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The King's Guard

When in audience of the Pureblood King there has never been a uniform or pattern of the same people to distinguish them as ‘guards’. The king has no need of such decorations, useless measures against an enemy he could handle himself. If he was to allow others to deal with even the most basic of his own ‘safety’ then he would not be as feared as he is today. A reputation proceeds a name and fear of a name is to fear the object itself--that fear can control people by the millions. A lesson Kira Nightraven learned well.

The guard was not official, it had no chain of command or established purpose and only the king was aware of its activities. The exact number was unknown by any, but the king, making its existence nearing not. These individuals were highly trained, gifted in their own talents they were the best within ‘Syndicate’; hidden through society. Their loyalty was absolute for one reason: Alucard ‘owned’ them. Each had been saved, born, or leveraged into complete obedience because without those three they would not submit to his ‘Absolute Order’.

Accountants, construction workers, government officials; family members to hunters; Knights to the Queen--they were anywhere and anyone. They could have been a neighbor, a family member, a lover, they were those who obeyed any order the king gave because he possessed something they valued enough to give their souls to the devil for. These people he gave a personal name to, a word almost entirely forgotten to the ages and yet somehow known (the original Nordic language) ‘Fenrir’.

The irony of its title and its legend was humorous to Alucard. A monstrous wolf foretold to kill the great god Odin during Ragnarök and yet is fooled by those he trusted; nonetheless he achieves revenge by a task meant to prove innocence. A bitter irony to bite the hand that feeds; he knows some mean to go against him and yet will not for the sake of that they hold dear. Its fear. Fear to lose what they want, a selfishness they will sacrifice others for to achieve their own means.

-Twenty-two Years Ago-

A mortal woman had long since caught his interest, peculiar since very few things could. She was fascinating, someone obsessed with immortality and performing acts far surpassing the cruelty of any vampires to date. A two-faced monster who created the false persona of kindness while concealing the black heart that was her true self. He watched from the shadows as he’d always done, eager to see how far she would take her ambitions--to go as far as to marry a hunter was curious. Perhaps he had been wrong, but then again she was a woman obsessed with immortality not for an everlasting beauty, but for the power to take from others.

Her husband was unaware, blinded by the illusion that a woman could love a murderer such as himself; a woman could ‘accept’ him and his stained hands. He was lured in as any other, manipulated so that she may have the chance to face the immortals again and gain the other they possessed. The blood she carried from generations before was a drug, every time she consumed blood of immortals her husband had done away with she went into a state of drunken splendor. A mortal woman consuming immortal blood...their dirty blood was indeed a drug, one she wanted more and more of, filling her mouth, coloring her lips to the point people came to know her as ‘rojo de la señora’ (Lady Red). She was a sinister and cruel woman, torturing her husband’s prey who barely escaped and held no strength to resist her.

Progressively her binge eating lessened until ceasing entirely. The King wondered where she had gone, where such an entertaining and disgusting woman had gone to--his question was answered at seeing that woman at the market...bearing a child of many weeks (though on her figure it could hardly be seen). How cruel. He pitied that child, the child of a monster. They would surely suffer, if not being the next of a desired bloodline, but by being the child of misfortune--a father that lives as a killer of immortals and a mother that devours them. Before they are even born they are cursed with the fate of death handed down by generations before.

Perhaps a part of him felt true pity of the unborn child, but as a God he would only care for one purpose--if the child was to experience that misfortune then it would at least be useful; their death was necessary to pull the would-be mother into his grasp. With the ambition and assets she possessed, not to mention the legacy she carried, it would be a shame if there wasn’t a union between the two to create an equally terrifying offspring. Between the two of them...a child like that would easily become a force to shake the face of the earth and take care of that bothersome being mother and brother feared. If the two ended up killing each other then that is one less problem he would deal with. After that being was dealt with then he...

She was quiet complacent. Catherine did not agree easily, she was calculating; looking before the offer was made to manipulate the possible outcomes and the outcome of the offer itself. It posed to be much in her favor and with permeant roots in the world of shadows the possibilities were endless. Time would cease, she could take her time; the slow and steady was preferred to ensure success at the greatest level. The child was useless--Catherine no longer needed an attachment to the hunter to find immortals; his usefulness had also run out. Much to all their surprise the child, an infant girl, had survived a C-section. A small feeble baby that did not cry out, silent as death and yet she struggled to live nonetheless. Against all odds, all circumstances of fate she choose to struggle for life--if only she was aware to know the consequence of that instinct would she have chosen different?

