The Immortalized Curse (Book 4 Original version )

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Dance At Twilight

People from all corners of the globe under a single roof. Human, vampire; Pureblood, Leaders; commoners; everyone. Needless to say all within the Empire were welcomed, but invitations were sent out to those outside and it was only by this could one set foot on the island. Different costumes of different cultures; eras; themes; it was a beautiful melting pot. No one knew who strangers were, not the Goddess, not the Reaper; all was hidden behind the illusions on their faces.

Kira was forced to take it further, she hid her snow hair under a blonde wig that was light enough to make it difficult to notice a few loose strains. Weaving it into a brad, Kira found she had a muscle memory to the technique despite having done nothing more than a pony-tail or letting it down for ‘years’.

As she threatened, she refused the original dress offered, however a few townspeople were tailors and managed to create an acceptable alternative. Hei got his wish--he crafted a mask for the mysterious suitor from all those years ago for a ball. He took pride in his work: Akasha’s mask was thin and elegant, formed to her face and decorated with golden vines swirling all around her face. Her eye sockets had veils of a similar cream color to the mask over, ensuring her scarlet eyes would not be seen. Kira’s was meant to be symbolic, relaying that though there were two, now only one exists. Hers was black, covering the eyes to the tip of her nose. Red vines traveled from its corner to around her shaded left eye and lightened, when barely reaching over the nose, to white the remaining way.

Akasha’s dress was Russian themed, from a period of the last Czar when the royal family ruled. She enjoyed having the weight off her shoulders for this night--no fighting the world, no baring ten thousand years of knowledge, no need to worry about Kira’s seclusion. It would be a fantastical dream. Hei stood next to her, his own attire perfectly matching Akasha’s--not even on purpose, the seamstress took it upon herself to fit them as a couple.

‘This is nice.’ Akasha leaned her head against Hei’s shoulder when watching the people dance, ‘So this is what a ball looks like.’

Hei smiled commenting that this is only possible because of her. The overwhelming will to achieve peace has affected everyone around her. Its not just these people, Kira has also been influenced and while her power is one to be admired and feared all respect her own loyalty to Akasha and that dream. The goddess looked around for Kira, having not seen her since helping her dress over an hour ago.

The seer came, accompanied by the ice-user and Elisabeth. Tris and her group, Republic Nobles, humans of may classes; neither expected Alucard to make an appearance, then again--the king was seen with his daughter--he is full of surprises. It is easy to notice him, not that he made an effort to hide, rather he flexed his aura to ensure he would be known. He ‘wanted’ something to happen.

Kira stood in the shadows of building, hidden from the moonlight. Tonight was special for more than one reason: the Blood Moon was to happen and would not again like this for another three years. She made a point to drink this night--in twenty-one years of living (technically twenty, seeing as she was dead for a year) the immortalized has never been drunk. Why she wanted to do it this night was unknown, an annoying aggravation of having rational thoughts when in the face of her greatest enemies.

Wouldn’t it be nice if she just went mad like this?

No thought, no rationality, no ‘understanding’ of action. She would act without emotion and only on instinct and never have to care for rejecting anything to prove a point. Why couldn’t she just go mad and forget purpose? Kira turned away from the light within the ballroom and leaned over the patio to face the black and blue waters. The breeze was salty and rough, scratching at her face when blowing past. The mask kept the microscopic rocks from reaching her eye, not that she has been able to open it to be affected. It would be bad if she tried now.

Kira had grown accustomed to only having one eye--adjusting to the blind spot until one didn’t exist. Why did it stay shut? Kira smiled while scratching her head--Don’t think. Another large gulp of beer, tasted horrible, but it made her feel loose. She breathed out loudly once her mouth was empty.

“I’ve never seen you drink.” Hei quickly walked over wearing concern in an expression well beyond the years of his actual appearance, “Why--”

“What’s it to you?” Kira growled with a smirk, “I’m afraid I don’t know you sir, have we met? If not why don’t you get me another beer before I sober up.”

