Parallel World

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Chapter 3- Mirror

"Prince? Is that you?" She squealed through her sobs. Still embracing me tightly, to the point where I can't breathe anymore. I'm still wondering who she is. How should I react to her? How do I call her? This will be so awkward, but oh well, leave it to me being extremely honest.

"Excuse me, I can't breathe," I choked out. Seemed like she heard what I had said. She loosened her embrace and looked at me shyly.

"Oh," she started. "Sorry," she continued averting her eyes. This time I took a good look at her appearance. To describe her in a word, Gorgeous. I must say. She's extremely beautiful. However, let me inform you, I'm not the typical guy who falls in love with whichever pretty girl who'll pop out from everywhere.

"Who are you," I said bluntly. Her eyes widened like it'll pop out from her eye sockets. I noticed her bright pretty emerald green eyes, same shade as mine. Her mouth fell apart. I struggled not to laugh and kept my cool composure.

"You," she blurted. "You can't remember me?" tears started to roll down her eyes. Uh-oh, I made a girl cry. "B-Brother?" she choked out from her words. She moved her hands to her face and covered it while quietly sobbing through her tears.

Wait what?

Brother? So, she's my sister! More like, she's His highness' sister. No wonder why we, no, they shared the same color and shade of eyes. I looked at her crying. For some reason, I don't know, but my heart felt like it'll be torn apart anytime. I tried to resist the urge to hug her and to stop her from crying.

I enveloped my arms to her petite and small figure. I caressed her hair. "Shh... don't cry." I mumbled more like a whisper. "I'm sorry to say this but I'm not your brother," I said the truth, rather than lying to her. She pulled a space between us and looked at me in the eye. Confused look were visible in her shimmering emerald eyes, begging me to explain more.

I sighed, I have no idea how to say this. "I'm just-" I cut out. I carefully thought, and composed the right words to tell her. "Different from your brother, I know I am a split image of him. However, let me be honest with you, I don't have an idea what he was and-" I paused. "God, I don't even know your name," I hesitated.

Her eyes started to water again. This time I'm not surprised, of course who wouldn't be sad when someone precious to you suddenly forgot your name. I just hugged her close to calm her down. "Sorry," I whispered sincerely. "I don't mean to hurt you."
"Ada Woods." I pulled a space between us. She gave me a meaningful look. I noticed a hint of sadness in her eyes. Longing.

"He used to call me, Aids, which I really hate." She continued and a small smile appeared on her lips, reminiscing the past. "But now, I missed him calling me with that stupid name." tears sprung out her eyes again. What exactly happened to him! Damn! This is getting annoying. I don't plan to hurt her by asking what happened to him. I just needed time. Obviously the wound in her heart was still fresh. I wouldn't want to hurt her again, she's still a small girl but I can tell she's strong.

"What's happening?" she screamed, fear was evident in her voice.

"Why, what's wrong?" I asked her calmly.

"You're fading!" she cried hysterically. I looked at my hands to my body, she's right, I'm becoming transparent. Apparently I'm disappearing. What will happen to me?

"Shit!" I cursed.

"Brother Clyde!" I heard her faint voice as I felt myself feeling drowsy. Her image became blurry to nothing. I closed my eyes can't fight the drowsiness anymore. I wonder what suddenly happened to me. Will I die? I'm not scared I'm a piece of trash from the first place. At least something beautiful occurred to my life before it ended. I'm thankful.

Anonymous POV

"Oh, shit!" I cursed. I stepped on a mirror, and you know what's with the mirror? It's just. Shit got through me! Damn! Will I have bad luck haunt me forever from now on? I sighed a freaking long sigh. I don't know if I'll be thankful or annoyed to the fact that it didn't broke into shards. It had a small crack. I hope I won't be too unlucky. I have an interview today after all. I needed to be lucky! Because I need money for God's sake!

I sighed again and looked at the man who sits beside this damn mirror. God, why didn't I notice him earlier. He's smoking hot. More like God made him a perfect human. I can't help but to stare at him, though I knew staring was rude. This is a perfect chance for me to stare at him because he was sleeping soundly. Forgive me!

I noticed his long eye lashes, it touched his cheek. His strong masculine jaw showed his lined tender lips. His messy black hair framed his high cheekbones. My eye slowly go down, I'm awed with what came across my eyes. Those strong shoulders attracted my eyes like a magnet. I can see abs forming from his tight clothes. I don't know when I did start to become perverted. Oh God, I'm such a sinful living human. Please forgive me!

I took a glimpse in my watch, my golly! It's already one past noon? I needed to commute for literally one hour. Luck hates me now. I needed this job. The promised time was one thirty. Will I make it there in time if I start to find a taxi now? I sighed. The best thing I can do now is to try. If I just stand here doing nothing, will make me feel even worse. Staring at that man, made time stop, just for me I guess.

I waved my hand to the taxis who ran at the direction where I needed to be going. However, it's all occupied. Ten minutes had passed, still I didn't managed to get a ride. My hopes were slowly draining, my luck had ran out. Geez, I just sat down beside the man I'd just checked out.

I looked at him again, I gave up after all. Maybe that job was not for me, maybe it wasn't suited for me in the first place. Weird, I noticed he was wearing a peculiar outfit. Like a prince. As weird as it may seem, it suited him more than the artists who once played the role of a prince. Can someone who lived on the streets afford something as expensive as this? Rather, maybe I'm just having a dream, an extremely good yet at the same time a bad dream. I laughed at my thought. He shrugged. Uh-oh, woke him up. I stood up and stepped few inches from him. I tried to avert my eyes from him so that he won't be suspicious of me. But hell, I can't! It's like my eyes were being sucked by his pair of emerald green eyes. It's damn beautiful, I can't explain but it's my first time seeing someone having such an enormous eyes. I'm being dragged in. Looking at distance was not enough. I slowly took a step forward towards his direction. I stopped when I heard his sexy voice.

"Hey," He said. "Don't come close to me." He hissed, I thought he was angry, however, he was- how can I say this, more like afraid.
I can't even mutter a word. Seemed like my ability to speak was taken from me. What is this feeling?

"Stay away from me!" he begged. "Save your pity for other people who need it." He commanded. Hurt rushed through my veins. Instead of coming to him closer, I stepped away. I can't take it. I'm not pitying him. Can't he just see that I'm admiring him? As much as I can see, rather than being angry, he's hurt. Maybe it happened to him repeatedly. However, that is still not a reason for him to be ridiculously rude to me. I didn't do bad things against him. Oh, I did. I took advantage of him while he was sleeping. No, no not what you think. I just stared at him for like hours. Will he need to be this harsh to me? I don't know why I felt very frustrated about what had happened. Why this occurrence did affected me? I sighed as I crossed the bridge and went home. A warm embrace welcomed me.

"Hey Ivy, welcome home." My brother smiled. Confuse appeared on his handsome face as he examined me. "Why the long face?" he asked. I sighed.

"I lost my opportunity to have a work," and got rejected by the hot man living at the streets. I wonder, was he really living there.

"Don't worry, there are plenty of work out there," he assured me. "You're pretty, don't lose hope."

Yeah right I'm pretty. I'll just clung to that theory of my brother. I'll make myself believe his words and try my best for two things:

To get a job and to see him again.

I smiled and rushed to my room to change my clothes.


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