The King kept himself hidden, when the nurse came with the infant he took it first, instructing to inform Catherine that the deed had already been done. He knew despite her struggle this child would die without proper care--that could not be allowed. Despite what Catherine may believe, humans are strong in their own way--she would forget that, of the human she was that stole the strength of immortals. Human and vampires are similar, each can become a monster and yet only humans can become demons and demons are those who can destroy a world. The King curled a dark smile, this child would become his demon.

The infant was given to a doctor, another interesting woman who sought ways to untie the blood of imm and mor. Once the infant was stabilized, she was given to a known slaver, a young boy five years her senior would be sufficient to care for her until she was older. From there he watched, interfering when necessary, but allowed fate to stay its course--creating a demon capable of destroying a world takes time...and an event to truly shake its faith in all that was thought to be known.

-Fifteen years ago-

Catherine had grown irritated that day. Alucard had sat in a chair, relaxed when leaning against his hand. A Fenrir had reported moments before hearing her yells of rage. It was satisfying, hearing when one’s plan falls apart especially to a woman particularly used to all things going her way. She would collect herself eventually, formulate a new plan; hysterical considering it has been his plan all along. Women cease to surprise him--this time it is his target, Eona Nightraven who has acted unexpectedly, taking in his pawn into her home; no matter.

Another Fenrir reported as usual, her development was expected to be slow, but the method of her grow would be troublesome to turn over. Fate continues to side with the king however, she favors him, it seems, giving him all be desires, perhaps as a repayment for all that was taken. Eona had nearly taken the girl’s life, but somehow the turn was prevented--the good doctor seems to have been successful with her experiment. Turning a mortal into a Pureblood...what an interesting idea.

-Eight Years Ago-

A rift had been created between her and Eona--good. She will see the imbalance between humans and vampires and with the correct action she will also see how wrong humans are and no doubt side with vampires. That rift would grow, the distance between them would cause the tension necessary for betrayal and with no one to turn to she would come to Alucard willingly. Not even his plans go as planned; calculations, expectations, they were nothing close to what they should have been.

-Four Years Ago-

To think she was so blinded by her ‘love’ for her ‘Master’ she would willingly become a Ghoul. This child, now called Kira, placed her life on the line to protect Eona, believing it to be out of ‘duty’. How naive. It takes a strong will to fight him off, her ‘human’ will overwhelmed the vampiric instinct to obey a Pureblood and she was able to cast him from her mind. It didn’t matter either way. Eona herself sealed Kira’s fate, deciding to banish her foolishly believing it was how she would save her. The Queen should have kept her closer, should have protected Kira herself and not give her to the doctor--that gesture of ‘love’ would be the cause of everything afterward.

Eona cannot whole-heartedly take the blame, Alucard influenced this decision, meaningly, when he decided to give Kira another chance to become a monster. Its easy to make one once you learn how: First you take something innocent, then feed it hate; ridicule; betrayal all that is left is a soul poisoned by the world. That monster will ‘always’ want revenge no matter how kind-hearted or sought after they were at first. Anything white can become dark; innocence can become guilty; all love turns into hate.

-Two Years Ago-

It was only a matter of time before she went after Kira. And why not? Emily had done what she set out to do: creating a human-vampire hybrid, that turned out to be none-other than the very human she tried to prevent from turning. How ironic. The only way to save Kira was to turn her into the very thing that has tried to kill her. Alucard hardly found anything humorous, but when a Fenrir informed him of it he lost it. The Fenrir herself was concerned, having never seen the king crack anything more than a pleased smile this was, to put mildly, ‘alarming’.

He had stood up from his chair, gone to the door and slid to the ground from laughing so hard--perfect. He could have not asked for anything more, now he could use ‘Absolute Order’ over her making the child into a leashed monster. The Fenrir remained still, biting her tongue at the disrespect trampled on Emily’s name. She did not want things to become this way, what she did was out of ‘true love’ not a game over any life.

Alucard calmed himself, still chuckling aloud at its mention. ‘True Love? Do not fool yourself. True love does not exist, it is merely an animal’s survival instinct to ensure its genes are passed on.’

He sighed, holding the letter the Fernir gave to him.

‘Even the good doctor deep inside wanted to see what would happen, though it is a shame she will not see it thru to the end.’

The opened letter was tossed into the fireplace, eaten away as food for a greater beast. It would be troubling if she read this letter, by that point Kira would without a doubt return to Eona’s side if she knew the truth. Such a waste. With the good doctor’s help they could have created an army of ‘Kira’s’ to do his will. Though it is unsure if being a hybrid will yield any profound results, Kira can always be a body to throw at Eona for fun.

