The Immortalized Curse (Book 4 Original version )

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Surpassing Eras-ion

Kira had grown quiet, her head slumped forward hanging over her chest. She did not move, her energy lessened and the pressure disappeared until it was debated whether or not she was alive. Eona woke, hearing the passing sound of thunder and lighting and a heartbeat that leaped. She expected Kira to be awake as well, but was surprised to see she hadn’t moved. Sammy had already been standing, next to Kira she held her fingers against the vein within her jugular.

“What happened?”

Sammy’s eyes were wide, terrified when untying Kira and pushing her on the ground. She ripped the remains of the woman’s shirt open and saw where the black vein had spread. Not long ago there was an uneasiness against a thin black line that traveled from the tattoo to under her chest. Her sudden lack of conversation was odd, no her words were what set Sammy off--that is not something she would say! After a while of trying to get the monster’s attention she cautiously approached and realized it had ceased breathing!


Her shirt was torn and on her chest the black vein spread on an epidemical level--taking over half her chest forming into a similar pattern as her neck at heart level. Sammy’s touch caused Kira to jerk, gasping painfully. This must be a curse, a poison, created by the Holy Grounds seeing as normal means were not enough to end a twin-blood. She knew nothing of this, how to slow or stop it--wait...this could kill her...this could be their chance; non-violent conclusion.

“Do something!” Eona cried, squeezing Kira’s hand hoping for some kind of response.

“I can’t...” Sammy stared in shock, “I can’t do anything.”

Eona would not accept it, she bit into her wrist and allowed the blood to drop into Kira’s mouth. Nothing. She took the blood into her mouth and forced it next time, but the result did not change. Her lover did not move, did not respond and only lied motionless on the ground.

Sammy dismissed her rods, they broke apart into particles into the air releasing Kira’s flame from their prison. Slowly the wounds inflicted steamed away until their only evidence be the crimson that stained the black shirt. Kira inhaled suddenly, the black veins crumbled to the surface of her flesh.


Flames swirled, throwing Eona and Sammy against the cave walls and in the same moment the roof of the cave was blasted away. The illusion faded, proving that no such curse existed--a last farewell present before the first of the three ghosts was erased. Kira stood on the highest point of the roofless cave gloating at the two who emerged. Sammy pushed off the bolder she used her body to shield Eona from, having likely broken a few ribs once feeling a sharp stabs to her chest.

Kira cracked a finger as her gaze dropped, clenching her teeth angrily, “You’re cruel Catherine.”

She noticed her torn shirt and then at their expressions--did they think to save her? Foolish. They would know the consequences of their actions--they should have killed her when they had the chance. Eona watched Kira’s face; her eye, a window into the soul. A bottomless pit. She knew that face, a lie, a mask, no different than the one she gave when she left and joined Syndicate. The day Kira changed.

“Wait!” Eona’s movements were stopped, Sammy snatched her arm and held her behind when creating a spear.

“I’m begging you don’t leave again!”

There was nothing in that eye. No recognition, no color, no sense of ‘life’ only the emptiness of the void she had once resided in. She says not to leave, she asks why she left, over and over its always the same and its meaning eludes Kira. Why would she save a Nightraven? Protect one when they are the cause of the falseness in this world? They were certainly two different people.

“Who are you--to hold onto her as you do?” Kira glared, “You of all people have no right--”

Sammy pushed her back absorbing the blast and being knocked off her feet into the wall again. She did not move after that, blood seeped from a cut in her head, but overall the human was merely knocked out.

“To cling to one you cast aside.”

Kira and Eona collided forearms, but the attacker’s objective ceased being to kill. Awaking to this nightmare again, but things were different this time. This false world will be erased and the Nightraven Curse will end, but there are many ways to go about it. Kira reached her free arm and snatched Eona’s shirt, lifting her up against the wall. She came closer, ensuring that her words would not be misunderstood and the message made clear.

“I’m sorry.” Eona held Kira's wrist. “I truly love you that’s why back then.--I thought if I let you go you would be better off without me.”

“I am not her.” Kira growled showing her fangs, “That human who you loved, who became a Ghoul for you, does not exist--she died and its all your fault.”

Kira placed her hand against the mother’s belly knowing if she even breathed a malevolent intent it would not end well. She could wait. The child will have to be born at some point and when that happens Eona will be too weak to stop her and it will not longer be able to protect itself. Gradually her grip lessened, easing the Pureblood back onto the ground, but not allowing to be interrupted.

“Whoever she was was an illusion, a projection, of your wish for someone to love. The person you remember is not who she was.” Saying this tighten her chest.

