fancy fluffy bed in this room, let me be greedy just for a day, I don't care anymore.

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