None can say they can remain in control after an ‘Absolute Order’. Purebloods are suppose to be a superior vampire and yet this child makes them as feeble as humans. Not only can she not be controlled by a Pureblood, but she has quite an annoying ideology of justice and equally. A Fenrir has been instructed to keep and eye out for her, ensuring she doesn’t do anything foolish like being hunted by the Association. Hei can make her a mask and she may go about pretending to be human, but its only a matter of time. Since she was a Ghoul once and had already tasted blood and flesh its no surprise that tablets have little effect. He must admit however, Kira has impeccable resilience against the blood-desires. Most vampires degrade into ‘Insanity’ by this point, having lost their minds long before the instinct took over their bodies.

Kira is a blank canvas. She can be dyed any color, influenced by the information given and her perception of that information ‘how’ it is worded is extremely important. Naturally, being half-human, she possesses a dangerous curiosity and ability to connect what would be thought as unrelated events together. Her mind is still too open, too exposed and easily influenced by the new and unknown. Despite the tragedy of her lover’s death, of the seed of an idea that Eona had something to do with it; Kira is a kind child. Her progress is staggered, its likely she does not realize it, but even against an enemy she hold back. Alucard does not understand that part of humans, how they so easily forgive and let go--he concluded it was a natural instinct to ensure a ‘happy life’ considering their life-spans are incredibly short. In that aspect it was the same for Mina--he never understood it in her either; down to the moment she allowed her own kin to burn her alive.

Fenrir reported that despite her wish to achieve revenge, without a proper target Kira will grow very little. It is difficult for anyone to desire revenge without having a face or name to the act. She has continued to show steady improvement ‘defensively’, but there is little consideration to learn anything ‘offensive’. Her behavior is introverted, continually feeling seclusion and of being an undesirable anywhere. This was not surprising, she rejects being an immortal, but knows humans will not accept her and in this time of transition and acceptance she knows there is nowhere to belong. That is not a desirable mentality--the possibility of her slipping into depression and emptiness could cause her to lose the will to live and this without meaning will end her life. Truth be told that is only a possibility, but one he will not allow to unfold. Alucard worked thru every possibility and reaction to an action and made the conclusion he firstly rejected from the beginning: Kira has an annoying sense of justice and equality, but more than that she if quite a simple and selfish child. She sees purpose in using her life to protect another’s and what better way to ensure that than to ignite her ‘Servant’ love for her ‘Master’.

To think she would arrive at his home. Though for a different purpose he is sure, it quite like Elisabeth to help someone, no matter what they are. It had been over a year since their last encounter, though for Kira this was a first meeting. Despite the events of recent times, it seems to him that she is actually clinging to her old-self, the kind servant mask she wants to be seen as. They both know (though neither will admit it openly) that in the times ahead the mask she wears will show who she truly is.

The show was certainly entertaining, as expected she came as ordered and after being thrown to the wolves still believed that she was actually ‘resisting’ the Pureblood King. Good. Let the world see this lie, her turning will be all-the-more-sweeter when she betrays them. Even if she doesn’t, it will be made out to be so--humans have a habit of twisting the truth even without his intervention. Alucard smiled lightly, as he followed Kira to the outside of their arena. Within the fight at first she resisted her urges, once again clinging to the idea that she is still a ‘kind-servant’; no longer. taking in the blood of her enemy, simply acknowledging the fact she needed it to obtain strength, to save the hunters, is the first step into darkness. And yet she is truly a gentle-natured child, one who is against violence, but will not cower in the face of it. She rejected the notion of becoming a member of his ‘Syndicate’ however she still held resentment toward the Nation, obvious enough that she was no friend to them either. She spoke to her outside, alone, without any interruption and in the spear-of-the-moment expressed a fun idea: what if she ‘did’ achieve revenge?

The comforting lie known as hope is what has controlled those who lack power since the dawn of time. Its comforting because it allows people to accept death however tragic it is. To accept death and too accept the necessity of death...true strength cannot be achieved without loss. That is reality--his reality--the true reality of being one who has lived and seen every inch of this world. Kira will see this world as he does, she will understand him in a way, perhaps the closest any has gotten to understanding him. As he is bound by the will of his brother and mother, she is bound to him to serve as his dog for this same reason.

Despite the falseness of the emotion of ‘love’ (something easily faked) Kira is as genuine and pure as they come. Her love is unflinching, without waver no matter how she is betrayed, how much she is hurt she does not show any sign of turning back. Doing anything and everything to preserve and protect that love, even if it means being consumed by darkness, Kira is seeping into it, trapped and without escape; able to see the light in the sky.