Eona’s heart sank, her eyes have the expression Kira longed to see: despair; too long had she been hopeful, had she thought that all could be reverted to as it had once been. In her mind all she could see was a young Kira, her black hair floated in the air under the Old Man. Running around the tree then climbing the branches as Eona walked to its mighty trunk. She laughed a lot back then, a time when all was right in the world. The child grew, becoming a respected woman who valued everyone else before herself. Her hair lightened to purest of white. She laughed less and from then on the lies were all that grew; stacking on top of each other until all that could be seen was the mask of the One-Eyed Reaper. In front of her was still Kira...deep inside no matter what her heart had never changed, even if she did.

“No...I remember the person you were, the person you forgot you were and the person I will make you remember.”

Akasha watched as Kira silently walked thru the hall and dropped onto her bed. She did not speak, did not change clothes, only plopped onto her stomach and exhaled loudly. What a trip; how annoying to have wasted all that time, then again it was enlightening therefore its uselessness was overlooked. Kira would need a few days to recover, she burned too much energy trying to evade the traps of that cursed ground and in the end she technically didn’t even escape. She tried to save me knowing I would try to kill the child. Kira rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling, finally thinking of the name that still sat at the edge of her lips.

“Emily Addy.”

There was no face to the name, nor a single voice that could be connected and yet within there was an ‘attachment’. This is why she did not pursue, why she was fine with remaining without the rest, but now--with these emotions--if she did not understand what was ‘her’s’ then there was no moving forward.

From here on it would be about rejection, to once again know everything and still reject it for the sake of erasing the false world. Alucard’s death has now surpassed his spawn’s for the meantime. There was more to him, to his plan to kill the Goddess and she--he was not the kind to forgive and forget. The Father of Lies, he could convince any of his version of ‘truth’ and in turn they would accept it as well. Kira was close to accepting it, that humans were the source of all misfortune and falseness in this world. How naive she had once been, trusting of anyone to give her power for the goal of revenge...against who though?

Akasha entered the room, locking eyes with Kira, the immortalized turned over on her side away from the Goddess.

“I’m sorry for what I said before.” A shadow came over her then a heavy weight dropped on her knocking the air out.

“Get off.” Kira struggled poorly and tiredly to free herself.

Akasha turned her over and gabbed her fingers into Kira’s side rapidly--the youngling could not stop laughing. For over five minutes the two engaged in Akasha tickling and Kira trying to get away eventually laughing hard enough to cry. Finally Akasha stopped, allowing for her to breathe; stretched out on the bed, her limbs spread out like a star.

‘Consider that your punishment.’

As the young woman entered the building Akasha had already sensed it. The scent of Cherry Blossoms was hinted within the Sage, her overall presence had grown, however not in a manner that increased its density. She could not say it was different because since the rebirth Kira was ‘different’ than before. It was not as though she had been another person, but had been ‘half’ the person she once was. She had gone to Eona; the scent on her clothes and the stench from that Amazonian were enough to know what happened even without consulting her shadow. The child lived still, for the meantime, Kira had altered the order which they die.

‘How’ was another question. Something else had occurred, a connection of some kind an ‘attachment’ that reformed and yet she returned here. Akasha did not decided whether to be happy or concerned as to ‘how much’ there was filled. She assumed it was time to clarify the situation, after all Eona and the huntress had no urgency to return to Alucard.

‘Sit up.’

Kira obeyed in question, but before she could ask Akasha had already brought her back down with her head on the Goddess’s lap. Neither of them spoke, in silence they understood one another without the passage of words. Softly Akasha caressed Kira’s head, a soothing action that lullabied the young immortal to sleep. Your hair has yet to go back to its original color. It was long now, past her shoulder blades and its black roots were no where to be seen.

Hei at first entered loudly, but Akasha’s hand quieted his footsteps. There was peace in the room, calmness and warmth that had not been felt before. Hei laughed because it seemed whatever Kira’s mood was dictated the atmosphere of the entire house. Needless to say both Ancients preferred this warmth considering the ice chill their adversaries exhibited against them. This was a pleasant setting, a perfect image to capture of the three of them, but based on the reason he entered it was doubtful this would happen again.

‘I have the report of the human’s movements--’

‘Shhhh...’ Akasha placed her finger over her mouth, ‘Let her sleep for now.’

Hei was quiet, but could not resist speaking the enlightening thought that came, ‘You almost look like a mother taking care of her daughter.’

That statement brought a smile to the Goddess’s face especially at the irony of it--‘Thats funny...considering she is the only immortal I did not mother.’

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