Parallel World

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Chapter 2- Book Shelves

Chapter 2:

I stood proudly ready to show up my face to the people here in our country. I had been living my whole seventeen years of life to this day. Here I am standing with the gazes of the people I love, people who helped me grow. People who still stayed by my side even if I am a jerk. I gave them my most sincere smile. I can't help but be thankful for what they had done for me.

"Happy Birthday, Your Highness" she hugged me tightly, struggling not to cry in front of me, but she broke into sobs anyway, "Claudius, I've never thought that I'd live to see you grow up, oh boy," I chuckled, she's so sweet.

"Natalia," I caressed her hair, "I thought I told you to call me Clyde," I said in disbelief, narrowing my eyes at her. She pulled a space between us and lectured me again.

"You're now eighteen, please behave like a grown up," she argued, that made me grin even more.

"Who cares," I breathe, and brushed my hands through my hair. I heard voices screaming, so loud, can't believe that it tears through the thick walls of this castle. However I can't hide the smile that's creeping in my face.

"Hail to the prince!"

"Long may you run,"

People outside spoke, I can't help but to grin, feeling touched that people acknowledged me although they haven't seen me. Just yet,
Suddenly I felt someone patted my shoulders. I turned my head to look at the person who got my attention.

I opened my eyes, bright lights blinded me. So it's just a dream? I struggled to see who's the person standing before me. I quickly recognized him, he's the same person who gave me food. The one who called me Prince Clyde.

"I'm sorry for disturbing your sleep," he said carefully, "I just want to let you know that the bath is ready," he continued.
"Thank you," I replied and gave him an acknowledging nod. He retreated from my sight. My thoughts began to wonder to the dream I just had. I wonder why I had that dream. It's as if I was in the body of his highness himself. I can vaguely feel what he felt in the dream. I placed my hand on my heart, I felt my heart beating ghastly.

I went to the bathroom, and readied myself to soak my mind wet. I felt the warm water against my skin. My nerves finally calmed down. I finished washing myself and wrapped the robe around my body. Warm. It made me feel. I step out the room and entered the consecutive bedroom. I looked against my reflection on the huge mirror lying beside the giant wardrobe. I can't help but to admire the intricate designs woven in it. I still can't believe that I'll see something as beautiful as this.

I saw my reflection once again. My eyes looked as dull as ever. My green eyes never did glimmer like the eyes of others. Dirt were washed away revealing my pale skin. Is this what the prince they claim to be, looks like? I can't help but to feel disappointed. This ugly? Princes' were always handsome right?

Thinking of what I can do to make the time pass. The book quickly stole a place on my mind. Oh right, I must continue reading it. I wouldn't dare to leave this room after all, what if someone I don't know started to talk to me about a thing I can't relate of. I'm not ready for things like that.

Reading this book further means you took interest in living at this Realm.

"Wow," I breathe, this book never failed to amaze me. Leading me to read more. "Interesting,"

People living in this Realm don't age. To be clear, their appearance don't age. As of they turned into eighteen, that's where the magic starts to begin. Wonder why you saw people who look older? To explain that, when a person reached the age of thirty, they'll look different. Not very different it's like they aged a little. Next to that is fifty, seventy and so on.

Hmm... maybe that's why the guy earlier looked a little older, maybe he's in his fifties, this book explains well. Seemed like someone's talking to me. I closed the book and scanned through the room, the wardrobe caught my eye again. I opened it. Pardon me your highness, I'm barging in your things. Let me borrow some of your clothes. I washed my clothes earlier and hung it in the bathroom. I need it when I go back to Earth right?

I pick out some clothes and clutched my nose because of it's fanciness. I can't believe that someone wears this kind of clothes. After a while, I had chosen the simplest clothes and wear it. The robe was enormously embroidered with various patterns. Inside it, I wore a simple black turtle neck type of polo with thin gold outline in it. As for the shoes, I just wore a simple leather which I saw beside the clothes I chose. I am surprised that fits me too well, like it was made just for my body.

Now, I dared to look at myself in the mirror. God! I looked like hell, like a clown, what would people of my time would say about this. One thing I noticed was, I really looked like the prince. The prince I saw in my dreams. It made me remember that he wore an head dress. Not a crown, it is feathery kind of thing. I don't plan to wear it like him.

So what should I do now? Now that I had worn his clothes. I don't like to pretend to be him, I don't like to be replacement. I sighed. Maybe I'll just look outside this room, for some fresh air. I might come up with some plot for my new story.

I tiptoed my foot trying so hard not to create noise as I peaked through the door of this bedroom. I never plan to be found out. I'm not used to lying either. So lets take a bet I'll need to leave this place when someone took notice of me, or if I can't defend myself anymore.

Thankfully no one's outside, a sigh of relief came out of my mouth. I finally relaxed my shoulders. I look across the endless carpeted floor. There were so many rooms here. I walked further and saw a big painting of him. yes, him, the prince. He was smiling brightly, totally opposite of me, my eyes never shimmered like that. I wonder what had happened to this prince? To the prince who everyone loves. He seemed like a good person. At least I can say. However I am not in the place to say this, I don't know him after all. I can't judge a person by their appearance.

Just like that time, the man who stole what's mine. He looked so kind. I groaned at the thought of it. Once again I felt like a big fool.

I continued to walk in this long hallway, my foot stopped as I saw a huge gate. My eyes began to scan through it. I saw a sign with a beautiful lettering that says.

A room for books

I opened the gates, my eyes were bombarded with lots of books. This was just a dream for me, for I really loved books. I used to sneak in the stores to read books. I never had the money to buy them. I picked a book and read the title of it.

The Musician

I smiled because I remembered that it's the same title I gave to my newest novel, I looked at the author of it. Shocked rushed through my veins.

Claudius Woods

I opened it, from the first page I saw an author's note.

There's nothing special about me, I'm just a person who wanted to be simple. That's why I write novels, because it is my only escape to the reality. I wanted to be called Clyde instead of Claudius, because it's too formal to my liking. Hope you'll enjoy this as much as I felt when I wrote it.

"What the-" I grumbled. My words were cutout when someone spoke beside me.

"Prince? Is that you?" I turned my head to look the person who had spoken. Without waiting me for me to mutter a word, she throw herself at me and gave me a tight embrace.

"Oh my God!" she squealed through her sobs. I don't even had the chance to see her face.

Who is she to the life of the Prince? Why my life did suddenly became like a novel. Even though my identity here is better that my identity there in the Earth. I am not ready to abandon it. I've got to find out everything before I run out of time. Before I let myself feel attached to this place.
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