Searching. Searching for reason, no, searching for origin of that which threatens her love. All the way back, to his own origins--dangerous. Alucard must divert the truth to a single portion of it. Without a full understanding of what lengths she will go, she cannot know his part in the origin. She asks about his bother the ‘White-Haired Vampire’. He had not thought of it till now...both possess flame and both possess the same hair--where they connected in all this? No. Genetics. The good doctor used an isolated blood strain from Alucard’s in earlier experiments under his late wife. It doesn’t matter--her gift is growning at an astonishing rate and under his personal tutorage she will become a monster among immortals.

To his honestly he expected Kira to kill Adam, though it was left to her discretion, because the King made a point that turncoats are untrusted double-agents. Whatever he said to her has extended his life. She could kill him at any time and he is aware of this and yet continues to remain close to her. Adam was approached long ago to be a Fenrir, however there was nothing the Pureblood King could use to own him. All of his family had passed, he had no children, no friends; intentionally secluding himself ever since Carmilla’s untimely suicide--wise decision.

She had been absent for quite some time. Not the entire time, but has been away enough for there to be notice. Kira has continued to dig into the past--does she think the answers lie there? Alucard laughed at her naive ideology--does she think she can do this alone? Does she believe that by erasing the circumstances the past has created she will save ‘everyone’? At this point she is no better than her mother--the foolishness that all will go her way if she possess enough power. No! The king will show her--show her despair and force her to feel what it means to have all the power in the world and yet be powerless in the face of losing everything!

‘I will break her.’

Association President Jensin was very cooperative with the US military. For a short time they would join forces; by eliminating Eona and ensuring control of the Vampire Nation there would be a single iron-fist rule. No doubt Jensin wanted to hunt every vampire down, but he would rather gather them in a single place and wipe them out in one blow. Of course Alucard would not allow him to do that--though taking out a few key figures within the Nation would cripple any resistance once Eona was beside him.

The decision to broadcast the attack was Jensin’s own doing. He had open to flush out any hidden agents of the Queen and take them out along with her very annoying Nightcore. Alucard saw this as a very drastic move--if Kira caught wind of this--she could turn against him in hopes to protect Eona. From his central command, having left Vale in charge of the 'rescue', he put out a BOLO for the One-Eyed-Reaper to be ‘captured' before she caught wind of the Association's plan. Jensin was unaware that the Reaper was under the Pureblood’s command, but as much free-lancing as she had been doing there was no way to place her as a member of Syndicate. Such an order in this age of technology was too much however therefore the king changed his orders. Their mission was simple:

Capture the One-Eyed-Reaper ‘before’ she reaches the Queen.

Vale's on the other hand was to observe Kira and should her actions prove to be a threat to the king's plans she was to be eliminated.

Obviously that did not go as he hoped. Alucard at that time regretted leaving things to Vale, a long-time friend, who met his end by his own arrogance. The king was to, thinking a monster would act ‘exactly’ as he wanted. She was persistent, he would praise her for that, but it was already over, she just didn’t know it yet. Eona was already gone, but something else had gone amise and Kira seemed to discover the intent to tear their relationship apart. She had another focus, she could have singled out the queen’s scent and realized that the queen was not there. Kira was impatient and Eona was gone.

She agreed to withdraw with Vale long before Kira arrived with the hopes that this sacrifice would save her servants, but also was to ensure a safe distance from a seemingly 'rampaging' Kira. There it was again: hope. Hope that everyone would live, everything would be alright--Alucard commended her servants and their loyalty nonetheless. The remaining Nightcorian Knights stood their ground despite the lost cause. Without a queen what were they protecting? A Fenrir was among those who stayed, his last message to Alucard was relayed:

‘I have, but one life to give and it will not be to you. I remain to protect the place they call home.’

Whoever ‘they’ were being referred to as could be anyone’s guess--he died with the rest. Reports came over the Association’s channels that a white-haired vampire, later referred to as her proper title, had been spotted when saving the Commander of the Guard from an Investigator. Intercepted by another, Alucard learned that one of their own had turned against them and began thinning out the ranks. According to reports the Investigator was one named Ian Diaz.

That was unexpected.

A long absence of report was due to her arrival to the empty mansion. He waited...watching the monitors for signs. A single gunshot congregated the remaining Investigators to the front gates of the house. Again there was silence...and then...the Reaper came out. Her mask settled at her neck, allowing for the humans to see her face, but there was no care.