Hei grabbed Kira’s shoulder and turned her around. Sluggishly she did so only to slump against the patio railing. Her laugh continued as she wore a twisted smile only given when an equally twisted thought came to mind. It went as quickly as the thought that she no longer recalled was.

“Even for you--this is--” Hei hesitated when realizing how she was simply taking this ridicule with a look of understanding how pathetic she was being.

Hei sighed, “Come-on you’ll miss the party.”

Kira had admitted that to control her flames precisely she had to concentrate--being intoxicated eliminates that ability and that to use her flames easily. She isn’t sure--Kira doubts her own control, to maintain herself in the face of Alucard and Eona and to be able to ensure Akasha’s wish of an unbound night. What a funny way of trying to solve this dilemma.

She was also cruel to Akasha, perhaps unnecessarily when all she meant was to help. This was meant to be repayment for that cruelty--regardless if it was deserved or not--to let this wish of hers come true.

“I ain’t drunk enough for this...”

Hei takes an arm over his head and helps her to her feet, “Neither am I.”

Kira stumbled, hardly able to hold up her own weight or trying to inhibit Hei from taking her inside, but they were among the crowd nonetheless. She could remain drunk, that was her choice, but there was a point of ridiculousness that was unnecessary tonight. Hei was was worried about Kira doing anything absurd seeing as this was the first time she had been drunk.

“Ya know...maybe a dress wouldn’t have been so bad.” Kira dropped into a chair with a new bottle and watched the guests.

Little ones danced around in their own circle, their own world without a care as to what others may think. They did what they wanted because it was fun and not for any other reason. So innocent and joyous somehow Kira wished this ball could last longer than a single night. Then again it will soon, once they regain control peace will be like this forever. Peace achieved through fear of a higher power---she cut off her own thinking...she was becoming sober and able to fall into deep thought again. There is always a way to remedy that.

A tall, slender gentlemen weaseled his way thru the crowd and to Kira, offering a beer in exchange for conversation--Hei advised the trade. They spoke some, commenting on the music and attire of different people and contemplated what a person was dressed as.

“Who are you suppose to be?” He sipped his wine.

She answered with an empty sigh, “Nobody.”

Two women entered together, locking arms. One, a bronze-skinned muscle, wore a sparkling dress with numerous feathers perched behind her head; the side of the dress were long, hanging and dragging as a tail. Her mask was also feathered, blues, purples, and silvers looking out of a party in Rio. The other, having a large bowl over her belly was elegant an golden, simple and equally shinning, but an end attached to her wrist as she wore a mask similar in color with silver leaf rooting around the duration of the artificial a concealment.

Her scent gave her away: the stench of lavender.

Kira’s eyes were heavy, the effects of long-term drinking as a lightweight weighting down her body. The spawn’s scent was more prominent, mixing with its mothers, but not enough for an inattentive drunk to notice.

The room was bubbled, having a sort of fish-eye appearance within her sights. Her legs felt as jell-o and there was a severe amount of concentration put into the ordinary act of standing--it was uncomfortable, to lack control. She didn’t know whether it would be wise to move, whether she would make it without tripping and making a fool of herself--not that anyone would know it was her according to Akasha’s ‘theory-of-concealment-during-the-duration-of-the-ball’. What a stupid god. Kira pressed her fingers against her temple to message to be rid of concentrated thoughts. The lack of control was uncomfortable.

A child came to her, tugging on her tailcoat with an uncomfortable expression. Kira knelt down allowing for her to whisper in ear--Ah. The blonde woman nodded, lifting the boy onto her shoulders and walking to the bathroom. To the human boy...this stranger was the least frightening out of anyone there, considering he could not find his parents. They returned to the ballroom where the boy was greeted by a worried human mother and father. Kira could see it in their eyes, the idea that a ‘vampire’ had gotten their son was present once again filling the immortal with a bitter taste, other than the beer, in her mouth.