His reasoning was that Kira would have already left, hunting down the trail of Eona’s scent without delay. She did not. It seems she had a more important manner than pursuing the queen. Rather it was a slow, progressed walk that had many imagine that there was no ‘place’ she particularly meant to go. There was blood wiping on her mouth that when there had trailed off onto her mask, allowing it to become a black skull with a red base. As she walked the colors of the mask changed around her neck, but she would not have noticed--her eyes were fixed on those in front of her. The Investigators followed behind, cutting off the way back to the mansion, nonetheless allowing her the freedom to travel to where Jensin was.

‘What will you do now?’ Alucard questioned.

Jensin spoke, remarking how surprised he was to know the woman behind the mask. There was a single phrase the king heard before the video channel cut:

The Association is no longer necessary.

The king cracked a dark smile--finally. Darkness has devoured the last of her humanity; willingly giving into the monster and stripping her mind of unattainable hope. Useless emotions have been cast aside and now the emptiness of her heart will allow her to do as told--perhaps not. Kira indeed cast aside emotions, but not all of them it seems.

The mansion burned to the ground, she disappeared unleashing her vendetta against the Association.

Alucard would have thought her otherwise engaged had she not resurface within his own guard. Kira had done well to hide her presence from him, rather not even her scent could be recognized from its original self. She mercilessly cut down twenty immortals within a single second and only he and she remained standing. Her attire had changed since then, black pants and collared button-up reflecting the abyss of her soul--all that stood out was the scarlet scarf wrapped neatly around her neck, over the bottom of her mask. A man can tell much about his opponent by the look in their eyes. As the gateway into the soul, it is the very identity and show the true nature of a person’s heart. In Kira’s case: Hatred

The king turned around and walked toward her, amused by this side of her. That is until part of his side and his entire arm are blasted away in a single flash. It was too fast, he hasn’t even noticed until blood pooled at his feet.

“Sorry...I missed...” A sword formed in her palm as she twisted back and bent low, “Won’t happen again.”

‘You mean to kill me? If there is one thing I taught you it should have been to never underestimate your opponent.’

Kira stared at him blankly, “The only thing I overestimated was Eona.”

Alucard’s blood crystallized and expanded into an arm of living stone--clear and able to see the veins of blood coursing within. Is that so? Someone got confident, is it because she realizes she cannot protect anyone? That the only one she can depend on is herself? Actually...‘why’ was she here in the first place? If nothing mattered anymore why bother coming after him when nothing would change? Ah... Alucard began to chuckle softly...before long it continued and became an all-out laughter at the situation.

‘And yet you’re still in love with her.’

Kira’s eyes narrowed--enough. He was no longer necessary--whatever he is preparing for she will dealt with! Kira moved.

‘If you try to kill me.' Alucard did not move, 'Eona will surely think you to be the monster I made you out to be.’

The blade halted at his throat. She was waiting for this, wanting to hear this final act of desperation.

‘Even then, you would still have to fight another and another, perhaps even the one more powerful than I.’

Past the blue, her gleaming crimson exhibited the most hatred the king had ever come to know--even greater than his own somehow. If she tries to kill him, Eona will no doubt die trying to save her from the monster coming next. Who knows it may even be by Kira’s own doing unintentionally...just like her brother.

“You’re mistaken.” Said she, “I do not love that traitorous woman.”

Alucard thought of another reason, but could not, ‘You are a terrible lair Kira. ’

For a time her eyes shut, the blade evaporated and Alucard too lowered the spike aimed at her heart. She stepped back relaxing her outer-body though fighting the urge to rip the king apart at the same time. There was no way of knowing if she was strong enough--that fear of the unknown is the only reason Alucard is living past today. The king stood again, his body completely regenerated when flexing his hand.

“I promised her, that I would never betray her.” Kira admitted with defeat, "No matter how many times she does me."

Without words the king knew the condition of this Absolute Rule: touch her and I’ll kill you. Kira would do as she planned, fulfilling her desire to annihilate the Association either out of revenge or her ideology that they were in fact unnecessary.

‘Then if you want to keep that promise, become my Fenrir.’

Their loss would be a minor setback--it was doubtful when the time came they would join forces again. They had become too warped in the idea that ‘all’ vampires were evil and needed to be destroyed.

The Fenrir’s reports ceased, strange because Kira had formed a team with the same informant and reports were expected. Months passed--Alucard spoke to the Reaper on occasion, but she was too indulged in her work to carry much of a conversation.

Three days before her final assault the king received an email. No return address, no name, there were only two words that decided the kings next action.


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