Their expressions changed, seeing Kira’s fangs and yet her reaction towards them had shifted the idea--no Kira had been mistaken from the beginning. They weren’t worried if a vampire had gotten their son, but only that they couldn’t find him. Kira found herself staring as they walked away. Ah... In the time between here and the bathroom she sobered up considerably. I wonder, if you had grown up in a family like that would you have chosen the same path?

Kira quickly searched for more alcohol to drown out her thoughts, but was cut off by the foul-smelling human who accompanied preggers. She was in her own search, something non-alcoholic for both of them. They ignored one another though clearly sparks broke between at the aggravation of being in another’s presence and not trying to tear the other’s throat out. Eventually they found their perspective drinks however, rather than separate the golden and white dressed woman came over with a bright and equally annoying smile when greeting the two. This was going to be harder than Kira expected--she thought she could get by while drunk the entire night, but now the object of her goal is standing right next to her...

Kira gripped her arm, nearly crushing it, to keep it from reaching and grabbing the woman beside her.

It was ‘very’ difficult to control herself. Think about something else. The expecting mother brushed arms with Kira; she began to be starved of battle, craving to be lost in war now more than ever. The immortal’s hands shook with bottle in hand; fighting her own instinct, the sole essence of her life, she clenched her teeth, piercing her lip before slipping outside again. How...? Her breath was let out, gasping at the pain of breaking her own arm--in multiple places--just before it bared its claws at the Pureblood. She hardly felt it, nonetheless mentally it was exhausting to hold back. How am I expected to act like her?! How did she live with that woman for all those years? Her presence alone was infuriating and to be touched by her--! The Reaper didn’t understand how she was able to love such a hypocritical, manipulative, lier to this point.

Kira flexed her hand, ensuring her arm had healed fully and regained function. The entire bottle was chugged--the disgusting taste instantly sent Kira to throw the bottle over the railing--it went further than she intended. The motion of throwing nearly had her follow and much of her weight shift forward and had her lose balance.

Kira felt worse than before, the effect of being drunk reversed like a rope on the inside of her gut twisting and being pulled. All the drunk came, blurring her vision ten times over and making it very difficult to stand. The assisting helped her down before she fell down, leaning her against the railing and dapping away the leftover vomit.

‘You should to be more’re a lightweight.’ What an oddly kind woman, which was found humorous by Kira.

‘Normal people would have let me choke on my own vomit--what’s the occasion?’ Kira snickered when pushing away the hand.

‘Its bad manners to leave a lady in distress--’

Kira laughed loudly, ’Where do you see a ‘lady’?′

The woman leaned closer, ‘I happen to be a lady thank you, and very much in distress.’

Kira leaned against the rails, leaning her head back with the last of the daze hitting her. This woman was of brown complexion, but guessing on her accent of their language she was European of some kind. She sat down as well, though much more elegant than the Reaper’s letdown.

Kira rose a brow, ‘From what a horrible music selection?’ That made the woman laugh, least someone was having a good time.

‘Perhaps not a lady, but you certainly are in distress. Anyone who tries to get that drunk, that quickly obviously wants to drown something.’

Kira chuckled, what an observant woman. Not that she cared what the vampiress wanted, or what her alternative purpose was she needed something, anything to distract her mind. The vampiress curled a smile, touching the ends of Kira’s hair--a wig?

‘I’m suppose to behave tonight, but civility does not sit well with me--’

The vampiress finished, ‘So you drink your sanity away.’

She lost her sanity long ago, this was just...a distraction. Kira stood, her body circulating the drunkenness away and giving her back full control.

’There are plenty of other ways to lose your mind, something a bit more ‘tailored’ perhaps?′

Her words were Satan’s temptations, offerings for a release, for the distraction she wanted. What better way then this? Who is to say she cannot enjoy herself a little before the end? Regardless what her intentions were, if she was an agent of assassination--good luck with that--or a random woman interested in a one-night stand; who cares. Just one night she wants to forget her promise.

‘A bit more tailored?’ Kira smirked, ‘Sounds like fun.’

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